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  1. As someone who has taken psychology at York, I definitely found it to be a GPA booster (granted you put in the work). Questions on midterms are usually multiple choice questions, very objective and even IF you have a few short answer questions there are no surprises (straight off the slides or the Prof will let you know which pages the answers are before hand for e.g Health psychology). If medicine is truly your goal, you will find a way. Just have to protect your mental health and tone out the haters that WILL tell you what your doing is unwise. As long as you understand this time round you need to get a very high GPA, there's definitely a chance. You can do this. Just stay focused. PM about courses if you'd like.
  2. How to protect my mental health. What's a cause you believe in?
  3. anyone who has knowledge on this matter, I would truly appreciate your advice!
  4. one last question, say I get a GPA of 4 in my third year, would I competitive to apply to Queens and Western? (using my second year of 3.77 and third year of 4?)
  5. Thank you so much for your thoughts Richard! The gap year in my second undergraduate degree was just haunting me but you are right - it shouldn't matter in the long run as long as I do really well in my last 2 (or 3) years. Thank you again
  6. Hi guys, I literally have no one I can talk to about being a non traditional applicant and was lucky enough to come across this website and connect with others who have gone down this path. So here I am in a bit of a dilemma and was hoping to get some advice, before literally my head explodes due to over thinking :S To start off I pretty much tanked my first undergraduate degree. It was only in my last year I tried a different approach to studying and managed a GPA of 3.2 - I know it's still pretty low but it gave me some hope that I might just be able to do this... I still was very undecided on whether I should start a second undergraduate and didn't know if I could achieve a high enough GPA, so I took 3 courses during fall and winter - and I surprisingly got a 3.86. Unfortunately, I had to take the second year off due to some personal family issues - i just couldn't risk my GPA and was mentally not in a good place. I took the following summer to mentally recharge and decided I wasn't going to give up on my dream. I came back this past fall and winter, took a full course load and received a 3.77. I know I can achieve higher grades, it's just been one hell of a journey but now more than ever I believe in myself and I know I can can get a 3.9+. Here's my dilemma - should I continue with my second undergraduate degree (remaining 2 years), or should I start all together and do an accelerated full time 2 year degree (from scratch without any gap years and non-full course load years)? Any feedback would be truly appreciated. And thanks again for taking the time to read this!
  7. John Galt MD, thank you yet again! Owe you bigtime! One last question though did you have presentations in these classes? If so, were they heavily and strictly weighted? (I h-a-t-e presentations :S)
  8. Haha that's what I'm trying to figure out myself.. preferably one without presentations...please let me know if you find any!
  9. Hey guys, so i was reading in the news today about how the Ontario government is to cut funding to Toronto Public Health. I wonder how this would effect job prospects as a future public health inspector, especially for us students planning to take public health as a second undergraduate degree....
  10. Sorry but how and where do you check out these grads that have been accepted? Just asking as I am interested in taking this program. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, I got a dumb question, but here goes! When calculating the 2yr GPA, are they taking an average of the 2 years or is each of the 2 years calculated and considered separately?
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