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  1. most of the current AI commercial products dodge that completely - by saying it is just an augmentation tool. Suing the manufacture in that case would be the same as suing the maker of your PACS because you missed the nodule in the lung despite some tools to help with that (in this case namely the MIP images in lung windows - which help radiologists pick up nodules). That puts all the liability back on the radiologist, same as it is now. That is also how the tools are registered with the FDA for instance. Makes the barrier to entering the market a lot lower and promotes innovation. Ha, I think it will be a while before we take it to the next level.
  2. realistically possible ha - probably not. But you would have, like with, a disconnect at least on some level between various goals of people (rads vs admin). Plus now we have pathology as an example of hose things can go sideways as well and we hope not to repeat it. One of the reasons rads has made so much is the explosion in the need for imaging frankly driving us a bit nuts with volume. THere is just this never ending pool of stuff to read - and never a "light day" as it were, never any down time. The scanners are run to max capacity constantly, with each study getting more and more complex - more recontructions, more slices, new techniques ha. Messy.
  3. ha, well that is predictable there is also what you mean by appropriate - right now some people on FFS I think reasonable feel they are moving at extreme volume - that isn't about the money, it is about the pressure from long wait lists and clinical demand. Radiology would actually fall into that category - our output per day has at least by informal analysis doubled in the past 15 years and that isn't from the tech advances. You go salary and you better believe people will slow down - in their eyes back to a sane level which is safer for patients. I don't expect any government body to see a reduction as positive mind you ha.
  4. rmorelan

    Post-interview discussion

    Hey everyone - just be careful with posting actual question etc - general thoughts or advise is completely fine, but the questions are confidential.
  5. yeah there is a lot of clustering - of the technical fees in particular. This is why some of these billing numbers are practically useless. You are rad billing 3 million? How much of that is to pay for the 20 US techs you have under you, office manager, 2 booking secretaries, a million plus in equipment, office expenses for all of that......so what is left? I don't know, you don't know ha.
  6. excellent ha - you shouldn't have any extreme tuition bombshells at the end.
  7. rmorelan

    Unique Situation

    ha that is a bit caustic. I mean not that I am always super excited about how schools are aggressively recruiting people for overseas programs and some of the bait and switching that is going on. Still no one here is breaking any rules - so I would not call it cheating, more like being able to take advantage of a particular pathway that others may not be able to. Certainly not a safe route at all for that matter - high risk. Degree of working hard pulls into fairness - I suppose purely for hiring people point of view you don't care directly if an IMG worked harder than a CSA - but rather which one is better skill wise etc for the slotted non CMG positions.
  8. CARMS is over and people/programs can directly contact each other. How or even if a program would approach that is very variable. In fact it is a mess - which is one of the major reasons systems like CARMS were created in the first place ha.
  9. ha get those vaccinations/verifications - ottawa is really sticky about that. I am not sure what it is last year but the year prior when I was there the tuition was 725 so it is extremely likely still in that kind of ball park. They should be sending you everything you need at some point - particularly with respect to CMPA. Always feel free to contact your new program assistant with all your questions!
  10. rmorelan

    Bad interview

    The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. although ha I am not sure that makes things any easier
  11. variable which makes it complex - pure hospital people have really low overhead as most of it is run by the hospital. The problem is clinics - one rad can have on paper huge overhead by both % and number as they may have say a small army of techs under them. Many of the ultra high billers in rads are like that - the ones at 2 million for instance - overhead can be 75% even and sometimes worse. That money is for the techs, equipment and keeping the lights on. If all you do is ultrasound you are trouble comparatively - I know some that make ~300K which for rads is really low as take home, but billings are vastly higher (all those technical fees). Still they don't have call, work weekends, and leave at a predictable time. Could be worse.
  12. yeah but it wasn't always that way - I was told the made the change in effect to block Canadians from coming down in the times of shortage.
  13. out of curiosity any way to left out of that restriction - I mean say they did a fellowship in the US. I am always interested in the few exceptions that lock down things. I thought neuro surg was similar(?)
  14. I agree it has - and thus I find it a bit silly. Still I know a lot of doctors that really didn't want it to come out prior to that contract and prior to the election.
  15. "It is our nature" Seriously - sometimes they seem to fight just because they believe they have to oppose the government at every step - probably because there have been some serious and understandable trust issues with doctor vs the government. Plus delaying is useful- this is now coming out AFTER we got our new contract and many years prior to the next one.
  16. rmorelan

    MOTP Surge 2019

    Graduating from med school? The original version of this program had people going into it at the start of med school if that helps.
  17. well that is good for people then - really having just almost gotten to the end of training (well at least formal training) the nightmare is just not getting a job and watching those skills degrade due to lack of use.
  18. plus dealing with a backlog of people who didn't get a job? Even if they do retire I figured the backlog plus still training too many people could worsen things, no?
  19. rmorelan

    Bad interview

    thanks is right - now officially knows ha Those original numbers are from a 2004 powerpoint presentation if I recall - say so 15 years old in a system that changes every 2-3 years. We know that in one of the official dean reports from a while back there was mention of an additional SWOMEN "bonus" being used to the final score. What we don't know is much about how it is really done today except by inference from those that actually get accepted. The school has no particular interest in telling anyone of course what exactly it is doing - gives them no advantage and actually disadvantages them (people would adjust their strategies to maximize things which is usually not what a school really wants)
  20. rmorelan

    2 YR GPA vs Cumulative

    yup that happens - I know a number of people that went that route. They take the best of last two years or cumulative and just go with that.
  21. rmorelan

    MMI Disaster

    it can seem that way - I don't think they are indifferent but are rather unsure how to make it easier. One other factor - there is some logic to results not coming out in the middle of Apr, i.e. middle of exams. That for obvious reasons can be quite a stressful thing to endure, and there is no way to ensure it can be released well before exams either.
  22. rmorelan

    MMI Disaster

    Ha first and foremost there is not particular reason for them to be any faster - from their point of view. It is still all resolved months prior to the start time for the most part. Without any back pressure the date is only going to get pushed further out rather than reeled in. Next they all are released at the same time so they have to take a look at whatever is the slowest school and then add to that projected amount of time that school needs a generous safety factor to stretch it out even further. That pushes the date well beyond what is actually needed. End result - they have the answer very much sooner than they are released and premeds are left waiting in the wings until they decide to release them. This being said it is a complex process so safety factors are important - there have been a number of misfires in the past which have taught them to be very cautious.
  23. rmorelan

    MMI Disaster

    without being specific to Queens I will say that actual debate is probably the opposite of what they are trying to do - you don't want powerful personalities tipping the balance. You also don't want people trying to reminder what they thought about candidate X several hours after you saw them - your evaluation is limited as a result. Modern MMI interview theory has people evaluated quickly and they the results summed later. Groups are kept separate to avoid bias. On panels people are supposed to evaluate people separately as well but of course it is a bit harder ha.
  24. you are correct ha sorry. Missed that originally. Some very good public schools as I understand it.