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  1. Thank you for your reply. The reason I wanted to ask with them is that my offer letter stated that I could not be enrolled in another program while doing an MD. That is a quote from them that maybe I need more clarification on. I interpreted it the same way you did. I just don't see why that would necessarily be an issue as I don't know that I would need to appeal failing an examination or course. Perhaps I do need more clarification. Would an MPH be something of value for obtaining residency positions for say general surgery?
  2. Hey everyone, I am starting an MD program this coming fall and asked my school's dean about the possibility of doing an online MPH program that is part time while doing my MD. I started a public health certificate program this year, but as I finished in good standing the school has offered for me to continue on for the next two years to be awarded an MPH. My med school has said this is okay on the condition that "you would not appeal exams/assessments in which you were not successful as the program is only able to evaluate appeals/revision of exams in the context of students in the MD program alone". My questions on about this is: 1.would a ~5 hour/week commitment be too much to take on to complete this degree during my preclerkship years? 2.is appealing exams/assessments a right that I should not give up as a medical student? Do students often need to do this? 3.would it be of benefit for me to hold an MPH for the purposes of residency placements? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  3. I declined as in IP today. Good luck to everyone!
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    I declined my offer today as an IP applicant. Good luck to you all!
  5. Hi everyone, On Dal Med's website under the "Accepted; What's next?" tab it says there is a CPR level-C requirement, yet I see no such requirement that has to be fulfilled on my DalMedix. Is this still a requirement this year? Thanks