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  1. pyridoxal-phosphate

    "Letters of Support"

    lol this is ridiculous. I didn't even notice that part until reading this
  2. Hey, So it seems that UBC places a cut off of June 1 2012 as the earliest date you can list a High performance entry Basically I spent alot of time both before and after this cut off playing a competitive sport. Won some medals both before and after this cutoff. My most prestigious ones were won BEFORE THIS CUT OFF. My dilemma : This cut off is kind of annoying. Is it better putting this sport in Diversity, being able to list all my medals but having a blank high performance section? Or is it better putting this in high performance, but not being able to list some of my highest level medals which were won pre June 1 2012. Thanks!
  3. This is how the website describe the section: Life Experience & Achievements: This section encompasses many domains including, but not limited to, achievements and experiences in: education, arts, music, sports, athletics, science, research, languages, communication, cultural and ethnic experiences, and travel. You can include activities which you feel have defined your life. Include a brief description of the time commitment (ie. part-time during summer, seasonal, full-time, etc) as well as the total number of verifiable hours committed. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'll definitely put a competitive sport in there and some veeeeeery minor research roles. But that will still leave this section super bare. Since they mention "education" have any of you put like school awards in there? Probably not ideal because it doesn't say anything that your transcript doesn't say, but otherwise I would have lots of blanks (don't do any fine arts, not much travel outside of family trips). Sorry if this is a stupid question/post, just finding this section a bit vague.
  4. Hi, So the consensus is that if you continued these past the age of 16 you should still use the real start date. However, in the level of performance part I am guessing you should only list what was achieved AFTER turning 16? For instance let's say I played a sport from age 10 to 18. I shouldn't list a performance/competition from age 15.5 ? Sorry if this is confusing lol . Thank you
  5. Hi everyone, It seems that some people recommend having some sort of "Academic" reference for schools including the OMSAS ones and MUN. I'm not sure if academic ones are supposed to be people that have taught you. Long story short I never knew a professor lol. I have emailed a bunch of professors, and one of them mentioned that they are happy to be a reference, but would not be able to comment on anything other than academic performance. I anticipate if any others respond I would get a similar answer, if that. On the top of my head, the only other remotely "academic" person I could ask would be a PI from a lab I volunteered in. I have interacted with this individual more than any professor, but my impact/role was still very small, and they also never taught me in a classroom setting. In your opinion, is it better to go with someone who will not know me, but has taught me at school, or someone who may know me a tad more but has not taught me. Thanks
  6. Hey all, I noticed that UBC only gives you an hours per week option, not a total hours one for employment entries. Of course I plan on using the hours per week entry as accurately as possible. However, did any of you use the "clarify dates and hours" section to list the total hours as well? I feel like the total hours provides a bit more context to the extent of commitment, but I am probably just overthinking this lol. Thanks
  7. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Paid activities in non employment section.

    Very helpful, thanks!!
  8. Hey, So long story short my jobs have had more leadership components than my volunteer activities (although this isn't saying much lol). Have any of you put jobs into say , the leadership section? Is it frowned upon to put a job in a category that is not "employment". EDIT: keeping all jobs in the work/employment section would leave my leadership section essentially empty lmfao Thanks!
  9. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Providing assistance with UBC MD application

    Thank you so much for the advice. I really appreciate the time you are putting in to help others here . With regards to #1, I might PM you (although completely understandable if you don't end up having the time to get to it). For #2, thanks for the insight. I think I'll just put all my paid stuff in the "employment" section for UBC, even if that means leaving other sections very bare. I'll try to work on the other stuff over time
  10. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Providing assistance with UBC MD application

    Congrats!! A couple questions 1) I notice that UBC has a "high performance" section. With the earliest possible entry being June 2012. The only thing that I could potentially put in there are some sports competitions (national and panamerican level) but even then I'm not sure if it is warranted since it's not a respected sport. In addition, the June 2012 cut off would require me to leave off certain achievements. In your opinion would it be better to put my sports stuff into diversity of experience, and be able to list more competitions, and in doing so leave the high performance one blank? 2) Long story short my ECs aren't good (I didn't do much in undergrad so I lack both paid AND unpaid experiences). However, of my experiences my most meaningful have been paid. would it be frowned upon to put a paid employment experience in a different section, say, leadership or something? Thanks!
  11. I feel like retaking a 129 CARS is pretty damn risky and I wouldn't do it. Aren't these stats only slightly below the average (if at all)?
  12. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Online Courses

    Thanks! Sigh, wish I did my research before taking some online classes in a semester, but can only move forward I guess haha. I'll make sure to do my own research, but on the top of your head are there any other schools that have policies surrounding distance education classes?
  13. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Online Courses

    Thanks a bunch!
  14. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Online Courses

    Hey, I recall reading on forums that Ottawa had some rules regarding how many online courses you can take per semester. I was on their website earlier and I could not seem to find such rules. Having said that, I'm als not the strongest reader lol. Is this online course rule still a thing? My apologizes if this is a silly question Thanks!
  15. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Just Graduated from Undergrad, what now?

    You might have more ECs than you listed, but based on what you wrote I think we are actually in very similar positions. Respectable marks/MCAT/CARS but not enough to exactly stand out at the numbers heavy schools, and ECs that will unfortunately hold us back at the schools where being "well rounded " is needed to get to the interview stage. Main difference is that I graduated last year and didn't write my MCAT until after graduating . I didn't plan on applying until after starting a job, and my plan was to work the full time job and do MCAT/part time gigs on the side. Unfortunately the MCAT took alot of time , and I got lazy after. So my ECs are still lacklustre lol. It seems that the research masters would be good for us, as it would provide us time to improve research, other experiences, and network (I literally have no professors that would remember me lol...). Therefore in the event that I don't get in this coming cycle (super likely) I am considering applying to masters or a program that would hopefully make me a bit more employable. What type of masters or program I have no idea as I didn't really think of it until reading the comments in the thread. Seems that either working/extracurriculars or a research masters would be good for you.