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  1. Same, or at least decent enough for the waitlist lol. Guess not.
  2. Rejected IP. Didn't know they were sending out waitlists as well, I thought Vicki said that everyone rejected would be considered on the waitlist this year and they weren't going to specify. Guess I understood her incorrectly.
  3. Nah some Canadian schools accept the American DAT. Off the top I know that UBC and UofT accept it. Need to do some research to get the complete list.
  4. Yup. When I emailed them about this that's what they said.
  5. Invite IP AGPA: ~85% AA: 24 PAT: 21 Took the ADAT. Also I thought I did below average on CASPer.
  6. Wonder if it's worth e-mailing them to ask when they'll be sending out invites. Didn't expect to have to wait another month if that's what's happening lol.
  7. I listen to instrumental hip hop or sometimes non lyrical rap. Anything else is too boring for me
  8. emailed them a week ago and haven't gotten a reply either. I'm starting to think the best bet would be to go in person
  9. I'd like to apply this year but I have a bit of a problem GPA wise.. My GPA breakdown per year looks like this: Year 1: 79.8% Year 2: 86.6% Year 3: 87.1% And I'm currently in year 4 expecting a GPA of ~78%.. Family problems caused me to bomb last semester. The DMD FAQ states that 'the drop year must have 24 or more credits and is not the most recent year.' This would make me ineligible to qualify for an adjusted GPA. But I was wondering, if I take summer courses will these courses count towards my year 4 GPA? If they do I'd be able to get my year 4 GPA above 80 and would be eligible to drop my first year. But I'm not sure if these summer courses do count towards this years GPA or if summer courses the year of applying are even looked. Hope this makes sense.
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