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  1. If you're IP, then yes people with 20 got in. Tbh if you have decent gpa and DAT score, it all depends on the interview.
  2. Im IP and received an interview with a 4.1/4.5 aGPA and 20.5 DAT score (average of the 4 sections). And yes they take the highest DAT score. They also only consider the feb DAT if you make final selection.
  3. Too many smart people took the test this year, maybe that messed up the scale? can anyone link the scale pdf here?
  4. The last two years, it was released around the 12-13th. Just a few more days
  5. are the interview in america CDA based, like it is in canada? Or does it depend on the school?
  6. no one knows, it'll be around mid-dec. They'll send you an email once its out. And there will probably be a forum here about what everyone got.
  7. I took the nov 2016 and studied quite a bit (a month before the exam 1-2hours everyday + courses as i am 2nd year undergrad with full course load), bought the datboot camp for PAT, used the free online notes and just review general bio and chem note. I felt i did really good but got: RC 19, BIO, 21, CHEM 19, PAT 22 Then I retook in feb 2107 because i didnt like my chem mark and this time around i only studied 2 weeks before the exam. I didnt have the datboot camp stuff either, I just did all the free online PAT. Reviewed major topics of bio and chem. After the 2017 feb dat, I felt it was a bit harder, especially the PAT, reading was about the same, and bio+chem are hit and miss. I got RC 19, BIO 21, CHEM 23, PAT 23. Really happy that i retook it
  8. I emailed Jean Lyon and she said they are usually out by the end of March
  9. I agree with everyone, Bio and chem there was no surprise, theres always one or two you narrow down to two and have to guess. For the Nov 2016 DAT I got 21 for bio and 19 for chem, and chem is the main reason why i retook it.. I found PAT a bit harder then the 2016 Nov, but it was doable! Got a 22 for Nov but I did a lot of practice questions, didnt do as much this time around, but we'll see RC, the first reading was good, but finished in 18mins, then the second reading was okay, and idek what the last reading was about haha! Had to guess like the last 3 questions and tried my best with searching for the answers, which i expected was going to happen anyways. Rc I go a 20 last time
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