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  1. CantConcentrate

    Peters Boyd Question

    ~18 spots are at WCH, so your chances of getting it depend on how many other people want WCH as well. Same logic applies to second year hospital placements - completely depends on who in PB wants what. They try to equalize the distance people have to travel in the 1st and 2nd years, so folks at NYGH in 1st year tend to get first dibs on WCH in 2nd year and vice versa.
  2. CantConcentrate

    My job/Verifier

    No. Verifiers are just asked to verify that what you've listed for that specific activity (hours, dates, description) are accurate.
  3. CantConcentrate

    From journalist to doctor?

    Yes. Not me personally, but I know at least 1 physician who has made this transition.
  4. CantConcentrate

    Hepatitis b and med school?

    If I'm remembering correctly, you have to report your status to the College of the province in which you are attending medical school/residency/practicing and based on the results of any investigations that are ordered, including viral load, they may restrict the types of procedures you can perform (so-called "exposure-prone procedures"). If your viral load is below a certain threshold or otherwise "undetectable", I believe you are then allowed to perform these types of procedures, of course with the caveat that you report any incidence of potential exposure, etc...
  5. CantConcentrate

    UofT 2019 Application Discussion Thread

    The year I applied, I got my invite on March 14. I think the last "big wave" is usually sent sometime around mid-March, with the last few invites happening in trickles towards the end of March.
  6. I think it may be helpful in your case to discuss this with someone at admissions (just give them a call or drop in if you're able). They'll always happy to have a discussion with you about your application.
  7. CantConcentrate

    MCAT cutoff

    They explicitly state in their end of year summary videos that MCAT is assessed via a cutoff, and GPA is assessed competitively.
  8. CantConcentrate


    Generally speaking, there isn't a big difference in what academy you end up being at. No matter if you're at WB, PB, or Fitz, you can shadow a doctor at any academy (or even doctors not affiliated with UofT, provided you give UofT some advance notice). If you have any specific questions re: academies or academy selection, I'd be happy to answer them or provide whatever insight I can. It's just hard with such a broad question to write anything worthwhile
  9. CantConcentrate

    Queens or UofT MAM

    Point taken, but the vast majority of the MAM class does pursue shadowing downtown, and it would be easier to facilitate that through UofT than, say, Queens. Definitely agree with you that MAM has more of a community feel than the more academic DT TO for sure though.
  10. CantConcentrate

    Backpack colour

    The poll is super tricky - I think the exact wording is something to the effect of "what colour would you like?" No way they actually go with what people vote for year after year (or else we would have gotten red grrr).
  11. CantConcentrate

    Anyone else going to the academy tours on Saturday?

    Looking forward to meeting some of you there
  12. If you don't mind a slow(er) turnaround time, feel free to shoot me a PM too.
  13. CantConcentrate

    Queens or UofT MAM

    I'll add the UofT perspective here. I've spoken to a few of my friends at Queens and something that's been somewhat consistent is that if you're interested in very niche things (e.g. I have friends interested in working in LGBTQ+ health or trans health specifically), sometimes you'll only be able to find these opportunities in Toronto given the denser population and more specialized care that can take place here. In general, I've found as a medical student at UofT that if you ask a physician to shadow them for a day, they're generally with you 1:1 or with you and a resident (1:2), so it's not like you're excluded or anything.
  14. CantConcentrate

    Textbook use?

    I've never opened a textbook this year .