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    ju_OT17 reacted to OT1996 in OT Job Prospects?   
    Hi everyone,
    I just wanted an honest answer on the job prospects for OT if anyone knows. And if there is anyone who has recently been hired after graduation? I have been hearing that the job prospects aren't too great. I spoke to an OT last year who told me it'll be alot of contract temporary work at first, and another who told me she worked in retail for a year after graduation. I was also told that they don't work much in hospitals anymore the way they used to (which would be my ideal setting) and most are employed by insurance companies for motor vehicle accidents which is where all the jobs are. Of course money isn't everything, but I do want to ensure that all the money I would be putting into tuition will be worth it and ill be able to secure a job. 
    It would be great to work as a pediatric OT or in a hospital setting, these two would be the ideal for me. However, I know I can't be too picky. I just want an honest answer from someone who has had the experience and can tell me about the job prospects/ if it is true that majority of the jobs are in MV accidents. I also don't see as many OT services as I do PT...
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    ju_OT17 reacted to rmt16 in OT University of Manitoba   
    I had gone for the interview at UofM and received an offer of admission. I had a great experience! Everyone is really friendly and their class size is capped at 50. The school is located on a seperate campus where they have their med school, pharmacy school etc. So it isn't as busy and crowded. Being from Ontario I was fairly nervous about potentially having to relocate to manitoba for OT school but after speaking with the current students and faculty members my nerves turned into excitement. 
    One thing I liked about UofM is that they a mentorship program where you are assigned to a group and an advisor who will check in on you and work with you to build up your portfolio. They do also offer unique placement opportunities in indigenous communities and encourage students to take part in at least one placement outside of Winnipeg. 
    Their GPA is calculated on a 4.5 scale so keep that in mind when reading up stats about the school. Also they only take about 8 out of province students each year, but don't let that hold you back. This year I believe they received 178 applicants which is lower than the 900+ many Ontario schools receive.  
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    ju_OT17 reacted to AcceptMePlz123 in OT University of Manitoba   
    I haven’t started the program yet. But I got accepted with a 4 yr Bsc (hons), GPA of 4.0, and work experience with adults living with disabilities. I found everyone very friendly at the interview. I applied only to U of M because I’m in province and I want to stay in Manitoba. 
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    ju_OT17 reacted to marblestatue in McGill Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy (qualifying year)   
    It's supposed to be 35 entering QYOT, and 35 from the BSc program, so a total of 70! We will all be together for courses in QY I believe 
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    ju_OT17 reacted to Kin2019 in Dal OT Waitlist   
    I think it’s something like that yeah
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    ju_OT17 reacted to PT/OT2019 in OT/PT accepted/waitlist/decline forum 2019   
    For me just letting time pass always helps. It can feel slow but as my memories become more distant so do my feelings associated with them. Failure is a part of life and everyone goes through it so you are not alone. No matter what, you will find your place, and develop meaning for yourself regardless of what you do specifically. When I was not offered a spot last year I decided what to do to keep moving towards my goals. I prioritized my professional, academic, and personal development in spaces that WERE made available to me. I didn't focus on what was NOT available to me. You will always have opportunities if you look for them and act on them. You can always keep developing. I have learned to enjoy the journey, and do my best to take care of myself while still aiming for ambitious goals. You should always be proud of the hard work you've done to  get where you are. Be confident that your drive will take you somewhere meaningful. Let yourself be sad for now, it is healthy and normal to let yourself feel. But also realize you have that sadness because you know what happiness feels like and you will feel happiness again too. 
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    ju_OT17 reacted to PA3049 in OT/PT accepted/waitlist/decline forum 2019   
    Please excuse myself for this response but I have to make this. I am not an OT applicant but I've got to pick apart this message because this post is quite timely right when results are out and frankly are scaring other people about their acceptance for which they worked very hard to get today. First and foremost, I can't fathom the fact that you joined this forum 2 hours ago just to make this point of yours. I'm sure you must have came across this forum when you were applying yourself to OT schools. Anyhow that is extraneous to my following points. The job market in Toronto is saturated and frankly wherever you go, especially in a busy city, it is always going to be saturated. Please don't frighten new students just because the supposed market is saturated. I am currently in my final stretch to become a PA, and I've had many people told me about the job market prospects being saturated, but that doesn't mean I should not become what I wanted to become. Getting a job is tough, it's multifactorial- economy, your skills, personality, and how well you come across during an interview 2 years from now or whenever. I just want people who are accepted to day to UofT or wherever to know that don't be scared of what the market will be like 2 years from now.  There will always be a job opening somewhere, although for some it may be close to home, for others they may have to make some sacrifices and move there, and that's something you have to be willing to do if the situation demands it. 
    I currently go to a PA program in USA, am from originally in toronto. We practice many of our skills in lab with models and not on humans. We are practically thrown into the placement with only experience largely on models, and very little on humans, but yet we turn out fine. It does take time to adapt, but the programs that are accredited for OT, i'm sure follow a certain requirement of what is to be taught. I get that the expansion part of class size can be an issue, and whether you may be open about it or not, it feels to me like you got placed at UTM whenever you were accepted and you don't get to have the classroom interaction because you are primarily watching live-streamed lectures. I quote "The format is live videos of lecturers from St George campus with occasional classes taking place at UTM. Class discussion are made much more difficult and honestly with this many people (and the technological barriers), it is not a very conducive learning environment.", and i feel this is one of your hurting points about this program and I agree with you, if you are in a master's program, and you have to watch recorded / live stream lectures, it sucks. There is no standard classroom interaction that those at St. George can get. But that isn't a reason to tell someone not to go to their school of choice, esp if it was UofT or whichever. The onus then becomes on you to be able to adapt to situation and variables outside your control - like where you got placed, and ask the questions you need outside of class. It's not ideal but its as best you can do, i mean i'm sure you must be doing that, and I have no doubt that there must be some sort of option available to ask faculty members at UofT.
    The matter of focus on theory and research, what each program focuses on will vary i guess from school to school and that is something that isn't in your control and there will be no perfect program that focuses on skills and less on theory and research. Being of UofT undergraduate student at one point in time, I can say there is more emphasis on research and theory but that's UofT in general by nature. But it's still not a reason for those individuals today who worked hard to get 100 or however many spots out of 1000+ applications to give up on their choice. The whole issue about health / mental reasons and taking leave is important and something that all programs around the world especially the professional level need to work on. The programs are so tight packed and paced that there isn't much room for a break for the students in the program. I myself went through 2 cases where I had pneumonia and both times I was told, "being sick isn't an excuse to not write the exam", and the program i'm in, we move module wise, so everyone's got to pass before the next module starts. It sucks, and they need to be better on these aspects, its ridiculous! For that, I am absolutely with you, they need to be more understanding about some accommodation for whatever issues we are facing. 
    As for the placements, honestly, it sucks that they ship you out to Brampton or Markham, but honestly it's not that far away from Toronto. Unfortunately, insurance prices are sky high in Toronto, and having a car is a huge financial burden, so I cannot speak for everyone, but having a car is practically needed especially for programs like this and practically anywhere you go in USA. I drive 65 miles to my placement, and it absolutely sucks, but I don't view that as an obstacle to not going into the program I'm in, nor would I hesitate to choose the school I go to, despite all its flaws. 
    I applaud you for speaking up and raising awareness about the flaws of the program at UofT, and frankly I don't even know if you're in the program, and it's hard for me to ignore that you made an account 2 hours ago just to make this post. As a critical mind, I hypothesize, what if you are on the waitlist for this program? After all, we are all just anonymous usernames on a thread. The same could be said about me, but I have no bias towards deterring those who got in today from choosing the program and school they wanted to go to before today. 
    Conflict of interest would be that I have very close friends who read your post and now all of a sudden, the program they were so excited and hoping to get an acceptance from this whole cycle, are now suddenly doubting because of one post on a forum. To those who read this and are potentially waitlisted, accepted or rejected (and are planning to apply to this school in focus), don't let one person's experience or view change what you wanted to do or go. I can honestly write a lot about the program I go to, but you have to understand there will be flaws and pros at every school. For some, such factors mentioned above are so pivotal it changes their opinion about where they want to go or what they want to do, but for others like me, I adapt with what I can, accept the non-perfect situation and make best of what I can with it.  At the end of the 2 years, you still have a career despite what the job market may be, and have at least enough training to do the job you need to do, you may not get extensive training but that's where the learning takes place, once you are out there on your first job. 
    Congratulations to all those who are accepted and don't lose hope for those who are waitlisted or have been rejected, I myself had to try three times before getting into the program and school I wanted. 
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    ju_OT17 reacted to fdsafdsakl; in OT/PT accepted/waitlist/decline forum 2019   
    I am a U of T OT student and I have some subjective information that I'm going to share that I wish I knew before going into the program. 
    1. You get to live in downtown Toronto and so you're closer to many hospitals and opportunities
    2. You have many more placement options because of this and most have been long-established teaching hospitals so they're usually good with having students around. 
    3. Going to U of T/having connections in Toronto will likely help you get a job in Toronto. 
    4. If research is something you're interested in, you get to do a huge research project
    1. They keep expanding the program under the guise that there's an increasing demand of OTs although many jobs now are contract/part-time and the market is quite saturated. The program was already larger than most programs (80-100 students) at St. George campus in and this year they've accepted 130 since they expanded to UTM.  The format is live videos of lecturers from St George campus with occasional classes taking place at UTM. Class discussion are made much more difficult and honestly with this many people (and the technological barriers), it can be a more difficult learning environment. They may make adjustments to the year going forwards though.  
    2. I suppose I don't know much about other OT programs but this program is heavily focused on THEORY and RESEARCH. Aside from placements, we don't learn as much clinically as I would like. But since I don't know about other programs - this isn't necessarily just a con for this school.
    3. Faculty/ higher admin - they teach work accommodations in class but when students need educational accommodation (physical/mental health) the admin will try to reject them or even ask them to drop out. They get defensive when concerns are brought up and it's frustrating considering the amount of money we pay for a master's level education. 
    4. LEAP/Role-emerging. They started them this current year - it's a mandatory placement where there is no OT or OT role.There are many non-clinical roles in which students are working on graphic design or just doing research for projects at hospitals. 
    5. Placements - there are several problems aside from just the LEAP fieldwork. For first fieldwork they barely let you pick your fieldwork setting, you put down 15 locations and they place you in a placement at random (it used to be only 10 placement pickings). Many placements are outside of DT Toronto - predominantly North York. For fieldwork 2-4 they allow you to pick the exact placement you want that is available in your list of 15. But they also make you pick one placement outside of Toronto so even though you may be at U of T St George, they may ship you out to Markham, Brampton, etc. Placements will sometimes have two or three preceptors who all have different expectations of what you should be doing. 

    You can pm me if you have more questions. 
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    ju_OT17 reacted to NewAtThis in OT/PT accepted/waitlist/decline forum 2019   
    Despite the fact that I worked the entire year since I was rejected and wait listed last year to improve every possible part of my application, I did even worse lol. I have never been so demoralized in my entire life. 
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    ju_OT17 reacted to optimisticOT2019 in OT/PT accepted/waitlist/decline forum 2019   
    If you need someone to talk to feel free to message me. I was rejected last year so I know how it feels. If you feel this is your calling apply again next year. Use the rejection as motivation and don't let not getting in this year define you. You are an amazing human and don't think you are any less worthy because of this little road block. All people in my opinion with greatest success stories are those who were rejected, told they weren't good enough or failed at something but they viewed it as just another obstacle to over come. I'm sending you positive vibes and encouragement that you will succeed in whatever avenues life has you journey down. ♡♡♡
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    ju_OT17 reacted to optimisticOT2019 in OT/PT accepted/waitlist/decline forum 2019   
    While this is a very exciting day for many this can be a devastating day for others. For that reason, I am leaving the number for Crisis Services Canada - 1-833.456.4566. Wishing everyone the best when receiving today's news.  ♥
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    ju_OT17 reacted to OThopefully in The countdown is on!   
    I couldn’t imagine not looking right away. The suspense would be unbearable and ruin the vacay for me knowing that I could know. If the results are good then celebrate! If they’re not so good then at least least you have your vacation to look forward to   
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    ju_OT17 reacted to AcceptMePlz123 in OT/PT accepted/waitlist/decline forum 2019   
    Got into the U of M OT as well!!
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    ju_OT17 got a reaction from AcceptMePlz123 in OT/PT accepted/waitlist/decline forum 2019   
    Me too! Glad to have gotten in a program as well - Whewwwww!
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    ju_OT17 got a reaction from OTMACPLS in OT/PT accepted/waitlist/decline forum 2019   
    Me too! Glad to have gotten in a program as well - Whewwwww!
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    ju_OT17 got a reaction from nextOT in OT/PT accepted/waitlist/decline forum 2019   
    Me too! Glad to have gotten in a program as well - Whewwwww!
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    ju_OT17 reacted to nextOT in OT/PT accepted/waitlist/decline forum 2019   
    Accepted to Manitoba this morning 10:12CT!
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    ju_OT17 reacted to marblestatue in McGill Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy (qualifying year)   
    For those of you on the waitlist, it's moving! I received an offer to nominate to GPS yesterday. Good luck everyone!
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    ju_OT17 reacted to Kin2019 in OT/PT Waitlist Movements 2019   
    Just got off the Dal OT waitlist! 
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    ju_OT17 reacted to OTdokie in McGill Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy (qualifying year)   
    I just received my rejection letter for OT. 
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    ju_OT17 reacted to PPTTT in McGill Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy (qualifying year)   
    yea, I received my OT rejection yesterday. I wonder if PT will send notification soon?
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    ju_OT17 reacted to RehabJunkie in OT/PT accepted/waitlist/decline forum 2019   
    I was accepted to both OT & PT at McGill, but declined my OT offer - hopefully this means someone will hear something soon!
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