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    it's almost impossible for you to finish with student loan of $80,000 or lower including your pre-requisite years except you have 50% support from parents.
  2. A friend of mine in the second year of the program told me that in the first year students are automatically enrolled into courses so we don't have do anything for now ..... hopefully the information is accurate
  3. Thanks very much UhhhhhOkay ...... I was just wondering if registration for courses are done individually or they will do that for us
  4. Update!! I received my acceptance letter yesterday afternoon around 1:30pm. Stats pGPA: 3.85 cPGA: 3.79 Best year: 3.91
  5. For those who have been accepted and have enroll for classes, can you guys see how many spots are left if any at all?!!!!!!
  6. If you say online comparison what do you mean?
  7. did u book the appointment by mail or telephone?
  8. I know U of A is the least transparent university as concerns their admission process, I will also try and go talk to them so that they can tell me where am lacking in the application, I strongly believe I am competitive for the pharmacy application. Do I need to book an appointment to talk to them or I can just walk in?
  9. That's a very good statement, I am standing with a cGPA of 3.79, pGPA of 3.85, best yr GPA 3.91 and I think my LOI was decent enough, though not very sure about my interview but haven't heard from admission committee yet, so where is my application lacking I can't tell..... this very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I think some people got admitted already, read some older posts you can see that. I don't just know how many people got admitted yet.
  11. I am a second time applicant and I can say I am beginning to lose hope though I wrote the faculty and they told me the majority of admissions and refusals will be going out in the month of July and potentially August. I strongly think is a normal scam they say every year. Anyone knows the number of spots left?!
  12. with no updates on admissions in this forum, I am assuming no new decisions have been sent out!!!!!.. I am just too restless about my decision.
  13. I am wondering if this forum is still active. Did anyone did the interview yet?? How did you find the written section
  14. Hey franky, don't think it will affect you that much since the committee focus more on the cumulative average to see how well you can handle the heavy course load in the pharmacy program.