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  1. I also think that in large part the idea that you have one single perfect specialty is overblown - there is enough wiggle room between many fields with overlap in various factors people mentioned above that it is quite likely you would be equally happy between multiple fields. You can be overwhelmed when stuck between 2 or a few fields but if you reach the point where they are so close you cannot tell them apart then going either way won't likely matter very much at all.
  2. I would agree with that There are always going to be parts of any specialty that you find annoying - and you can work to minimize your time on those in your practise I chose mine because I like to solve puzzles more than any other part of medicine and radiology is all about solving the puzzle. Plus in my subfield I am mostly solving acute problems. I did consider however many other types of medicine as well - wasn't an easy choice.
  3. rmorelan

    Competitive GPA?

    well you have to be careful over analyzing the text on websites - I mean they aren't put together with the attention to detail that ha lawyer or premed would have We do know from tracking what people have gotten interviews with and ultimately accepted with on the forum a lot about various schools even if they don't tell us - of course that doesn't mean that information is perfect or that the schools isn't going to change something at anytime etc. Still their actions are consistent more with a cut off than anything else.
  4. I suppose the 500 dollars a pretty good counter to a RBC ipad (?)
  5. rmorelan

    Online Master's Degrees

    sure - although I will point out purely for discussion purposes that often you can still do call during such training years anyway so there isn't necessarily an impact on the call schedule (and since you end up doing the same total amount of call in the end it doesn't hurt you either - this is all just something that is worked out basically). I don't know your particular situation mind you but always try to expand the possibilities to their limits so any decision is made with all things explored Data scientist would be another variation on the same thing - really often not much difference between masters in epidemiology, public health, data science or applied statistics. One area you didn't mention is that someone with that background also makes a good reviewer of papers - which leads to editorship and so on academics - obviously useful ha. There are a ton of similar programs - I have an option of doing Harvard's MPH in epidemiology (it is highly subsidized for me which is good because it is nasty expensive ha). There are a bunch of these out there to chose from and we can try to explore them all as well. First I will say the key I will say is not just the degree - it is finding a large data source related your specialty that you can use to practice the various things you are learning and build them up to a thesis which is applying that data in a practical clinical way - that way you yes get the degree but equally importantly you get a string of quality publications out of it as well and things merge together. You also then are the master of a particular important dataset - which greatly improves your chances of getting hired at the place you are doing your residency in particularly - you use that data set over and over to pump out paper after paper, and attach yourself to anyone else using that data as well. That is the academic approach to success - ha never do one thing when you can do 3 things at the same time. You talked about branding - that is how branding is done.
  6. rmorelan

    Online Master's Degrees

    and you want to do this online without extending the duration of your residency? you are basically saying you want a degree in epidemiology or public health which is a common and not a bad choice at all. Covers exactly the topics you are mentioning - and often those can be a combination of both a thesis (basically the research you were doing to do as a resident anyway) and some course work. If done as a part of the clinical scientist stream they are often fully funded - possible at the expense of a year do parts of it. If you don't want to do that often you can fit it into a residency program still in various ways with program support. how important is this degree to you? How much would you spend - many people do a similar online degree as staff at come big places to boost their CV etc. There are many programs out there to support such moves as a result. Another type of degree is a Masters of Education - of which there are several options as well (not what you are asking about but in general a common online degree)
  7. always struck me a bit unfair with that cut off - you cannot perfectly track the letters after all and things are not completely in your control. I do wonder how strict they are with it. In any case for the best case in a worst case situation - get those letters in immediately.
  8. rmorelan

    cGPA vs wGPA

    you know because they tell you that is what they do They have little reason to otherwise really, and we also know that people who only have the GPA to hit their targets using one or the other formula but not both has in fact gotten interviews. Schools when they do tell you want their policies are will be following those policies - it is more than tough enough with what the already have. That also means that if they have a policy (like a last two years one) then you will not be disadvantaged if following that policy is how you hit the GPA total. Rules are rules.
  9. rmorelan

    Schools that need CASPer test

    Ha yeah always the prep companies.... If anyone hasn't reading the source paper on CASPER isn't a bad idea.
  10. Ha well it is insightful - and not without importance. It really means you have to make it clear why you are using that particular entry etc. Thinking like a grader is not a bad way to go - it reminds you of the entire point constantly. If you have anyone review your matters - same thing tell them what you think the scoring system is or how it might work so they can with new eyes see if they think it is doing that.
  11. rmorelan

    Ccfp Em Pgy3 Interview List

    that time already - good luck everyone!
  12. rmorelan

    Schools that need CASPer test

    there is some logic to doing a practice run there, money costs aside.
  13. hey almost every single subjective/qualitative measure used in admission is somehow used to create a numerical score so I would say your logic is not far off on that - with so many applicants and so many things going on turning it ultimately into a math problem is almost the only way to go.
  14. I can see some truth to that but I suppose you could argue when worry about it then? Once you get into medical school there is a very high chance you will be doing some field down the line that has call and once in it isn't like you can easily jump off (most people here and definitely yourself know that almost everything has call in it - the big players of anything surgical, family and internal medicine mostly have call in some fashion although of course you can modify it or minimize it). If you cannot handle any call at all then you are severely limiting your options down the road - probably someone that is about to put all the work into things to get ready to be competitive should know the impact of that choice going in
  15. you are right - that's the problem. As silly as it sounds appearances in medicine still matter. It won't come down to that - because you wouldn't get the interview without all that stuff you mention. But when things are things competitive - and they are that competitive - something thinks like that can impact the end outcome. Medicine in many was is very conformist - that can be a strength and a weakness in the field.
  16. rmorelan

    Resident Dinner and Learns

    Yeah I agree - that is the general issue with this sort of thing. On one hand don't have a dinner etc then turn out is bad. Have a free dinner and now you have a disclosure to report every time. As they say "ain't nothing for free......."
  17. rmorelan


    tell me about it - not sure how an opening happened in the shielding as it were but the mods were spending stupid time deleting an insane number of posts.
  18. Ha, you know this is where the fact that medicine is still and probably will continue to be so just such a conservative profession comes into play. That comes up in so many ways both subtle and overt - and honestly once you get into the field you probably don't even notice how conservative it is until someone does something just a bit outside of the norm or asks a question like this. That forces you to confront it a bit. For instance I don't know any male doctor at any of the sites I work that that has hair highlights - a fact I have never even thought about before. Almost none of them have what could be described as having a non conservative hair style in any fashion actually - the most extreme I have seen is hair a bit on the long side, and that is about it. Even there when you see it is more likely to be somewhat specialized places - more rural areas, working with particular populations - more niche stuff I suppose(?) This goes into a lot of other areas as well - and again particularly for male doctors. It is a part of the professional uniform as it where. It extends to what goes up in social media (ha there was quite the purge of facebook posting around CARMS time). Not saying all of this is perfectly justifiable of course - just that this is how medicine is.
  19. and also many of those other jobs are high paid to off set some of the risks involved - my uncle is an investment banker and they get laid off, redistributed etc, etc relatively often for things that are completely outside of their control. You have to pay more to some one in those fields to offset the cost. and those high paying tech jobs - not every programmer is working at google Those jobs take skill and hard work as well just to get them in the first place, let alone hold on to them. The average programmer isn't making 200K a year.
  20. yeah exactly - the organic courses have to have a lab component (which most do) or a separate course of the lab (which some do)
  21. Yeah none of the Ontario schools have any restrictions along those lines that I am aware of. You can contact them to be sure.
  22. I mean that is true - but it isn't like they are handing out those academic jobs like candy either. Those are in general some of the hardest jobs to get in medicine.
  23. rmorelan

    Med School admission rant

    sure it is - that is exactly what I think it is. My scores jumped on the mcat in that section post doing an arts degree. Most arts students will struggle with the science parts of the mcat similarly unless they take special steps. There is nothing magically about CARS - it is just that shockingly doing 4 years of intensive work in basically reading and writing argumentative literature will make you better at reading comprehension
  24. rmorelan

    Med School admission rant

    actually think there is a lot of truth to that - medical school will teach you medicine. Everything before that is just learning how to learn. since medicine really is both an art and a science - and I really don't mean that in a wishy washy way either - going almost any route is useful. I have multiple undergraduate degrees and honestly the ones that I use the most in medicine are my psychology degree and my computer science degree. My premed degree was a solid science program but I think really there was about 4 courses that actually were useful in med school (human physiology, human anatomy, human nutrition and statistics - I didn't take immunology but that probably would have been useful as well). Everything else helped me get into medical school (ie the mcat which you know is important of course) but didn't help me directly once I was IN medical school (there is almost no clinical medicine in premed degrees). Chemistry was practically useless, all the math I did was useless, physics are useless until I got into radiology and even then you have to relearn it as 8 years had past at least), and a lot of biology was useless as well except often it seems purely by accident. even the MCAT is half science and half arts - and it is the arts part that trips most people up - CARS.
  25. ha true - but it really is not bad with the discount I suppose.