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  1. Yo, heard a couple have deferred their admissions this year..probably explains these late movements
  2. LOL this was asked on YCONIC (copied and pasted below, all credits go to the anonymous user who originally typed this..) https://yconic.com/discussion/dentistry-or-medicine/sOJT2i3zQ86I7ndR8PbsC2IVqqzTgwX7/0/25#4aVRXHBDqMxgvpaQwxwJNYpEUfrBYsX Dentistry Pros + Cons - Schooling is a lot shorter. No residency training and you're able to graduate and start working right away. Though lots of people don't get to do this and have to do other things after they graduate from dent school. - Still have a good salary, especially when compared to the majority of Canadians. Apparently jobs are a bit harder to find as a freshly graduated DDS. GTA is oversaturated and most people do want to live and work there. If you don't then hey, better for you. - Teeth and mouths are scary as f*ck. I personally couldn't do this for 40 years, but some can. All the power to you if you're cool with this. - A lot less prestige than saying you're a physician. Again, please don't make this the ultimate deciding factor. - Supposedly better lifestyle in dentistry. If you're a family type guy or a woman expecting to have young children you can usually work in private practice or under someone else with set hours. A.K.A no on call or obscure hours that you will get in medicine. - Paying comparable tuition to med students with a much lower expected salary. Sometimes you're even paying more (UBC for example). Comparable debt except you would have made 100-200K more in certain medical specialities. You can still as a dentist make what some physicians make on average, it's just unlikely and I wouldn't bet on it. - Because of over saturation in dentistry lots of people end up having to specialize, find a niche, or accept a salary lower than expected.
  3. Now click on Historical Certification Information. Since 2010, the number Canadian graduates has dropped by a tad bit. Graduates of accredited programs in the US, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia - has almost doubled. Individuals who successfully completed the Equivalency Process has increased from 0 to 259 per year. The trend is clearly increasing and from this forum, it's obvious that more and more students every year are planning to apply to the States, NZ, Aus, etc Graduates of accredited programs in the US, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia
  4. Not depressed, but worried. Click herehttps://ndeb-bned.ca/en/resources/historical-pass-rates Dentists can be certified in 4 ways in Canada: 1. Graduates of Canadian DDS programs 2. Graduates of accredited Qualifying/Degree Completion programs 3. Graduates of accredited programs in the US, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia 4. Individuals who successfully completed the Equivalency Process The total of new dentists certified last year was 1008. These all specialize in teeth.
  5. Yup thanks, plus the fact that this is a private business, not government funded
  6. With med, there are a variety of specialities. With dentistry, almost everyone is doing general dentistry.
  7. Hey! If you're looking for housing, check out Western's official off-campus housing site! https://offcampus.uwo.ca/listings/
  8. Yea I heard of one person who dropped off the waitlist. Is the waitlist still at #15? It's verrry slow this year
  9. Simple. If someone who hasn't gotten an offer off the waitlist drops out. Then still #16 is next, but #22 and everyone else moves up a spot
  10. Hey there! I have one more question: What is London like? What's the campus like? Like the buildings where you have classes?
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