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  1. You could email or call them, but as far as I know the last set of scheduled interviews happened this past weekend.
  2. My interviewer actually started the interview by saying "You may see some of us circling taking notes more than others, but this has no bearing on how your interview is going", or something to that effect.
  3. I put those vids in to a folder named "DANGER - Do not open me". I'll save them for a bit in case UofT needs a re-submission or something, but I will never watch those vids lol. That would be too painful. Especially because one of answers was garbage tier..
  4. @Eatrasm just wondering where you got the 310 number? Having a class of 260 with only 50 WL movement seems very low.
  5. @JustTrynaGetMyMD There's waitlist movement as well. I'm not sure how much though as it is not made public. Last year, as per the doc, Ottawa gave out 243 acceptance for a class of 156, Queens gave out 201 acceptances for 100 spots, Mac 332 for 206, and Western gave out 253 for 170. So at minimum, 50% of a school's class size declines the offers. I would have to think that if UofT follows the same trends, they will give out at least 350 spots between the 640 interviews. There's at least a 50% chance of getting an acceptance by the time WLs are done moving.
  6. @Owns123 I'm interviewing tomorrow and still do not have an email.
  7. Also, they know when you start your upload. The expected timeline is that they send an email at 9:00 - 9:02am. From 9:02am - 9:05 am you can think about your answer and begin recording. Your answer should be done, and starting to upload by 910am. If you start uploading later than that, UofT will assume that you spent a bunch of time thinking about your answer and they said this will not be looked upon favorably. It doesn't matter how long the upload takes as long as you start it early, try and have it uploaded by 925 or 930
  8. It almost certainly will not be earlier. UofT today mentioned that they are still planning on releasing decisions on the OMSAS-wide date of May 12th, but that the date could change. They mentioned that it will definitely not be released before this date.
  9. Basically it's just a video call. Use the best audio and voice solution you can come up with.
  10. I think we hold up a name tag with our name and omsas number for 10 seconds before we begin our answer
  11. I believe some Western schools may give you a percentile score for the interview, Calgary I think? I don't know of any other school that gives out a score post interview though.
  12. My interpretation is that at 9am you receive an email. There is a link inside this email. Once you open the link, a 20 minute timer starts. This link contains the questions, question number, and an online dropbox. You have 20 minutes total to record your 5 minute answer and upload it. At 10am, you receive another question etc.
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