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  1. pyridoxal-phosphate

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    oh man this is ridiculous... so sorry that this happened and must be very stressful at least the percentile -> scaled score on the MCAT is somewhat consistent? Hope schools take this into consideration for you all!
  2. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Interview Invites date?

    I see you got one !!!!!!!!! Congrats
  3. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Interview Invites date?

    What kind of program is this if you don't mind me asking? Completely understand if you aren't comfortable sharing though. If you are, feel free to reply or personal message
  4. This is my first application so not familiar with the typical schedules for rejections/invites. To be honest I feel that either they are sending more rejection waves, or just going to sprinkle in another rejection sometime this week and reject me lol. My scores do not stack up to the people who have posted, as well as people I know in person lol
  5. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Interview Invites date?

    Honestly as proud as I am to have gotten this far I can't help but feel that another wave of rejections is coming... like you said, fewer people seem to be posting stats. Also, based on what people are posting regarding their stats, ECS, AQ, and NAQ I would honestly feel blessed to have received a 16 on the NAQ lol, which is too low for me to reach the TFR cutoff for invite. We will see what happens.
  6. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Interview Invites date?

    Based on what people are writing (and people I know in person) regarding their NAQ and their ECs, I just do not see how I could have an NAQ high enough to meet the TFR cutoff... Crossing fingers for both of us but just can't help feeling that I'll just get hit with some random rejection wave later this week lol.
  7. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Interview Invites date?

    For anyone who did not get the news they wanted, keep your heads up and be proud of yourself for putting the effort in to put your best foot forward. I know this is easier said than done but give yourself a pat on the back, and come back even stronger. While I have so much respect for the work that the UBC admissions puts in, I don't think i'm alone in thinking that the NAQ score seems like... a bit BS. As an aside, is there anyone who objectively (I know this is impossible to know) believes they had a TFR < cutoff, but did not receive any news today? A.aasking for a friend
  8. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Post-Interview 2018/2019

    not good
  9. pyridoxal-phosphate

    "Letters of Support"

    lol this is ridiculous. I didn't even notice that part until reading this
  10. Hey, So it seems that UBC places a cut off of June 1 2012 as the earliest date you can list a High performance entry Basically I spent alot of time both before and after this cut off playing a competitive sport. Won some medals both before and after this cutoff. My most prestigious ones were won BEFORE THIS CUT OFF. My dilemma : This cut off is kind of annoying. Is it better putting this sport in Diversity, being able to list all my medals but having a blank high performance section? Or is it better putting this in high performance, but not being able to list some of my highest level medals which were won pre June 1 2012. Thanks!
  11. This is how the website describe the section: Life Experience & Achievements: This section encompasses many domains including, but not limited to, achievements and experiences in: education, arts, music, sports, athletics, science, research, languages, communication, cultural and ethnic experiences, and travel. You can include activities which you feel have defined your life. Include a brief description of the time commitment (ie. part-time during summer, seasonal, full-time, etc) as well as the total number of verifiable hours committed. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'll definitely put a competitive sport in there and some veeeeeery minor research roles. But that will still leave this section super bare. Since they mention "education" have any of you put like school awards in there? Probably not ideal because it doesn't say anything that your transcript doesn't say, but otherwise I would have lots of blanks (don't do any fine arts, not much travel outside of family trips). Sorry if this is a stupid question/post, just finding this section a bit vague.
  12. Hi, So the consensus is that if you continued these past the age of 16 you should still use the real start date. However, in the level of performance part I am guessing you should only list what was achieved AFTER turning 16? For instance let's say I played a sport from age 10 to 18. I shouldn't list a performance/competition from age 15.5 ? Sorry if this is confusing lol . Thank you
  13. Hi everyone, It seems that some people recommend having some sort of "Academic" reference for schools including the OMSAS ones and MUN. I'm not sure if academic ones are supposed to be people that have taught you. Long story short I never knew a professor lol. I have emailed a bunch of professors, and one of them mentioned that they are happy to be a reference, but would not be able to comment on anything other than academic performance. I anticipate if any others respond I would get a similar answer, if that. On the top of my head, the only other remotely "academic" person I could ask would be a PI from a lab I volunteered in. I have interacted with this individual more than any professor, but my impact/role was still very small, and they also never taught me in a classroom setting. In your opinion, is it better to go with someone who will not know me, but has taught me at school, or someone who may know me a tad more but has not taught me. Thanks
  14. Hey all, I noticed that UBC only gives you an hours per week option, not a total hours one for employment entries. Of course I plan on using the hours per week entry as accurately as possible. However, did any of you use the "clarify dates and hours" section to list the total hours as well? I feel like the total hours provides a bit more context to the extent of commitment, but I am probably just overthinking this lol. Thanks