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  1. Bold title - I am sure people will be talking about this shortly https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/432026178/doctor-suspended-for-coming-forward-about-sexual-harassment https://www.sudbury.com/local-news/northern-med-school-resident-claims-she-was-suspended-for-reporting-sexual-harassment-839793
  2. rmorelan

    Freaking out

    Ok so they won't count it towards your GPA - so what are they doing with it? I mean is considered then a course you are auditing, or just passing/failing? I will say that I had something similar - I had a weird degree at Waterloo which because it had an arts component limited me on paper from doing too many science courses - but since I was also doing at the same time a science degree I had a ton of them, and so on paper my transcript looked like it had a bunch of useless courses. OMSAS just treated them all as courses. So did all the out of province places I applied too.
  3. rmorelan

    Countdown to Match Day

    oh yeah that disaster. Unimaginable pain and suffering all around. Particularly because it was pysch where a lot of people don't do fellowships - failing the exam has immediate issue with finding employment. I can see the office assistant flipping the excel columns. Not good. They are way more paranoid since - with the downside that we have to wait in comparison ages now to get the results.
  4. rmorelan

    Countdown to Match Day

    I guess that is where the often term gets thrown in - and any school at this point that doesn't have a proper post carms recovery plan for those that didn't match is doing a disservice both to the student and to the school (as their reputation is on the line). The advice is probably not going to be much different that you state above - but it is time to bring out the big guns and try to make sure nothing is going off the rails in the application etc. Plus what if that person really doesn't want to apply to those other things - you can wash your hands of them but that again seems ill advised.
  5. rmorelan

    Countdown to Match Day

    by now the code is stabilized Still I am sure they are doing some from of spot checks just to make sure nothing goes off the rails - small price to pay, big impact if wrong etc. the algorithm is not that hard to code anyway.
  6. is there some new information regarding that? In the past I have found no such connection - with verifiers contacted at times that cannot impact acceptance choices. Always looking to refine our understanding of things and I would definitely say it isn't a bad sign not to have your verifiers contacted - there are just way too many people and the checks have appears random to me.
  7. Yeah and I think that is shown out a lot from their past actions - do not take the order in which you are accepted or rejected to mean anything in terms of relative strength. It is always hard for 3rd years to get in but those that do try that route either get in or learn a great deal about the process and are stronger the following year. Main downside is taking the rejection hard - which is something I would caution against.
  8. In theory those that have applied could have been prepping since Sept. I mean that sounds like one of those extreme moves etc ha, but I have to say there are definitely people out there doing exactly that. Particularly as they are applying to schools that may not give a lot of notice.
  9. No problem - it is always a bit annoying jumping between the discussion and stat pages but as you can imagine there is just going to be a ton of "when will they come out" posts - and that is fine but it makes it harder to read with them The answer to that when question is hopefully soon for those still hanging around. Good luck!
  10. It should haven't have been - not deleted but rather discussion purged a bit as we always have 2 threads on things here. One with just the stats and a separate discussion thread. This makes the threads useful in the future to skim quickly for a sense of what is going on. I will take a look
  11. well I am going to have to go through and clean that up ha, it is so tempting to just combine them at the moment but useless in the long term where only the stats are useful.
  12. again not saying impossible, just that it is not as easy as it was made out, and it is fragile where ever they are.
  13. well yeah - I had to state on my application all prior name changes, all prior places I was licensed, all prior times I was having my conduct reviewed - regardless of outcome, every time I was involved in a malpractice case and so on. I am not saying it is impossible to get around all of this - only that it doesn't sound at all easy unless you flat out lie....and that is getting harder to do because of how digitally connected every thing is (as someone said, one google search - one facial recognition match ha). All these and also to add you have to actually go through the efforts to pass all the associated exams - which most people don't have. It is a small world out there for subspecialists after a point, and it is hard to hide.
  14. People keep bring up the US route - when I had to get my US licence for my fellowship I was required to provide all disciplinary sanctions to them as a part of the application. Their rules on doctor patient relationships are similar to Canada's. All this makes me think the US route is not as automatic as people are stating.
  15. rmorelan

    Countdown to Match Day

    more than focus though - I mean schools often have a LOT of support set up in advance for people that don't match because it is just such a blow. Having people randomly finding out the they didn't match all over the place can be difficult. That is of course highly variable but that was one of the reasons the schools wanted to control it. Plus you really cannot plan much until you know what is left over and the ideally when your school gears up to help you. No perfect answers of course.
  16. rmorelan

    USMLE Step 1

    well there is a chance I will need to work in the US for a while and some of the states that I might work in require USMLEs in order for the medical license. Not to mention some of the visas I could use I suppose ha. The AI work that I do requires access to a particularly type of data lab of which there are none as of yet in Canada. To further develop my skills I need access to such a lab.
  17. rmorelan

    USMLE Step 1

    Was looking through this trying to see what resources are best for this test - not sure I am going to write it yet but I am here in the US and there is a good chance I could for a while stay as staff after ending my fellowships if I have the right visa - and that means the USMLEs. Now unlike most people I don't need to do well on the USMLEs at all due to where I have reached in my training, but keeping doors open isn't a bad idea. The USMLE never fit into my schedule until now. I am in the US for 2 years and compared to residency this is a lot less work (particular PGY5 ha). So for those doing something this or have done it - what would be good resources for the test?
  18. True - although with the time different to complete primary care in the US that is a big price to pay I would think. Almost worth it to set out a year here(?) than take a 4 year program down there if you want to come back to Canada. If you happened to go unmatched in Canada and you haven't already I would definitely consider writing the US USMLEs to expand the chances for the following year. There is a price to pay for doing them automatically - might a price worth paying - but a price no the less. If I chose to do a summer to rapidly prep for the USMLE I would have lost a year of research, or being unable to do a large number of student council ECs. I would have weakened parts of my app that I know got me into the residency program I got to prepare for a backup. There isn't a perfect answer I guess to any of this as all the various parties have competing goals - you, your school, the various governments.....everyone doesn't want the same thing.
  19. Yeah never been quite sure about why that happens - sometimes maybe a rule in one place just isn't applied in another but most places all the big stuff would be all the same. Assuming the applicant did inform them of the prior sanctions of course.
  20. Yeah it has - and although that particular legal effort was a bit strange earlier ones with better organized legal arguments were still also struck down. The last paragraph is particularly important from the judge: “That Mr. Olfman’s daughter did not get into medical school at this university is unfortunate for her and disappointing to her parents. Regrettably, setbacks and denied aspirations are a part of life. Yet, to confront this through a lawsuit with the attendant substantial expenditure of time, effort and money to the specific defendants, as well as to the plaintiff herself, and to the administration of justice generally, is remarkable. But it is worse yet. A similar if not identical action in substance was previously struck for the same reasons. Nothing was learned by that exercise. The same defendants were burdened and taxed once again with a repeat performance of a claim which, through to its core, appears exceptionally specious and falls well below the threshold required to proceed. And, as an aside, I note this type of grandiose claim also contributes to a clogging of the system which in turn delays or denies access to justice for other proper claims.” That all being said if someone has some new legal argument I would be interested in what their approach would be.
  21. I am not even sure that has that big an impact with wealth. I mean if your family (far more likely than you) is well off you can endure going unmatched, or worst case ignore the loans and do something else with their support. What you cannot do is just use that to get what you want in the system. The government control is still there - in fact I think that is a large part of why the number of spots is so low. They tried all kinds of ways to get people to go into family medicine, go to unpopular locations etc - bonuses, recruiting med schools with geographic biases, advertising, loan forgiveness......not really all that effective. What is effective? having 1000 medical students and only 990 spots. You see people fighting for things they never would have applied for previously. They have power basically - not something they are easily going to give up. Even their current fixes - all temporary, all after the fact, and if they open any new spots they are in exactly what and where they want those spots to be. Since sitting back and going it again the following year is at best of limited effectiveness it is only of limited use. You are are right that having less debit makes you better able to level the playing field but if you want to be doctor you are still stuck playing the game regardless.
  22. You are absolutely correct - you can. But of course there is a catch - your odds of getting something the following year statistically speaking are relatively low. For a variety of reasons that may vary depending on the field you are hoping to get into it generally becomes less and less possible the longer you go on (and some people have stretched this out for more than one extra year I might add). Some reasons would be they think your clinical skills may be stale, your networking prospects dim if you are not actually in the hospital, and maybe some will think even though match is hard and unpredictable at times that there might be an issue with you in particular - even if they cannot seem to figure out what it is. That last point is often unfair but I still think it goes one from time to time. There is also the general issue of having a large amount of debit most likely, and if you graduate then you are not in the school anymore as a student. Not easy to find something to do with the year. If the school allows you to extent your graduation - often at the cost of more tuition - and you are in the system still but they may be directing you towards fields with higher match rates - which you might not be all that interested in. For instance they won't let you just go and do 20 weeks of electives in plastic surgery if that is what you want. They may force you to be more diversified - basically hoping you will match by going into anything that you can get into. Doesn't look good on the school to have someone unmatched. In short - it is messy.
  23. Ok I edited that slightly as to avoid an attack as it happens - people on both sides can get heated, and there is a lot on the line so that is understandable. and as usually both sides have valid points. For instance I have no problem with a school changing its admissions criteria in the face of some further logical analysis or shifting values in the medical system as a whole - this goes back all the way the very creations of CanMeds which caused radical at the time shifts in selection and evaluation criteria country wide requiring a lot of changes. So they will change their rules, have done so before, will do so again. What I have always had issues with is changes within a single year or rather less than a year - I mean yes they all post they can change at any time, and the past system is no guarantee of a future one. That is all true. Yet they are also aware that under this kind of competitive system people map out multi year plans all trying to optimize their chances to achieving something. Giving people some heads up 2 years in advance rather than at most 3 months when the new OMSAS rules come out in July I think would be just generally more fair. Doesn't have to be all that specific either - just a heads up that they are considering evaluating X. There are a lot of people out there that have quit ECs they would love to be doing on hold to get the GPA required for the school - strongly encouraged to put those on hold in effect by the school's old rules. These people may be exactly the sort of candidate the school may even want to attract but they went into hiding under mountains of MCAT prep. Now those people are left making some pretty big adjustments after the fact that may take a long time to correct if ever. Just because the school can change something at any time - doesn't mean they should with little notice. They can get away with it because there are an overwhelming number of applicants which really buffers them against any choice they make. They schools will all tell you, and I completely agree, that after a reasonable level of GPA/MCAT and yes ECs you can basically randomly pick from 1000s of solid candidates and wind up with very similarly high quality class of doctors I also feel I personally kind of dropped the ball here. Maybe I was distracted with my royal college, or just lulled into a false sense of security with our boringly predictable Western was in the past. However once a schools starts to experiment with new admission rules - ABS or the onsite essays etc it means there is some element in that school that is dissatisfied with current evaluation system, and they are starting to try to change things. Myself and the community I suppose at large was tone deaf to that, and we usually aren't. Not sure in hindsight we could have predicted this but it still bugs me. Anger will lead to people exploring options - to try to do something, anything to express the impact of these changes. I can say people have gone down the legal route before and it hasn't gone very far - schools all state they change things at any point, and the new system has no obvious bias and is no less subjective than every other school in the province (which I am sure in part the new system is based on). TO, Queens, and Ottawa for instance all have a couple of people reading and subjectively evaluating under some structured guidelines ECs. The school can argue they have simply caught up with modern admission standards. If anyone finds anything different than that I would very curious what legal attack they are using. In the end we are still stuck with the fact the rules changed and now we are going to have to do what we always do when they change - figure out what can be done to help people improve their chances under the new system. Once this is all over we will have to get some sense of what they are looking for and go from there.
  24. rmorelan

    More females than males in medicine?

    Maybe - and NLengr is literally in a bad place right now. Medicine and probably law are a bit tribal - really depends on what type you are and where you are.