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  1. Retake your MCAT. Not all scores are created equal in Canada, and a 125 CARS puts you in a position where you are barely applying with an MCAT
  2. CXR


    I had my teal backpack stolen in London, and someone saw a homeless dude walking around with it... I think were gonna soon become med students wearing a "homeless" bag
  3. Getting a Reject with your stats...did you by any chance say "shithole countries" on your Casper?
  4. ^ I wish this got the appreciation it deserves
  5. You're one of those professionally offended types, aren't you?
  6. 2020 is teal, not blue. Don't you dare disrespect the bag again.
  7. What are you talking about? What schools would he benefit from with a new MCAT? I would personally not rewrite. As t0ny mentioned, the best way to open up more schools in Canada is a second UG, but you could honestly probably land McMaster by prepping well for CASPER and possibly Queens by selling yourself in a strong way. As you mentioned, you should have Western.
  8. I guess the idea is that to pass a summative assessment (even scraping by with 60-70), you need to know an acceptable amount of information. People who do not pass need to remediate and show they have grasp of the bare minimum expected (which happens a lot more often than people think). If left to their own devices, such as at Mac, these students don't have that iron fist. We'd like to think that everyone entering medical school is extremely hardworking and driven, but that's far from reality.
  9. I'd also reflect on where you want to end up practicing. While technically schools don't offer a "homeschool" advantage, the connections and network you build during medical school (preclerkship and clerkship) will help you if you want to stay in that geographical area. If your end goal is to stay in your community in Sask, that's probably a better option
  10. The way that I've personally seen McMaster students (as a result of their self driven learning) is sort of a bimodal distribution. On one end, you'll have exceptionally brilliant students that flourished in this supportive and self driven environment, who know more about medicine than any other student I've seen (these are fairly exceptional people that would have done well anywhere, but especially at McMaster) while you have another group of students that kind of get lost in the system without the structure and fear of "failing", often putting them on the lower end of the medical student spectrum. Personally, I think the AVERAGE McMaster medical student is a bit below the normal medical student average in Ontario (in terms of preclinical knowledge), but the good students are well above the good students in other schools. As Organomegaly mentioned, the 3 year degree is great for those coming in with a good knowledge of what they want to do, but for people that are unsure, it limits exploration and forces you to make a choice earlier than you should (as paraphrased by a 2019 mac med friend). Just to clarify, this is an opinion based on what I've seen and statements from friends at Mac med. I went there for my undergrad and absolutely love the school and environment.
  11. Okay, I'm convinced. New year new me
  12. More specifically, is it ethical to go to school/move somewhere for the sole purpose of getting IP status and making the road to med school easier?
  13. Yup! You'll get a Western email (XLastname@uwo.ca) infused with an "EmailForLife" (XLastname2021@meds.uwo.ca)
  14. I'm honestly curious how anyone can answer these types of questions without attending both schools? If you're from Saskatchewan, go to UBC. Get IP for both provinces ???? Profit
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