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  1. This was SO ME getting in after my 4th attempt last year. So awkward. I dreaded it every year (even with the “It’s that time of year again...” line). But the perk, is that when you finally do get in, you get to send them all one last OMGWEDIDIT email. Everyone of them responded with about the same level of enthusiasm I did. I even had some super random HR people (because let’s face it, after a while Supervisors leave, but HR shall remain) responding like they’ve been following my story for years, asking me to stay in touch.
  2. Hi there. UBC Med 2022 here. I’m going to go ahead and say your major does not matter. My majors were psychology and VISUAL ART. Yes, you read that right.
  3. That sounds like a tough, life changing experience - and relevant too, given the situation with overdoses in BC. When I was 17, I almost died by suicide and spent over a month in the hospital. It shaped who I am today, my passion and drive and helped cement the narrative about me in my application in the context of my mental health related work. It’s a tough call whether to put in significant experiences. I oscillated with adding it, some years I left it off, and in more recent years I included it. Do so only if you are comfortable and feel like you can explain it in the character limit. Consider your other entries, does it reinforce the other things you’ve been involved with? Does it add a dimension to yourself in the application? Do you have a verifier for it? Think about how it shaped you, and go from there. FYI, I included it in my last application and I got in this year for class of 2022.
  4. Don’t speculate too much. My undergrad was 180 credits over 6 years, a B.A. double major in Psychology and Visual Art. I legit took a class in just about everything and I was accepted. They weight so many factors and look at the entire picture.
  5. Don’t be scared of re-writing the MCAT. The first time I took it (2013), I took Prep 101, studied for 3 months, but hadn’t taken a science class since grade 10 general sciences so I was really behind the game. I got a 28 (for reference on the MCAT, they used to say you needed 30 to be competitive). I applied to med school anyway. The second time, I didn’t take the course, and only gave myself 2 weeks to study. You can imagine how that went. The third time in 2015 with the new MCAT, I took all my first year university sciences, retook Prep 101 for free, studied for 3 months and... got a 520. I just got into UBC yesterday with that score. The MCAT won’t get you in by itself (note that it took 4 applications for me to get in), but retaking it is worth it. It was also a major source of comfort to me after so many rejections knowing that I still had 2 more applications before my scores expired. Do it now while you’re students, save a summer for it. It’s worth it.
  6. I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT! TIME STAMP: 12:25 pm PST Result: Accepted to Vancouver (first choice) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: ~88 (B.A. Psychology and Visual Art) MCAT: 520 ECs: Older applicant, and I've been volunteering since I was 12 so pretty extensive volunteer experience. Lots with mental health, kids, marginalized groups and leadership roles. Geography: IP Interview: I felt pretty good about all of it. This was my 4th time applying to UBC, and first time interviewing there. It's my home and I am still actively involved in volunteer work there. After 3 outright rejections, I almost didn't apply again to UBC this year - clearly, they weren't interested in me, since I have never gotten an interview invite and fair enough, I am an atypical applicant. But I always thought if only they would give me a chance to stand up and tell them what makes me a fit ... well, I finally got the chance. It's my "white whale." --- All I can say is, don't give up. Nothing worth achieving in life comes easy. Keep trying and pursue what makes you feel meaningful in the meantime. If you persist, anything can happen. Edit on request - my scores from last year (NAQ likely increased): AQ: 23.08 NAQ: 30.00
  7. When I was a student at UBC you just logged in to print it, same place as where you ordered transcripts. Where I work at Langara College I usually direct students to visit Registrar and Enrolment Services.
  8. Anyone else feel like someone in the admin office forgot about us? hahaha
  9. As an FYI, I have a feeling nobody will hear anything until at least Tuesday, June 20th - looks like Solus is going through an upgrade and will be "unavailable" until then. The wait is killer!
  10. I'll think sharing this might ease some concerns. At the video screening, one of the first year med students said 'if you don't feel good about your interview, don't worry - 60% of our class felt like that'. And after talking to one of the first year med students who was running the Clinical Skills workshop, she said that after her interview, she cried all the way home in the car because she felt so terrible about it. Don't worry if you feel bad about your interview - apparently it's normal and not indicative of how you actually did. Just cruise the accepted/waitlisted thread and you'll see there is very little rhyme or reason to it --- or, at least that's what I keep trying to tell myself.
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