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  1. theevilsloth

    Interviews 2019

    Rejected (OOP) GPA: 3.91 MCAT: 516 Maritime connection: Minimal, I tired to link my ECs into Dalhousie's community centered objectives
  2. Hey, sorry to tell you but the deadline for submitting the sketch was October 15th
  3. theevilsloth

    Interviews 2019

    OOP and no email yet rip
  4. theevilsloth

    Chance Me

    Exact same stats. We are below their average in both cGPA and CARS, but only by a bit. Looking at past stats it's definitely possible, just do the best that you can on Casper.
  5. theevilsloth

    ABS format

    ^I used Adobe Acrobat to edit my PDF and it automatically readjusted the size of the text so that it was all visible in each box without the need for scrolling. How are you entering your text?
  6. I have 2 leadership activities I consider to be strong, one is medium, and one is weak. To get maximum points in this section, is it better to include all 4 activities, by best 3, or my best 2?
  7. What should we be putting in the supporting URL box of each activity in the Extra Curricular part of the application? If I have a leadership position on a University Club which has a website, should I include the URL? Thanks!
  8. theevilsloth

    Point System and ABS

    Yes, I am wondering whether it's better to reuse a long-term, meaningful activity or to use an activity from high school that I didn't spend as much time on.
  9. I just to make sure I understand Western's website correctly. We need to submit our OMSAS by October 1st to be eligible for Western, but we will be able to go back into our submitted OMSAS applications and upload Western's Autobiographical Sketch until October 15th?
  10. theevilsloth

    Referee Forms

    You don't get to see it, it's sent directly to your referee through email. You're kept out the online rublic / questions and the letter.
  11. Realistically you're going to be under so much time pressure that you won't have time to look through notes anyways
  12. theevilsloth

    To apply or not to apply

    Engish cutoff this year for Ontario students is 3.85
  13. theevilsloth

    Question about UofT's brief personal essays

    I was thinking the exact same thing. Toronto is a fairly "progressive" school so it feels like there are answers they want to hear, and those they do not.
  14. theevilsloth

    OMSAS Reference Letter Update

    Yeah about a week after it should have gotten delivered OMSAS was updated.