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  1. Thanks for the messages! I will get back to you ASAP
  2. I have received a lot of excellent advice (both from people IRL and on this forum) and I want to pay it forward. I had a fairly low first year GPA (around 2.8?) and overall, a low (for med) cGPA ~3.6. I applied to some USMD (no dice) and almost didn't apply to Ontario AT ALL because I did not think I would have a chance. So if anyone would like advice about applying to medicine with a low GPA, PM me or comment here, I'd love to help in anyway I can
  3. I asked admissions earlier this week and they said the updated checklist for our class will be up next week. I think they're pretty busy right now!
  4. Best of luck house-hunting Its a great city but the housing market is a nightmare lol
  5. yo_yo_yo123

    Gap Year Or 5Th Year

    I would suggest 5th year as well if you're confident you can do well (choosing appropriate courses, putting in the time, etc). I was in a similar boat and I will be attending Western in the fall Just need another year with the same grades and a good MCAT and you stand a fair chance there.
  6. Not UofT med, but my undergrad was there and I spent a fair amount of time in the medical sciences buildings and the hospitals. I would say try for the condos along Bay and University, as they will be both be walking distance to the camus and to St. Mikes. I think a lot of med students live in that area as I used to see them leaving the condos near there all the time (notorious backpacks).
  7. Thank you for your answer and your congrats Super excited!
  8. Result: Accepted to Unspecified Campus (Preference: London) Timestamp: ~12pm - my timestamps are messed up on my email 2YGPA: 3.98 (conditional - this year is 3.99) MCAT: 35(13/11/11) Interview: Thought I didn't do too great! I said so many weird things - overanalyzed the whole thing for months after and convinced myself I'd be low WL - ecstatic that it's otherwise. Year: 5th year of UG Geography: IP, not SWOMEN I just want to say - if anyone is doubting that they'll ever receive an offer, especially in Ontario, PM me. My first year GPA was 2.99 and I almost didn't apply to Ontario because I never thought I had a shot (I applied to USMD). Western was my only interview.
  9. DELETED, found answer on previous year's forum
  10. yo_yo_yo123

    Post Interview Discussion

    You never know But the waiting absolutely sucks
  11. yo_yo_yo123

    Post Interview Discussion

    I feel all of this! The past month has been hugely anxiety-inducing for me with my brain replaying my interview anytime it can. I completely understand fears about breaking the news of a rejection to family/friends - the thought of that is crushing lol Hoping for good news for all of us on May 9
  12. yo_yo_yo123

    Post-Interview Discussion

    Okay but seriously, one friend of mine who got a crazy amount of offers told me after ALL her interviews she felt like she just word-vomited, but she still got in So try not to worry about it too much
  13. yo_yo_yo123

    Post-Interview Discussion

    I need insight from your interviews for mine in a few weeks! Edited to calm down aka take off my caps lock lol
  14. yo_yo_yo123

    Interview Prep - Waterloo/guelph

    I'm not in the Waterloo Area (in Toronto) but willing to practice over skype if either of you are still interested?