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  1. I called them and they said that the email was sent out in error by Mac Admit. They will be sending a follow-up email shortly.
  2. The website says that invites can be sent up to days before interview days because of last-minute cancellations.
  3. Applied + (PT or OT?): PT = UofT, McMaster, OT= McMasterAccepted:Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA (cum and sub if you applied to any University using them both): cGPA = 3.66; sGPA = 3.94Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Did not have to do any essays for the schools/programs I applied to. I think I did OK on the Mac PT Kira interview. Got an invite to Mac OT MMI, still waiting to hear from UofT PT. I have a strong academic reference and professional reference as well (I graduated last year and work full time now). I do not have any PT/OT-related extracurriculars, as my interest was in Dentistry to start with (I don't have volunteer experience working with a PT/OT, my undergrad research was dent-focused).
  4. I'm 24 and I am in the same boat as you OP. Although, I don't have a full-time job, just part time as a Barista. But, I have been exploring other programs to apply to along with dentistry. If you love your full time job and think you want to "move up" in it, check out if there are any masters or certificate-level programs in that industry that will allow you to do so! The biggest thing I learned from not getting into dental school is that there is more out there. You just have to be open-minded and look for it My DAT scores are set to expire after this year also, so I will be applying one more time. But I'm also really interested in another program offered by Western. Maybe you should consider this too? That way your options are left open! Also, you are so young!! We all are! You don't have to go to dental school right now. Lots of people take time off school to work, or take other classes, or travel. Don't feel like you are falling because you're not quite sure yet. You have lots of time to figure it out
  5. Has anyone on the waitlist tried to email admissions again to see if their waitlist position has changed significantly enough to receive an offer based on past years? Due to recent waitlist movements?
  6. Wow thank you all SO MUCH!! You have all sincerely made me feel a lot better about this. I love to hear that most people worked and took years off. I guess I was feeling a little discouraged because I already took 1 year extra of my undergrad. I will definitely be using my year to perfect my interview skills, as that is what I think got me this year. Thanks for your support everyone!! I wish you all good luck in school
  7. Thank you so much!! I guess I just needed to hear from someone other than my family, who is very old-fashioned when it comes to this stuff. They still think its 100% all about the marks. So thank you, I will definitely be spending some of my summer researching jobs!
  8. Result: Waitlist GPA: 91.5% IP AA 21 RC 22 Interview: I didn't feel too great about it, but tried to remain hopeful. The weird questions threw me off and they could definitely see that. I also remember not clearly explaining why I wanted to do dentistry at Western. Year of study: 5th UG - Graduating in June ABS/PS: wet lab experience, philanthropic club executive, faculty of science peer mentor/leader, hundreds of hours shadowing. I was told my waitlist position has not gotten an offer in previous years MultiQuo
  9. Hi guys, This was my first year applying to dental schools. I am in 5th year and am graduating in June. I received an interview at UWO, but did not get an admissions offer. Instead I am on the waitlist for admission, and my position has not gotten an offer in previous years I am just wondering how you guys handle rejections? I am worried because I haven't applied to any other programs. So already, I have 5 years of UG and I will have to take the year to work. My uncle (who is a dentist) seems to think working will "look bad" on my resume and I should have applied to masters programs. What do you guys think? I wouldn't mind working and making a little money and getting real-world experience. I have also been looking into teaching English as a Second Language in Asia. Does anyone have experience with this? And do you think any type of work, and not school in my gap years will put me at a disadvantage compared to my peers? Thanks guys, I really appreciate all your help on these forums! I was really hoping for the best this year and am having a hard time facing the truth.
  10. How do you know the # of people that got off the waitlist last year? Is it on their website?
  11. Sounds to me that you did really well and they liked you! Congrats
  12. I enjoyed them as well, but they definitely made me feel less confident in my answers haha. My interviewers were taking notes like their lives depended on it. Probably were writin' smack
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