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  1. they have dropped quite a bit lately - also our LOC rate right now has fallen in lock step the reductions in the Canadian bank rate. perhaps OP mean creeping up slow over the past 2 years, which is true
  2. ha the college would never set something up where they are so likely to get sued they have to ask you to wave something I am not sure that would even hold up legally. Plus what if even one person declines to do that - you cannot make them sit out the exam, and you cannot create a new exam easily (which is what they are trying to avoid - it takes them months and months to create one of those). For many programs there are few enough people you could really just split them up. Not that hard to find separate rooms for that (offices? along a long hallway after hours....?) I mean it could be done. I also think they want an all or nothing solution - either everyone gets to write them in all programs (including those people NOT in a Can residency that are allowed to write it as many are for a bunch of reasons). It does get a lot harder with bigger programs I suppose. Harder but still possible. Figuring out how to get that out of the way would at least make it easier to do the follow up plan for the Oral exams.
  3. or set up heaven forbid some from of video conferencing system.
  4. Plus doctors cannot exactly set a bad example by disobeying all the guidelines - no inter-province travel, no groups more than 10, and so on. I can see the college simply saying delaying exam protects the public the best (same standards as always) and that is the primary goal (a long time ago I was told that the various colleges are not your friend - they aren't out to get you either but they will protect their mandate over individuals without a second thought).
  5. I should also mention from the health care point of view - there is always onboarding and just getting used to things. You cannot just magically drop all the trainees even with their exams out there on July 1 and have them do anything. Many where going to start their practises up (so they don't yet have a roster), and many others would still have to get familiar in their new centres to be effective. That further stretches out the time of things. again doesn't mean that there aren't other options we could and should explore to speed this up.
  6. they don't seem to have much incentive to do anything. Many the leaders at the college are leaders in other areas involved in dealing with the crisis (as an example the head of our radiology royal college exam just happens to be the head of the Canadian Thoracic Radiology Society - that sort of thing is not exactly uncommon). Mostly likely this will have tapered down by July 1 (we all hope) so the argument we need to rush people into a ready state to fight this is likely not really all that solid. None of these is me saying we should work to finding a better solution - we should absolutely. only that it is hard to get the college to do things quickly in the best of times, and now there are reasons to make it even worse.
  7. It varies where people live - most live closer to the civic hospital/downtown as there is more "going on" - there really isn't much at the general site ha. People do drive quite a bit - but there are buses of course that get to the hospital and those were early enough my surgery rotations (including neuro-surg ha). There is shuttle between the two hospitals that can help with getting between them. Knowing your schedule for the year can help - I found out that 11/13 of my rotations were at the general so I actually did live beside that hospital in year one (with all the early rotations ha). That was quite useful but later I did move to be closer to the civic. Radiology as it happens is pretty evenly between both sites.
  8. and what ever you have test it out. Practice with the equipment you are going to use etc.
  9. Probably - they just in fact sent out an email explaining why they did what they did - and mentioned Sept 2020 would be the earliest time they can hold the exams. They also said people would be giving at least 6 weeks notice (which in their slow way of doing things means they have to be 100% sure 6 weeks in advance so they won't be in a hurry). I am not sure how that will work with all of the examiners either - most staff schedules are pretty rigid at least for some. I have a lot of friends that are going through this - just about to be ready to practice and then this - it is very hard. The worst is the exam studying - you cannot just "stay in exam mode" - you will very quickly run out of steam. Plus there are now jobs on hold, lives on hold, at a fragile time. We may be stuck not doing anything about it as priorities are elsewhere but we have to respect the sacrifice this truly is.
  10. they may be still hammering through testing of a new system etc good luck everyone! Don't let the unusual situation be a distraction
  11. they are very old world, very rigid type of organizations. The entire things is seeped in this hierarchical tradition set. This isn't a group that changes quickly - or really quite often at all. What residents want never really seems to matter much in the process beyond a point (we are collectively a bit to blame for that as well - once the exam is done as horrible as it is then until recently you got the results in 2 days - almost everyone passes and interest in actually changing anything immediately evaporates it seems). They don't personally have much downside to delaying, and if anyone they let practise otherwise screws up then they would be in trouble. Plus they would have to create a duplicate exam for all fields - which sounds like a lot of work.
  12. True - we cannot afford to have all the examiners in one field for instance is the same place each meeting dozens of candidates a day who are also from all over the country. Candidates who also are from a health centre and so at higher risk of exposure. It is exactly the worst scenario. Having all these new trainees available July first would be useful - although you could argue that in many cases whoever they were going to replace very likely could defer leaving reducing the impact (at least until health care workers get sick of course). I still thing we should have figured out a way to give the written and multiple choice parts of the exam now - at the existing hospitals for at least the Canadian grades (even if that means a new exam is needed for any international people later on). At least that way a big part of what people are studying will be over with. That would make it easier to do oral exams later and get people out there. At some point the "only essential travel" you would think would kick in - getting 2000 doctors out there sounds in the relative short term pretty critical. Maybe send for some fields at least a few examiners to each school rather than meeting everyone in the same place, and use local support staff to help. Everyone is busy making sure they take care of things but of course I am sure there are retired examiners that aren't working anymore that would be willing to help give the actual exam. This is a problem like any other - there is always a solution.
  13. I mean directly no - but you would think it would still be a useful EC still or has something changed (?)
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