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  1. quite common overall - there is often one poor overload person doing all of this somewhere. It is like some things in med applications - to us it is one of the most important times professionally in our lives. For them it is one more task they will do professionally within a long, long list of other tasks - you have to cut them some slack in that regard .
  2. ha for some reason I think this has been asked a few times in the past day - it should work as you posted - your 5th year won't directly count, but they will see your transcript so it wouldn't hurt to have reasonably high grades regardless
  3. I think everyone here is giving the right idea First they entire point of credit checks is to block this - and they have become increasingly good at doing it actually to prevent Next they do check as you go along to make sure this doesn't happen - a part of the yearly checks basically (well at least two banks do that so I am assuming they all do). They could in theory revoke both if they they find out - that doesn't sounds good ha. Mortgage rates are quite often below the LOC rates - that is usual. Right now I can get mortgage rates that are quite a bit lower than the LOC (particularly their variable rates). It is possible to get a LOC and mortgage mind you - that gives you basically access to the same level of credit as two LOCs, often has a lower rate again, and is structured - the risk with the LOC is that rates might rise. Not good if you are still 7--10 years away from practicing. That being said I have did buy investment property as a med student/ early resident - and if you do it correctly it can turn a profit of course. The real estate market risk now has had a long run of increases - no recession and low interest rates. It isn't a risk free investment (buy low, sell high.......)
  4. stupid long term memories ha It is kind of variable the impact - many places it counts against you - sometimes quite a bit. There a few places where showing persistency by reapplying may help (and I mean just a few - mostly in areas where a high failure rate in an attempt is expected).
  5. Just make sure you get a good place either way - including having some of the extras a hotel might now to help business travellers (like an iron for instance - it's always the little things). Nothing worse than saving 40 dollars and ending up getting a crappy nights sleep etc. and blowing the interview ha.
  6. you are right that many schools don't consider it - which is why it is probably wise to start in the fall if you can. the pressures are real but try to real it in (not to imply that is easy) there are a ton of people that started medical school later in life, and it is very important to start off effectively to maximize your chances of success (myself included actually). That doesn't mean that you cannot do things to help with your plans in the meantime - for one thing it is a chance to get a head start on ECs you can use, and if you have been out of school for awhile you can even "prestudy" for the classes next year to get a head start. Plus it sounds like you are are dealing with a few things - things that you should take the time to get out of the way and resolve. Sometimes "slower is faster".
  7. yes but it basically consumed my entire life and was all kinds of painful - and I had very structured employment and a very flexible degree program ha.
  8. plus schools are notorious for not updating anything for the negative cases. Leaving you hanging ha - I mean in the past they could have just told everyone at the same time - yes/no. They never seem to.
  9. Ok now with more pinning than ever before. Go nuts and discuss all things CARMS (ha and stay out of the other thread with comments etc).
  10. rmorelan approved post ha. be aware that some schools do require a few particular course prerequisite courses - so you will have to take those regardless if you want to apply to those schools. They aren't usually a big deal really. Also you will have to take the MCAT which will cover a variety of subjects - learning those subjects in school is one way of doing, but just one way (particularly if the subject is a problem for you - and we all have subjects are not as good at). Ha, protect your GPA where possible. To expand on the GPA thing - don't under estimate how hard that is - it is a big step up for many people, and if they run into trouble it is often right away. The semesters are shorter than high school so things happen fast (12 weeks). Be prepared - all those study techniques they have been trying to teach us all along actually suddenly come into play.
  11. ha someone beat me to the punch in creating this - This is a high priority thread so I will be cleaning it up pretty often. I will remove posts not specifically reporting something is out - please use a discussion thread for that just to keep it clean. Good luck everyone - make those interviews count!
  12. My take is often they are a bit stronger than average - bunch of reasons for that. Just posting your stats even if no one knows who you are still is easier if they are good for some reason. Being on a premed forum means you found it and are doing some "homework" - possibly biases the postings etc. There is still a range mind you - and the postings are clearly only a subset of the people that get in. One of the hardest part of going though this process is taking the leap of faith that you to can get in and applying even at times when you are at relative disadvantage (this process has a lot of randomness in it - the more chances you give your self the greater the odds you get in).
  13. directly wouldn't be recognized. Radiology is one field where there is a complex path that might get to practise - the 4 year alternative pathway, but I don't know if others have similar things.
  14. yeah prompt emailing to resolve the situation usually gets it corrected. The schools are "cold but not cruel" with respect to the rules most of the time.
  15. You are correct - and even Ottawa doesn't use cumulative GPA - the three year wGPA only. U of T also has its drop a course policies. cumulative GPA directly is not that useful of a measure in this process.
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