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  1. I am a current Dal student and will be attending Dal in the fall for OT, to answer your question about transportation, you don't need a car because I am almost certain you will get a metro transit pass for the bus/ferry system. Also if you are just talking about the Halifax area, biking and walking are reasonable most of the year (outside of snow). However, you may or may not need a vehicle for fieldwork placements depending on where you are at! Hope that helps some!
  2. For anyone who was accepted, when you register with block registration is anyone getting a message saying that there are registration errors due to the amount of courses that are being registered?
  3. After I got my conditional acceptance I received an e-mail from the graduate faculty. However, I just received my letter of acceptance about 3 days ago. So I would say that the letter may take a little bit more time to get to you.
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