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  1. Very dependent on the site. At my site there was one person tapping their pencil on the desk (this is what it sounded like, at least) for the entire CARS section. It was extremely annoying. Although we were provided ear plugs, it was not enough. I had no idea why they didn't take the effort to stop this individual. I've also heard stories where people were writing their MCAT in the same room as people writing another standardized test (don't quote me on this, but I think it was a test for MBA?) where they were typing the entire morning (their test ended halfway through the MCAT). Of course, you could imagine how annoying this would be. But this was last year and I assume they would have taken the effort to avoid this from happening.
  2. Hey! Did you have to negotiate for the infinite momentum?
  3. Thanks Bambi! I will definitely sign with a specialist now haha. Although the advisor at my local branch was very nice, and still offered a similar deal as other branches, it made me slightly uncomfortable that he didn't know what residency was.
  4. Is there any advantages to getting my LOC from someone who specializes in LOCs for med/dental students? I'm trying to decide whether to stay with my regular branch, which is minutes away from my house, or to a farther one to sign with a specialist. Thanks
  5. Hi all! I haven't even started medical school yet (starting this September), but I had a question regarding family medicine. Of course my interests will probably change, but family medicine is something I've always wanted to do. I know that in family med you have the option to do an extra year of residency in various fields (e.g., EM, maternity care) to learn additional skills. I was wondering if I did decide to 'specialize' and do an extra year, how would this change my future career? For example, if someone does an extra year in emergency medicine, how will their work be different than someone who didn't do the extra year? Thank you
  6. Thanks for your response I've never taken notes by hand (I do all my studying through my laptop). If this is the case, would you not recommend me selling my Air and buying a Surface Pro since the Air clearly has the better keyboard? If I were to just buy a completely new device to use alongside with my macbook air, would you still recommend the surface pro over the ipad, even though if I were to get the ipad I'd have 2 apple devices (easy syncing)? I'd primarily use the surface pro/ipad for work (reading study notes / annotating slides) rather than media consumption. Thanks again !
  7. Hey everyone I currently have a Macbook Air that is approximately 1.5 years old (switched from windows). I LOVE the Mac interface compared to Windows, but I am very disappointed in the Air's performance. Emails, note-taking, and studying is fine, but as my primary laptop I notice that it gets really slow when I have a lot of tabs open or streaming videos. I was wondering which of the following options you guys think is the best for me: 1) Keep my Macbook Air, and buy an ipad pro on the side for studying while commuting and consuming media. 2) Selling my Macbook Air (hopefully I can get few hundred dollars), and buying a Macbook pro (probably the 2015 model) 3) Selling my Macbook Air and buying the Surface Pro 4 (Not sure if the 5 is out yet). All these options will be cost me a similar amount (maybe option 1 being most expensive). If you have any other setup suggestions, I would love to know them! Thanks all
  8. If you're aiming for Ontario only, I would say a CARS score is the most important section. I would choose a high CARS score over a high score in the other three sections, however, you would still need a decent score in all sections. Here's a brief summary: 1) Ottawa: No MCAT required 2) U of T: Only a cutoff/scores aren't used competitively. You only need a 125 in each section, which is not that high. 3) McMaster: Only looks at CARS section, and a high CARS score will greatly help you get an interview. I know several people who did poorly on the MCAT, but did decent in CARS (127+) and got admitted to McMaster. 4) Western: Unless your a SWOMEN applicant, the MCAT cutoffs are relatively high for Western. However, the highest cutoff, and the hardest cutoff for most people to obtain, is the CARS score (this year it was 129, last year it was 130 .. a CARS score I can only dream of getting) 5) Queen's: Queen's doesn't tell you how they assess MCAT, but looking through people who got accepted, it looks like they look at the "total" score in addition to individual sections. The reason I say this is because I saw people who have a relatively low score (~125) in one section, but have an high overall (90%+ percentile), get an interview. For example, I had a low CARS score (125), but a relatively high overall (97th percentile), and I got an interview. Thus, I'm assuming all sections will matter for Queen's. However, although my overall was extremely high, Western and McMaster were pretty much impossible for me because of my low CARS. Overall, an even score across the board would be ideal But, I do agree that CARS does seem like the most important section.
  9. Hey everyone I was wondering if medical students get any additional coverage at school for health and dental costs, compared to the original amount we got covered as an undergraduate student. My family doesn't have an insurance plan, so I always make use of all they offer? I'm attending queen's by the way. Thank you!
  10. I got the same offer at RBC. I'm thinking of taking it. What interest rate did you get after the grace period, was it still prime-0.25?
  11. Hey everyone I'm very new to this and I read the last several pages on this thread - super helpful! I still had a few general questions: - Lets say I'm choosing between banks, which all offer prime - 0.25. What is the next thing(s) I should be considering to ensure I get the best deal? - This may be a stupid question, but what does it mean when the LOC converts to a 'professional LOC' or 'loan' after a specific grace period? Thank you !!
  12. Especially in Ontario, it's very difficult to aim for 1 school, and many people go wherever they're accepted since it's so difficult. Therefore I wouldn't recommend just aiming for one school (just my opinion). I have very little financial support and will have to use a lot of financial assistance (from LOC to OSAP), and I have found so far banks are very, very willing to help you out. I live in Toronto, and I hoped to go to Toronto, but I got rejected post-interview and had to choose between Queen's and Ottawa. Although I will be borrowing a lot of money, i found out a lot of people/friends who are older then me were in the same boat and ended up perfectly fine. Of course, there are people who try for 1 school and get that school You are able to put stuff like dancing, art, and writing on your ABS, and in my opinion, you SHOULD put it! It really helps you stand out. You just have to word it properly
  13. Thank you Unfortunately, 3.82-3.85 (I'm assuming this is with the DROPPED courses) is on the low side for U of T for a undergraduate applicant, and it will be difficult for you to get in. Maybe check out how much it'll go up by the end of 5th year (if you apply after fifth year you can drop 10 half courses or 5 full courses or any combination of both). If it's still not in the 3.9s, I think if you want u of t, the best shot is to do a thesis based masters and 'be productive' (check their website what this entails, but it's essentially having a first author pub). For Queen's it's difficult to say, but purely from experience (and my friends experiences), I think they really like unique things (sports? art? music?) in addition to typical academic and research stuff (like what you have). Again this is only my opinion but, I don't think you should aim to get Queen's, because I have plenty of friends with better MCATS and ABS sketches than me get rejected from Queen's. I feel like they look for specific things that no one knows what it is. I also think Queen's requires a relatively high MCAT score total. Also to emphasize again, if you write the MCAT and do super well on the CARS section (128+, ideally 129+) you will have a great shot at McMaster, and if you do decent on the other sections as well you will have a great shot as Western.
  14. Any upper year Qmed students willing to revive this thread?
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