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  1. Just been accepted to Hamilton Campus, 2:59pm EST. Given that it's been so quiet in the past few days, I have a hunch that the waitlist movement had just begun.
  2. For Ontario schools, they would have to decline offers from other Ontario schools if they want to stay on the waitlist for Mac. For OOP schools, they can accept their offer and stay on the wait list for Mac until the end (unless you email Mac to remove yourself), though you would lose your deposit to the other school if you come off the Mac wait list and decide to go to Mac instead.
  3. Waitlisted -- Accepted off waitlist Timestamp - 8:35am EST, May 9, 2017. (Offer Email: 2:59pm EST, May 25, 2017) cGPA - 3.74 CARS - 128 CasPER - I type pretty fast, so I guess I was able to go more in depth for the questions. Overall felt decent. Interview - Definitely messed up at least one station, but others felt decent. IP, 4th year UG Have been a long time lurker and only created an account this year. After being rejected pre-interview at all the schools last year, I was devastated. Mac is my top choice for medical school, and I am absolutely lost for words right now.
  4. According to last year's AFMC stats, 126 people declined their offer to Mac. I'm not sure if this number includes those who were automatically removed from the waitlist after accepting an offer from another Ontario medical school and therefore never technically "offered" admission. Regardless, a decent number of people get in off the waitlist. Good luck to all the waitlisters. Let the wait begin...
  5. A lot of the questions were really strange and not quite what I was expecting. They hit me right on the border of my comfort zone, but I felt I gave everything I could. Appreciated the student hosts trying to put us at ease though. I guess we will see on May 9th
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