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    theevilsloth reacted to Dr. Shqipe in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know (and future years looking at trends) that I got in yesterday! Thank you all again for the incredible support and being there for each other and myself every step of the way from interview invites to the waiting and the OMSAS button controversies. Each step both good and bad was a pleasure to experience with you all! I wish you all incredible luck and please know my inbox is always open if you wanna have a chat! Once again thank you all <3
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from AlteplaseStat in References in primary application   
    @AlteplaseStat Thanks you for the update, I'm in the situation you described and it's nice to be able to start the EC section without locking in the 2 references.
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from burneraccount909 in Seriously, we need a revolution   
    I love this argument so much, this is really all that needs to be said. Almost every single time a 'Winter 2020' thread is posted, this response is all that is needed to show OP how selfish they're being.
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from popfossa in Seriously, we need a revolution   
    I love this argument so much, this is really all that needs to be said. Almost every single time a 'Winter 2020' thread is posted, this response is all that is needed to show OP how selfish they're being.
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    theevilsloth reacted to medicallyricalmiracle in Seriously, we need a revolution   
    can't think of an opinion i disagree with more tbh.
    1. Schools didn't exclude winter2020 grades for people that failed, they did it because it was an outlier. Many people thrived off of cancellations and empathetic professors and had their "first 4.0 semester". This high achievement is attributable to the pandemic and thus, is not a fair data point for peoples' performance. Thus, the most fair approach is to ignore it.
    2. Please do not assume you have the competence or experience to occupy high-ranking academic positions in faculties of medicine that have been around longer than many COUNTRIES. I am Black, grew up quite poor and had no mentors or role models through my journey. I still pushed myself through every obstacle required to get into medical schools. I didn't complain, and still don't. Why? Because there are thousands of students who would kill for the chance to be in my position. You think premeds won't happily put themselves through the application process regardless of recent changes?
    The only revolution that needs to happen is with your attitude.
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    theevilsloth reacted to rmorelan in My Honest Review of Medapplications Application Editing Service   
    ............yeah. well thank goodness for the discount. we wouldn't want any abusive pricing. 
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    theevilsloth reacted to premed72 in AFMC: What happens if I don't hand in the immunization by July 17th.   
    For argument sake: let's say they revoke your offer (which I'm 100% sure they wont), the next person on the waitlist to receive admission will need to rush and get this report done well after their proposed deadline. So logistically it doesn't make sense if they revoke you. They're probably just putting some pressure to get it done asap. I wouldnt worry 
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from greysweater in UoT’s Brief Personal Essay Qns   
    The BPEs seem easier on the surface and less philosophical than last years quesitons 
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    theevilsloth reacted to dopamania in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Having been explicitly told that medical school was "impossible" to get into for an immigrant like myself, I am posting the following as an encouragement to those in a similar predicament.
    Result: Accepted
    Timestamp: May 11th at 17:09 MT
    Geography: IP
    cGPA: 3.68
    MCAT: 515
    Degree: B.Sc. x 2
    EC: was 9/17 (max 12) last year, might have gone up to 10/17 this time thanks to an added leadership role +more volunteer hours; work in customer service, intense job in frontline harm reduction, research for two years, conference presentations, one second-author publication, international awards for undergraduate assignments, founded and ran a city-wide immigrant club, volunteer math tutor, taught ESL, hospital volunteering (700 hrs), music as a hobby, and travel
    Interview: prepared extensively: read a few books on MMI and Doing Right, practiced multiple times a week once I got the invite, and even sought counseling to be able to speak about personal adversity & its relation to medicine without welling up about it (like I did last year); I thought the interview went well overall, found the panel attentive and welcoming, made them laugh three times
    The key is to practice A LOT and to seek out someone who has been through the process and knows what they're talking about, it's an excellent idea to practice with other applicants but do not limit yourself to them, they may or may not be giving you helpful feedback.
    PS: I felt euphoric when I received the offer, but I also felt drained by years of worry. Many have expressed a similar sentiment on these forums and I will repeat it: I found the entire process of (re)applying highly discouraging and dehumanizing.
    This was my third time applying and second time interviewing.
    I have written the MCAT three times because CARS was so low at first (123 --> 128) *am ESL
    A word of encouragement to all those who were not accepted this year: it goes without saying that there is an element of luck to this process, you are not defined by your stats, it is only a matter of time, the most important thing is to remain patient and persevere.
    I know it is difficult, but I highly recommend you to treat rejection as an opportunity, use this year for something you won't be able to do once you're in med school/residency/full-time workforce. For me personally that meant 8 weeks of travel and starting on a novel that I have been putting off for ages. Also, having a concrete plan B in mind will help your confidence, and it is so easy to crash and burn without one.
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from ballsortahard in Volunteer Research opportunity - Wanted   
    lol me2thx
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from kiara in weird feeling   
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from MD_Dream97 in weird feeling   
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from LostLamb in weird feeling   
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    theevilsloth reacted to OddSensation in weird feeling   
    I swear, sometimes these posts are the worse. I mean congratulation you got in this year, but is this post suppose to be some self-validating post? This is my 4th cycle as well receiving several interviews but waitlisted and rejected from them. I know so many other friends who are 26 and still applying. If you feel bad, how are we suppose to feel?
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    theevilsloth reacted to ruralmed in Honestly Just Tired   
    In the same boat also. Practiced a lot with med students, doctors and other applicants this year and got below average. Also went overboard reading ethics and other news. Felt better prepared compared to other interviews but results didn't reflect that.
    We got this guys. Another year of hard work and a bit of luck and we can crack the interview! Maybe we should start an interview support group.
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from ruralmed in Honestly Just Tired   
    Hey, I had a very similar experience to yours this cycle, and I know how bewildering the process can be. Like you, I practiced for a long time and feel like I improved my interview performance greatly this cycle, but the results didn't reflect that. I don't have any practical advice for you (as I'm in the same situation) but if you need someone to talk to feel free to DM me. 
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    theevilsloth reacted to albertaapplicant1 in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    What are those who don't have any masters/PhD plans thinking of doing before applying next year? And @denden that is a really tough situation. Do you have a good enough relationship with your PI that you could voice your concern to them and give them a little heads up that it is possible something like that could happen? 
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from Eyeboi2020 in Volunteer Research opportunity - Wanted   
    lol me2thx
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    theevilsloth reacted to thankful23 in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    Long time lurker, thank you everyone for your contributions and dedication to this thread. Off waitlist today at 11:50AM.
    Original waitlist timestamp: 7:39:25
    Stream: English
    wGPA: 3.95
    Geo: IP
    EDIT: This was my 5th time applying, and my 4th time interviewing - needless to say, keep your heads held high and eyes on the prize. It will come! Will likely accept unless i get off U of T waitlist - will definitely keep you updated. All the best to you guys!
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    theevilsloth reacted to MedSchoolHope101 in Feeling so done   
    This is all good! It means that you know what you want, get into med school, and you have many options of things that you could do in the meantime that will fulfill you. Don't lose hope. Work for it, but don't make your life revolve around it. You will have plenty of time in between applying and interviewing to do and enjoy other things  
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from mamabear in Feeling so done   
    Same situation here. Last year, interviewed and rejected from 1 school. This year, interviewed and rejected from 3 schools. All we can do is keep moving forward! We are both getting stronger with each application cycle, you got 3 WLs which means you are almost there. Don't give up! Take a year off from applying if you feel you have to to stay mentally healthy, then come back to it.
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    theevilsloth reacted to AgainOmsasSmh in UofT Waitlist Thread 2020   
    Guys I got an offer... can't believe it... I had really tough social and personal circumstances that limited my options to U of T only... can't believe it happened
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from premed24/7 in Feeling so done   
    Same situation here. Last year, interviewed and rejected from 1 school. This year, interviewed and rejected from 3 schools. All we can do is keep moving forward! We are both getting stronger with each application cycle, you got 3 WLs which means you are almost there. Don't give up! Take a year off from applying if you feel you have to to stay mentally healthy, then come back to it.
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    theevilsloth got a reaction from kiara in ABS Questions   
    Also, you don't need to fill out the About Me section if you have nothing relevant to add there. I didn't fill it out and got interviews the past 2 years.
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    theevilsloth reacted to PotatoPotato in Any Tips for a Year Off   
    Hi there, I've been in a similar boat, maybe you can take something from my experience.
    I took a year off without planning to before getting into medical school. In 4th year I applied to only one med school (knowing it likely wouldn't work out) and applied to a research MSc last minute (because everyone else was), and even more last minute decided I didn't want to pursue it (I have never once regreted not pursuing that research masters, in fact I'm grateful I didn't waste 2 years of my life on it). If research isn't your thing, that's cool, if it is, consider finding a clinical/lab/health systems etc. research position that interests you.
    I spent that summer re-writing my MCAT, and actually found a local cafe job walking around town with some friends. Turns out, you learn a lot in "retail" in terms of problem solving, communication skills and management. I admit, at first, I was embarssed to have graduated from university to work "that kind of job." Which when I reflect now was good for me because 1.it was humbling 2.I learned what it means to only be able to support a family with a retail job (and that being able to understand and relate to this in terms of future patients is important) 3.I learned a bit about food insecurity, substance abuse, homelessness and compassion from my customers (which I wasn't expecting). If you have never had a customer service experience I recommend it.
    I eventually found a full time job as a healthcare assistant (if this is something you'd like to consider, look up pharmacy assistant, chiropodist assistant, physiotherapist assistant, dietitian assistant, hospital clerk, retirement home server/assistant, scribe type jobs either in the community (I had better luck with community) or local hospitals) and spent the rest of the year working here. I also took several arts courses, took up an instrument, got a gym membership, hung out with friends/family and saved up to travel in the summer. I found I had more time to put forward a better med application, thoroughly think through course based MSc options/other career interests (and also put together great applications for those) and consider what I wanted from medicine. This is your year, you can choose to learn new skills, focus on your health and seriously reflect/think about what your goals are.
    Lastly, I strongly felt that I had lost all direction in that year, which is possible given how easy it is to compare to former classmates' successes. Having friends with similar goals to me in a similar position AND having friend who were not in science helped keep me grounded. 
    TLDR: you can turn your year off into an excellent learning experience. If you're interested in research, well... research. If you've yet to work retail, please do consider it. Otherwise, if you'd like a clinical job, clinic assistant positions are possible (pharm/physio/podiatrist/chiripodist/chiropractor assistant, scribe, clinic clerk, porter, etc). Consider learning new skills that you may not have had time for before (arts/languages/music/whatever) and spend quality time thinking about what you want in life/putting forward strong med/grad applications. I agree with the above posts, you gain some perspective and maturity. 
    Best of luck OP
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