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  1. lauren666

    Second bachelors

    Hey guys, so i was reading in the news today about how the Ontario government is to cut funding to Toronto Public Health. I wonder how this would effect job prospects as a future public health inspector, especially for us students planning to take public health as a second undergraduate degree....
  2. Thank you so much 786hunter! that was just beautiful
  3. lauren666

    2 YR GPA vs Cumulative

    Thank you xiphoid!
  4. lauren666

    Second bachelors

    Sorry but how and where do you check out these grads that have been accepted? Just asking as I am interested in taking this program. Thanks!
  5. lauren666

    2 YR GPA vs Cumulative

    Hey guys, I got a dumb question, but here goes! When calculating the 2yr GPA, are they taking an average of the 2 years or is each of the 2 years calculated and considered separately?
  6. Hey guys, I had a question about GPA conversion. I currently attend York university which uses the 9.0 GPA scale. I know you have to individually convert the score of each course and take the average in order to convert it into a 4.0 GPA scale. Is there anyone who can show me an example of how to do one please? I know it's a stupid question, but I just want to make sure I am doing this the right way. If there is someone who can be kind enough to show me how I would truly be grateful. Thank you!!!
  7. no worries! In all honestly I feel like 2 academic would be the better option, but I'm just hoping there are some applicants who got in with just one...a girl can only dream haha..ha...ha..h..
  8. but how do you know this? Don't get me wrong, I'm not assuming I know better, but isn't the content of the letter more important whether it's academic or not. I know you need to have at least one academic, but where does it say it's better to have two? *starting to have a panic attack* :S
  9. Thank you once again f011235813! I appreciate it!
  10. lauren666

    OMSAS Reference

    Hi guys, Just wanted to know your thoughts - when it comes to academic references the only have two: First one is professor whose lab I volunteered in as research assistant for a year. However, the only time we would interact with the professor is the weekly meetings. Has anyone ever been in a similar position and had to ask the prof for a letter, but wasn't sure how well the reference letter would be? The second would be a professor (and scientist) who I did a research paper with, but wasn't in any of his classes - but I just found out he's retired as a prof a couple of weeks ago, so I'm assuming his title as professor won't appear on my reference letter. Would this still count as an academic reference? most importatntly would having only one academic and 2 non academic references hurt my application? Any input would be truly appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Hey guys,Can anyone please tell me which is easier: Developmental Psychology or Biological Basis of Behaviour? Please and thank you!
  12. Hi I'm in similar position as you and thought I'd just give my 2 cents. I remember dropping genetics first time round cause it seemed overwhelming. Second time round I made sure I paid attention from day 1 of classes and ended up doing well in the course. I made sure I was up to date with readings and doing practice questions - asked my TA's if I had any questions, did my own research, used Khan academy - just do your utmost best and believe me if I could do well in this course, you DEFINITELY can. As for the research methods course, It's not that bad honestly (found it easier than genetics)- just make sure you understand all the concepts, analyse graphs well, etc - again just pay attention and do all the required work as you would with any other course you're going to be taking (cause this time round you want to give you utmost best in all your courses!) and you WILL and CAN do well. I would try to take the 2 courses in different semesters - one in fall the other in winter. I know its scary, trust me there are days I just have mental breakdowns and worry what the future holds - but just pick yourself up and keep going! Good luck!
  13. lauren666


    Wait? What? You are a definitely a success story! And you’re non swomen! Just what I needed to hear! thank you
  14. Thanks f011235813 will definitely look into those courses!