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  1. smileification

    UofT DDS acceptance/waitlist/reject 2019

    Accepted! cGPA: 3.99 AA: 25 PAT: 20 interview: could be better but decent excited to meet everyone in the fall!
  2. smileification

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    Thank you so much for your input! I volunteered one summer to learn lab skills and did an independent project in the second summer. Currently I'm at another lab and will work with a grad student in the summer.
  3. smileification

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    Hey I am in 3rd year and hoping to apply this summer. I started doing ECs quite late (didn't do much first two years). Would really appreciate any last minute advice! IP Ontario, non-SWOMEN cGPA: 3.99 MCAT: 130/127/130/130 (not rewriting, bye Western) Scholarships: entrance, some small faculty ones Research: - volunteered extensively summer 2015 - clinical genetics research award summer 2016 - volunteering in lab during school year right now - waiting on a CIHR grant for this summer - will do an honours thesis in coming school year - presented at 2 poster conferences, (no awards, not sure if I should mention it?) no publications unfortunately health care related - hospital volunteer ~ 100 h - language interpreter for hospital patients ~10h of interpreting - pharmacy volunteer ~ 50 h - dentistry volunteer ~ 50 h - physiotherapy volunteer ~ 25 h - very brief shadowing ECs - pianist and promotions of student run theatre production ~ 100h - committee member for fundraising initiative that raised 150k ~ 40 h - committee lead for upcoming fundraiser - working in several organizations with children involved with health promotions or interest in STEM ~50 h - volunteer tutor students getting GED - foot patrol for 2 years ~ 150h - international student mentor - volunteered extensively for local political candidate in high school ~ 300 h - Karate in HS (went up to brown belt) - pianist for church during high school ~ 500 h Jobs worked various retail jobs such as Wonderland, Floral shop, (briefly worked in a factory) worked as a private tutor for a bit I might apply for both MD-PhD and MD, what do you guys think? Thanks