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  1. The cut-offs are updated the same day as interview emails are sent right? I believe this is how they structured it last year.
  2. As far as I know there is no medical ethics on the casper test, so I'm not sure how much doing right will actually help you.
  3. For a lot of schools GPA just gets you in the door, and ECs are what get you interviews. Its possible to have a 4.0 but literally no volunteering or work experience.
  4. Should life experiences and achievement be a place for hobbies, or higher impact activities? For example, I have ~250 hours of crocheting, and about the same for Geocaching, but they're individual activities and I don't have any awards or formal recognition for these. Would something like an entrance scholarship be better here?
  5. This is terrible wording. To me, it means that one of the referees should be academic / employment related, and one should be personal / non-academic, implying that employment would be accepted as it is non-academic.
  6. I'm in the exact same position, just graduated and looking for a clinical research assistant job, but I'm in Ontario. I've been applying to the jobs at all of the big research hospitals, but no luck so far. Just an FYI, I was speaking to the recruiter of the last clinical research job I applied to, and she said she received over 250 applications, 100 of which were from international MDs. For a research assistant job paying <$20/hr. I'd imagine this problem is 100X worse in BC.
  7. I thought if wgpa is higher than raw GPA, they won't ever look at the raw?
  8. June 1st, AMCAS has been open for a while and the first date to submit was June 1st. I believe it's time sensitive in the US, so get on it!
  9. When filling out activities descriptions, is the consensus that we should be accurately describing our exact roles rather than trying to fluff it up / say what we learned?
  10. https://meds.queensu.ca/academics/undergraduate/prospective-students/applying/method-selection this looks like it is updated from last cycle, at least visually. Under reference letters it still outlines referees writing a letter, might still be old info though.
  11. Western won't let you apply in the middle of a masters.
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