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  1. hope it’s okay if i jump in on this- tuition increases around 2% every year if i remember correctly, for the most part. for instance, first year tuition was just under 19,000. you can apply for some scholarships but there aren’t too many (that i know of) but you can also get a few thousand dollars in automatic grants from the government if you apply for student loans and are eligible. if you do that, you can also apply for the general UBC bursary, and a portion of the overall pot is divided on a needs basis across all med students. amount really varies by year from what i’ve heard. competitiveness- not really, a lot of students are still very keen (read: will make you feel like you haven’t studied enough, constantly) and you’ll get along with some better than others, but with such a big class size (at least for VFMP) it’s not too hard to find the people you feel comfortable with. matching in bc- from what i know, one of the tighter provinces numbers wise, but should still be doable especially with fam med. this year matching rates were a 4-year high across canada actually and ubc also generally does fairly well! try not to worry too much yet. there’s been quite a bit of awareness raising and pressure on the government to fix things recently, with some people from ubc med going to victoria day for lobby day and talking about the issue re: the unmatched. to change one thing- honestly, nothing too significant comes to mind. maybe to try and convince my family practice preceptor to let me do more in terms of physical exams. also, it’d be helpful to brush up on medical terminology in any second languages you know that might come in handy in FP sessions. hope that helps a little and everyone else feel free to add/correct me if i’m wrong on anything (most importantly don’t forget to enjoy your summer, it’s one of your last truly free ones!)
  2. huge congrats to everyone admitted!! current MS1 here, happy to answer any questions about UBC med you might have at this point (also shoutout @Neurophiliac, was seriously rooting for you from the sidelines- even as a total stranger could see how utterly dedicated you are and will be as a future doc!)
  3. I’d say suggesting that someone is “milking” a personal tragedy if they would put it on an app definitely has negative connotations. You may have had no negative intentions, but that doesn’t make the statement neutral.
  4. Where did you find the code? *nevermind, I found it!
  5. They sent out an email, it should work by the 16th.
  6. Does anyone know how to make a physical email inbox for the alumni email (instead of just having it as a forwarding service)?
  7. I feel like it should be a little higher than that- since a little over 4% of people get over 130, 0-2 wrong being 130+ would make it hard to separate the 130s from the 132s. My (maybe optimistic?) guess is 0-1 for a 132, 2-3 for 131, 4-5 for 130.
  8. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/10/07/upshot/your-surgeon-is-probably-a-republican-your-psychiatrist-probably-a-democrat.html Don’t think anyone is going to convince anyone who to vote for in this thread, so I’m gonna leave this article here. It’s a little dated and also American, but interesting. Thoughts? Final note- communism is wildly not what any major Canadian party (with a lot of current support I might add) is going for lol, so vilifying the NDP in those terms is ridiculous. Unless you’re implying in the same breath that the conservatives are also fascists?
  9. ^all of this. People love to separate fiscal from social conservatism but at the end of the day how can you say you support the health and wellbeing of marginalized populations without also supporting the means (i.e. funding, like through taxation of people in the highest income bracket) by which improvements can actually be made? I also really hate the notion that physicians "deserve" to be paid as much as they do because of education, etc. So many compassionate, capable people would do the job for less money if the barrier to entry wasn't so high in every way (application fees, travel fees for interviews, the necessity of unpaid extracurriculars/volunteering that require a huge time commitment, MCAT prep, tuition- just to name a few). Besides, the eventual renumeration far outweighs the initial investment. No doctor would be out on the streets because of increased taxation- the same can't be said for the people that could be helped by those funds. If the goal of this profession is actually to work towards a healthier society, I think everyone really needs to start putting their money where their mouth is.
  10. Do you think med schools select for any particular political orientation in students? So many MMI scenarios are related to social issues that have heavy political implications depending on which side you argue for. Personally I get the sense that leftist leanings are favoured (think refugees, LGBTQIA+ issues, race issues, indigenous issues, social determinants of health, equal opportunity/equity, etc)- but do you feel like this balance shifts as students move into the profession? What proportion of physicians do you think vote NDP vs Liberal vs Conservative, considering the former would be a detriment to physician income but support more progressive social policies, while the latter would boost income but be less supportive of progressive social policies? Please let me know if this isn’t the right place for this discussion.
  11. Posting for stats! Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Accepted In Province (IP)/ Out of Province (OOP): OOP AGPA (x.xx/4.5): ~4.5 MCAT (xx.xx/528): 523 Rural/Non-Rural: Non-rural Advanced Academics (PhD, pubs, academic appointment): 0 Declining offer as I’ve already accepted my IP school! Good luck everyone
  12. Anyone get a call from admissions (Leslie Taylor) today/within the last couple days? I’m out of the country and already declined my offer so can’t call them back but was wondering what that call might’ve been about.
  13. Also just accepted another school so one more OOP spot should be opening for people waiting on Dal!
  14. I’d also think about clerkship setup for the different schools. As far as I’ve heard, amount of elective time (UBC is highest AFAIK) is nice as is having core rotations before electives if you’re not totally sure of what you want to go after yet (like me lol). Mac’s clerkship setup I’ve heard leaves a little to be desired in that sense, and Western I’ve heard has an advantage here. Ottawa also seems to have less lecture/class time than UBC or UT (their schedules are 8:30-12:30 most of the week) - that might be either a pro or con to you. And of course the city/social factors- I got a sense of the smaller schools all having a tighter knit student body (maybe out of necessity?) and more one-on-one time with faculty/staff and opportunities to do stuff early on. On the other hand I’m personally wary of having only ~30 classmates you see basically all the time- harder to steer clear of clashing personalities that way. I’m personally leaning toward UBC (Vancouver campus) at the moment because I grew up here and don’t really mind a larger class size. I have seen a couple posts on here from students who weren’t super happy about the program though for various reasons, so further input from current students would be super appreciated (PM me?). Oh, and I’ve also heard that UT emphasizes research a little more than UBC, so that might be a factor to consider as well.
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