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  1. and just to add to that - another part of the problem is that most of know someone whose "neurotic" tendencies were very important in helping them get into medical school. Hyper awareness of things, triple checking, endless clarifying what was expected, reviewing every single test/assignment etc. All pushing 79->80, 84->85, 89->90.... to hit those GPA curves, be just a bit better than everyone around you, and generally driving both themselves and everyone around them nuts. It sucks because often it is a distraction from the learning - and selects effectively for people with a very rule, clear goal directed success and ways of thinking into a field that actually doesn't have that kind of clarity at all clinically at all (uncertainty drives a lot of new medical students nuts) and probably overly competitive people. At least competitive in the wrong way ha - we are all how can I be even better at X over Y (even if I break A, B, C... in order to do it), instead of how can we as a hospital system provide better care today than yesterday.
  2. hey congrats - hope it works out!
  3. 9 straight years of economic growth, plus a real estate run up, record low interest rates for an extremely extended amount of time a lot of people now almost cannot even remember what a recession is like - or in many cases ever had one in their careers yet. all that is great if you are taking advantage of it to give yourself a nice stable financial future - if you are overextended things are going to get messy at some point.
  4. so much waiting - it is never easy
  5. We don't believe there are set SWOMEN seats hard coded - effectively the cutoffs give them the class mix they are looking for. They do look only at your GPA and MCAT for interview (with the exception of any "red flags" and making sure you have the right number and grade level for the courses). and yeah schools are never going to guarantee sometime if for no reason than they need to be able to subjectively exclude people that the medical field won't accept anyway (the college isn't going to let a convicted criminal likely practice for instance). so yeah you are almost certain to get an interview etc.
  6. sure - we are really biased by the success internally in Canada - our failure rate from med school is extremely low, and the match rate in the end extremely high. Doesn't matter what school you go to either - pretty much all Canadian schools are the same. It isn't like that everywhere else.
  7. every time I see those statistics I cringe - I know those people will often be applying for also US spots so they are lower than the effective rate but still - that is a ton of money for relatively low odds. Make the US route look a lot better every time.
  8. or not even sell it as above but yeah put it on the line either way. Again no pressure there, ha
  9. well for instance if the cosigner could independently obtain a LOC for more than 275K than combining it doesn't change that - now in most cases that means substantial collateral or an extra special financial situation relative to a lot of people. With the home equality loans and the value of some houses these days you can get with a paid off home a lot of credit quickly.
  10. practice until unnatural things to you become natural
  11. yes there is a difference - and that was something I was hoping to point out. Particularly because of course we get supportive type people in medicine and then they are surprised by these restrictions and separation of thing based on professionalism. Also from time to time in an MMI you may be put in a power differential situation (you are someone's boss or something) and then maybe such ideas would also some into play. It also is a reminder that here is such a wide variety of people out there it is hard to generalize. You will met as doctors people who have had horrible things done to them and we have to make sure we don't add to that in any way - even innocently.
  12. true - but in many cases CARMS in particular has volume overload - the reviewers likely won't be reading your papers or at least not that many of them. Ha I just completed fellowship interviews at ivy league US schools for radiology in specialties where there were a handful of applicants (which is common) and they STILL don't have time to actually read everything or even anything. I mean you can have a lot of papers in many cases - I have 9 in residency which is a bit high but not that far off I think for some research focused people. Even that amount would take a lot of time to look through. Point I guess is while we all can evaluate paper scientifically, for CARMS they probably won't be in that detail and heuristics may be brought in - first author, impact factor, randomized trail vs case report etc in a lot/most of cases overall. The fact that occasional crap gets published in even high quality journals show how hard that screen even is for the best editors/reviewers there are. Plus the vaccine paper could be argued that is was a "quality paper" in the sense that looked like good research and made no technical errors - the content though was pure fabrication and thus nonsense that killed people (there is a special place in hell for researchers that do that sort of thing.....)
  13. My school let us go to the home grown review course for free 2x, and paid for one more. Generous of course - although no program wants anyone to fail. It just isn't good for anyone.
  14. Kids chew through everything