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  1. I second this- won't be joining you guys in the fall but I genuinely enjoyed the interview experience at Queen's. Thanks for putting everything together!
  2. Yes! The reply from admissions indicated that if the degree is completed only 3/4 years need to satisfy the course load and minimum GPA requirement. Will keep a record to offer as proof if further issues arise.
  3. I completed 3/4 years with a full course load but the website suggests that both of the final two years need to satisfy the requirement. See below: "To be eligible to apply to Dalhousie Medical School, a full course load of five full classes (30 credit hours) in each of the two most senior years of the baccalaureate degree submitted for assessment is generally required." Will email admissions to confirm.
  4. I suppose it depends on how strict the admissions committee is with requirements. There's a large difference between taking a single half-course in the summer vs. spreading courses evenly between summer and fall/winter, failing courses, or taking >4 years to complete the degree. I'm hoping that in the former case there would be some leniency.
  5. Anyone have experience applying to Dalhousie with less than a full course load? I'm filling out an application but I don't fall into either option for course load exception (i.e. extenuating circumstances that may have negatively impacted your course load/credit hours or the curriculum design of your program does not meet the full course load requirement as outlined on our website). For those in my position, did you fill out the application as is or select the course load exception option and send a separate email to admissions? Thanks in advance!
  6. Wonderful, 9 days to prepare for an interview when the Jan cohort received over 5 weeks. UofT needs to seriously revamp their application process.
  7. MSc graduate who hasn't heard anything. I personally know of other grads who haven't heard anything and some who have received interviews. This may or may not be meaningful.
  8. Gonna call no more waves and only a few individual emails to fill the remaining spots. Chances are exceedingly slim by now.
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