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  1. This laptop seems pretty awesome just by looking it up online. Do you both have the "pen" that it comes with and how often do you find yourself using it? I really like to take notes by hand so I'm thinking of using this laptop (if I purchase it) as a tablet at most to take notes. What are your opinions on this laptop as a tablet? I feel like the price is very justifiable compared to a Macbook pro which is just too much for my budget...
  2. The poll that I've created shows a pretty spread out result. I think that's quite interesting and I will check on these apps and sites. In the future, I think I might combine both physical planners and online calendar for the sake of having the chance to write things out.
  3. I'm not in the position to decide for you and there are much more experienced people that can help you here, but here's my two cent. You have the average AGPA for OOP who applied but those that was invited and interviewed had an average of 4.40 according to the 2020 stats. That being said, the minimum AGPA that was interviewed was a 4.12 so there is still a chance there. BUT! It will ALL come down to the MCAT. U of M has a very high standard MCAT for OOP applicants (and IP for that matter too) since it will make up 45% of your post-interview application if you are invited OR up to ~70% of your pre-interview (AGPA is about ~30%) before you are even invited for an interview. Now, this is all according to an academic advisor that I've spoken to at the school so please don't quote me on that. I'm only sharing what I've been told. So, your personal judgement is what you'll have to use in this scenario. Will it be worth applying to a school that values the MCAT greatly with a below average MCAT of your own? OR Would it be a good idea to skip this school for now and maybe re-write the MCAT in the future, score a very high score that will meet the requirement for an OOP and then have the chance of getting an interview. Your choice! I wish you all the best in your future applications!
  4. Hello everyone! I was just wondering how you all stay organize in school with such a busy and hectic schedule and with all of your classes and class materials (notes)? I've tried using physical planners given by our school and that didn't work, I've tried using online calendar (google calendar) and that also didn't work because it just gets dull and I've even tried to just use a paper and pen just write down the entire thing that's on my head and tackle them one at a time. Heck, I've even tried just keeping it all in my head and remembering everything that I have to do, that was a disaster... I'm sure we can all agree that in order to be successful in school, work and other profession, Good Time management is KEY! So, as a fellow premed, I would like to ask everyone (premed, med students and even residents or whoever). How do YOU stay organize? What do you use and how do you utilize your tools to be successful? Thank you all! ps: I've just ordered a planner called "Passion Planner" online because I've heard great things about it so we'll see how that could work towards my advantage.
  5. I hope you don't mind but I would like to add an additional question and ask an opposite scenario to your question. 1. Would you count as a rural applicant if you've lived in a rural area for only ~5yrs? 2. If you now temporarily live in the city to study and also volunteer in the city and work in the city but sometimes goes back home (rural area) for the weekend to volunteer, Would you still count as a rural applicant? I hope to hear from all of you soon and Thank you very much in advance!
  6. It seems that you have found the culprit that's holding you back from being a very bright and successful student! Yay! That being said, instead of focusing on your issue for next year and leaving it for next year, why don't you focus on it this year, this month, this day and Now! Every little steps count and if you start improving your time management now, it'll be much easier later on! I'm also currently in the quest of improving my time management for next year. I was told by one of my mentor to always try to do something today or now that my future self will thank me later. That's why I'm starting to improve my time management this summer because it's the perfect time to test out my discipline and to build good habits. I could easily say that I can sleep in late in the morning or late at night since it's summer and I don't have school but I'm forcing myself to wake up early or sleep on time as if I have school. That way, when school starts again, I've already built a strong foundation and good habit for my time management. Of course, mine could be different from yours, it was just an example but I've seen my productivity rising so far and I'm loving it! So, from my Mentor's advice, I'm sharing with you his knowledge that he shared and gave me. I hope you found it helpful and best of luck! Ps: Think Positive my friend and good things will come to you! Good vibes!
  7. I'm glad that the majority of the people who answered my poll has not experienced any form of sabotage from other premeds. I don't really think that anyone can gain anything from sabotaging other people, pre-med or not. Sure, you may get a small leg up in the game but Karma will bite you back in the end! I agree with having a tighter and more closer group of friend compared to having too much, which was in my case. I simply trust people too much and I guess that I need to be a little bit more vigilant. No judgement on my side here! But I have to admit, that's pretty funny! Glad that you've grown a lot since then! I was actually sabotaged on the due date time for my lab report. Our school is extremely strict with handing things on time, especially online since the portal shuts off. I'm not going to lie, some part of it was my fault and it was my own responsibility to know the exact time of the due date. However, I was already starting to fall behind in class since I had 5 courses to juggle, volunteer and work to manage. I was in a frantic state to finish the report at that time so I asked my so called premed "friend" when the due date was and he told me that it was due at 11:59PM... Little did I know that it wasn't due at 11:59PM... It was due at 11:59AM!! I believed him since most of my assignments that had to be handed in online from my other classes are due before midnight. But this wasn't due before midnight, it was due before noon... When I found out that I couldn't submit my report, I panicked really hard... You know that feeling? I felt like my stomach sank and my heart started to beat faster and faster... After I recollected myself, I started to think logically again but I never once thought of blaming my "friend" since he must have been misinformed too... right? I quickly emailed my professor and explained to him what happened and attached my lab report along with the email. My professor told me that he would give me some partial marks for completing the report and I accepted his offer even if its just a passing mark (it was a 50%). I know that its not even that bad but I worked my butt off that 8 page detailed report... I later found out from my "friend" that he handed his lab report on time and when I asked him if he was late he began chuckling... He then straight up laughed at me for believing in him and told me how "naive" I was. Man, he really showed his true colour there... I thought that I had met someone that I could trust but that trust was completely broken... Long story short, I distanced myself from him and his toxicity. I still see him around the school but I rather avoid all contact with him. We sometimes have to volunteer together and as much as I want to avoid him, I know that I have to keep things professional and separate my personal life with my job, even if its just volunteering. So yeah... That's how I dealt with the situation! Ohhh!! One more thing that I forgot to mention, after my late lab report, I NEVER missed a single due date and I always handed my lab reports and other assignments at least 1 day in advance. Just in case!
  8. I'm curious, as someone who has been sabotaged before by another pre-med student which almost caused me to fail one of my lab reports, What are your thoughts about this topic? Any stories that some of you have experienced before and are willing to share? Any advice on how to spot a sabotager and what to do if you've been victimized? https://www.goodcall.com/news/pre-med-culture-010987 I understand that this article is technically from the US but I still think that its still quite relevant to Canada. Lastly, please answer my short poll. Thank you all!
  9. YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS RICHARD!! I can't stop smiling right now and I don't know why! I'm just so happy for you!! I may not know you personally but you have worked super duper hard and you truly deserve this Acceptance to Medical school. All of your hard work has really paid off and I genuinely think that you now have a better appreciation of the words "Hard work", "Progress" and "Success". This new journey has just began and this new chapter is about to start and I can't wait to hear from you soon. Keep us updated, okay? Best Wishes to your future endeavours! EDIT: Woah! I didn't even realize that you linked my thread! Thank you!
  10. Do you feel like some of your mistakes that you may have made in the past affected you in a positive or a negative way? How did your experience in the past made you who you are today? I'm curious!
  11. I wish everyone Best Wishes and always remember to keep on fighting for your dreams!! I may only be a premed but I fight for my dreams each and every single day through thick and thin, Highs and Low! You've all come a long way to go, you all have your own stories to tell, different paths that you came from, amazing skills and talents that makes you unique and special. Whether its an acceptance or a rejection, Just Keep Moving and Keep Going! You never know how close you might be! Good Luck Everyone and God Bless!!
  12. Hi all, so I saw a similar post on the SDN forums and I was just wondering if we can start one here. If you can go back in time and if you can do it all over again, What would you have done differently as an Undergrad and Why? Do you have any regrets that you wish you did/didn't do? Please give it a shot!
  13. Really?!?! Someone got in with a 498 in the MCAT? Maybe that applicant had a strong GPA to help balance out his/her MCAT situation as well as have a high interview score with the other factors playing in his/her favour. I need to take another look at the new stats. Good for that applicant for getting in!
  14. Hi Birdy, I recently just started reading your blog-post and its AMAZING! Thank you for sharing your stories and journey with us. Best Wishes!
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