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  1. Actually I'm a first year in the university of Alberta and I'm turning 16 in April, I've skipped a few years so I'm not in high school anymore. That's why I'm worrying about med and my EC's haha It's good to know that your EC's before 16 count, thanks! (by the way I'm not trolling)
  2. Hey I have a question, so you said anything since you're 16 counts, but what if you're not 16 yet, does that mean any EC stuff that you do won't count? also where did you get that info that anything since you're 16 counts? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the replies! Also, how many withdrawals does the average med student have? like for any of you med students, how many withdrawals have you guys had?
  4. Thanks you! Yes I have booked an appointment with an advisor this week to ask about this, I really hope it doesn't affect me at all. Also, say if I did withdraw and then I transferred universities and also changed my degree and completed my new degree from that new university. if I retook those subject at the new university, then how would my final transcript look after 4 years when I want to apply to med. Would my transfer credit grades from the first semester be counted? also would the W still be there for the equivalent subjects I took in the new university. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks for the replies! In the University of Alberta if you withdraw (the deadline is April 5, semester ends April 12) you get a W on your transcript and they say that it doesn't get taken into account when they are calculating your overall GPA but it still shows as a W on your transcript so that worries me a bit. If I retake the courses and get good grades will it still negatively affect my chances? And if I do retake them next semester, does the W still remain on the transcript with the new grade? Also a fail goes on the transcript as a F or something I think -Thanks!
  6. Hi, I'm a first year and I want to withdraw my whole second winter 2017 term. I was wondering if this would have any negative impact on my GPA or my hinder my chances of getting into a med school. I am currently attending the University of Alberta. Thanks!
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