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    Are you registered for an MCAT sitting that would meet UBC deadlines? If you are, I think applying is worthwhile as long as you are confident that writing the application wouldn’t affect your school or mcat studying. Application Deadline is pretty early though so shouldn’t affect your fall semester. In terms of chances, I’m not sure what any of us can tell you. It’s pretty random and I’m not sure anyone applies “expecting” interviews. With that said, your GPA is strong and your NAQ is probably stronger than you give it credit for. So applying and getting an idea where you stand can be worthwhile. I applied with a similar gpa, weaker volunteering (in my opinion) and zero undergraduate club involvement, less research but more employment (only due to being older I believe) and snagged an interview (probably JUST met the cutoff). Things can change year to year but i think it’s worth considering throwing an application in. good luck
  2. Scored a 7/17 first time applying this year with what in my opinion were objectively weak ECs quantity wise. It was difficult for me to even fill the application so I had to use a lot of low hour things (like 10-30 hours lol). Alberta doesn't seem super transparent, but I get the vibe that Alberta is like UBC in that they are scoring you more so based on WHAT YOU DID, as opposed to what you LEARNED, SAW, GAINED PERSPECTIVE ON etc. I generally wrote in choppy sentence fragments with each one talking about something I did, using numbers or quantifiers when possible (eg: Demonstrated x drills to y athletes of z level). With that said, from the sound of your post it sounds like you did focus on your responsibilities so you may have gotten unlucky, and they were looking for "something else" this year? Perhaps your brief mentions of what the activity helped you improve on could be replaced with another sentence about your role? This is all speculation so take what I say with a grain of salt. I also echo the advice above about still taking the interview very seriously should you receive one again. I generally don't think they would interview anyone if their EC score, GPA, or MCAT was too low to get accepted. It would be a huge drain on their time/resources. Good luck
  3. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Please help, should I rewrite the MCAT?

    Congrats on the awesome GPA and CARS score. Those two scores definitely suggest that with the right preparation and luck you could definitely improve on the other sections, since those are easier to improve than CARS. With that said, there are potential tradeoffs since preparing for + taking the test sucks a lot of time, and there is always the chance CARS could go down (which is important score, and very volatile). Also, the time spent taking it will take away from time you could spend working (ie: making money), writing applications, and strengthening your ECs in other ways. Within ontario, your MCAT should still keep you in the running for Macmaster (CARS only), toronto (only a threshold, which you meet), ottawa (doesn't require it), western (if they keep the same cut offs, although they can change). I'm not sure anyone knows how Queens looks at it, but even if it limits you there, it's a pretty low yield unpredictable school anyways (just my opinion) i'm not sure you'd be missing out on TOO much given your potential competitiveness everywhere else in Ontario! No one really knows for sure how UBC weight the MCAT post interview. I suspect they do weigh it a fair bit, so your 509 would likely hold you back but again, UBC OOP is pretty low yield anyways and getting the interview itself is brutal for OOP. As an aside, have you considered Calgary? They are CARS focused IIRC. With all this in mind, unless you are in a rush to apply everywhere ASAP I personally wouldn't re write, and I would try one cycle with your 509 first. This would allow you to focus your time on working, other activities, and writing the application (very important). Good luck! There's no clear cut answer here in my opinion.
  4. pyridoxal-phosphate

    MS1 happy to answer questions

    Thanks for all of your time!! Is there a pingpong/table tennis table lol?
  5. Result: Email doesn't specify, so possibly the "good waitlist". Most likely removing myself Stream: English Time-stamp: 7:19 am EDT wGPA: Their formula and eligibility criteria confused me so much lol. Decided to throw in an application just for fun without knowing my wGPA. My guess would be ~3.93, or something on the "lower end" for Ottawa CASPer: Old job used to require a lot of typing so I like to think i'm somewhat fast, but I've never been great at answering interview questions. Must have been ok though to receive the interview? Interview package said only grades and casper were used pre interview If I recall correctly. ECs: Not weighed to my understanding. Can look at post history if curious Interview: Went by super fast. I actually had a pretty good time and I thought I was speaking well and "relatively" charismatic (surprising because I despised job interviews in the past, and people consider me a more introverted and "awkward" person). I felt amazing leaving the room but then during the tour realized I think I gave superficial answers that didn't really scratch the surface of what they were asking lol. Year: 2 year post UG. Geography: OOP Congrats to those who got in! They really sold the curriculum well in my opinion.
  6. Result: Email for what I believe is the "normal" waitlist. Will most likely remove myself from it Timestamp: May 14 9:01 AM EDT 2 yr GPA: ~3.95 MCAT: 130/128/130 Interview: I went in hoping this would be pretty chill and conversational as people had mentioned in the past. However, while the panel wasn't "cold" they were relatively stone faced and it was not very conversational aha. Mostly just rapid fire question after question and I was a lot more tired than I expected to be for a ~ 45 minute interview. A lot of the questions were relatively standard, but often times seemed to be "packaged" in an odd way or more verbose than expected. As such, I ended up overthinking things a bit and giving very superficial/impersonal answers to what in hindsight were straightforward questions. To top it all off, at the end of the interview I asked a question that came off pretty ignorant about the school and south western Ontario region . Panel was not impressed. I didn't mean to word the question the way I did but oh well aha. Needless to say I expected a low waitlist or rejection lol Geography: non-SWOMEN Congrats to those who got in! Western seemed like an awesome opportunity
  7. Results: Rejected Geography: OOP GPA: 4.00 MCAT: 519 (128 CARS) Degree: Graduated undergrad 2 years ago, no schooling since EC: 7/17 (surprised to have even scored this... my ECs seem pale compared to most) Employment: Standardized test instructor couple summers, 1 year of part time retail, legal assistant Volunteering: Coaching related to the sport I played competitively, some hospital volunteering, none were super high hour entries! Leadership: Administrative job at Interdisciplinary clinic, Summer camp job as a head sports instructor (same sport) Diversity: Competitive sport up until first year university, travel, put research office volunteering (clearly very diverse entry...) I filled all 16 entries but the other entries were so low hour (like 10-20 if I recall correctly) that they probably didn't count thus didn't list here. If you are curious though can PM. Interview: Pass - I definitely preferred Alberta's MMI style over UBC's in terms of question style. Thought Alberta was my strongest interview ahah. Some people remarked how the alberta interviewers were cold and scripted compared to UBC (which they were, at least in my case) and didn't seem to like that. Personally, I preferred the colder style since i'm not much of a conversationalist/small talker lol. With that said, I probably didn't stack up to the other interviewees and i've never been great at interviews to be honest. I found the panel structure a bit awkward and I ended up entering the room/starting the panel interview off in a bit of an awkward manner. Alberta seemed like a great school, but no hard feelings . Congrats to those who got in, wonderful opportunity!!
  8. Hi! I'm really sorry to hear about the result. Although schools try their best (which I respect) there is still lots of subjectivity in this process and like others mentioned, you are being ranked "below average" in a hyper competitive pool. The fact that you are already looking for ways to improve says a lot about you though! I don't consider myself strong at interviews (been rejected from tons of paid and unpaid positions) and many consider me introverted and awkward. So... you may want to take what I say with a grain of salt, BUT I like to think i've at least improved a TEENY bit in general interviewing ability over the years. I definitely +1 the advice for practicing with family. From your post, it sounds like you did do your fair share of interview specific practice (which is still very important). If not already done, I'm wondering if it might be a good idea to try some "non interview specific" things as well. Kind of like how athletes don't spend all their time on the court/field (probably super stupid analogy my bad). I think this could potentially be helpful for schools like UBC that did seem more conversational as others mentioned. For instance, perhaps reading books like "How to win friends and influence people" which although is not "interview specific" may have some general principles to help refine presentation and communication skills. In addition, you might want to consider joining a public speaking club just for general practice speaking about things to a diverse group. You may have done these things already but just wanted to throw it out there. I've also heard some people have found going on dates helpful... can't confirm if that works though. Best of luck
  9. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Question about something in the acknowledgments

    Thank you so much! Yes I 100% agree with notifying ASAP if one is in a situation like this.
  10. Hi everyone, I hope you are having a good weekend! I was just curious about something. I noticed a part of the UBC application that mentions: "I understand no student can simultaneously hold a position in more than one Canadian medical school. To that end, names of students who have accepted offers of admission are circulated to other Canadian medical schools." I'm guessing that means that if you are accepted to another school, you would only be able to pay the deposit for one of them? I don't expect to receive an acceptance anywhere else but was kind of curious just in case. Was wondering what your thoughts were! Thanks and congrats to those who were accepted. For those who did not get the news they were hoping for, it is normal to feel upset, confused, or disappointed. This process seems to be incredibly unpredictable. My PMs are always open too.
  11. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Personal activities section

    Hi! I did interview there but don't think I will get in or anything. Also not sure if my Ecs scored highly (they are very poor volume wise). I took a similar approach as @brockboeser6. I was in a rush to finish Alberta and I noticed the character count was very similar to UBC lol (which I had submitted already). UBC somewhere mentions to focus on describing what you did (If I recall correctly). So I ended up using a similar approach for Alberta. Focused on describing what I did and tried to avoid talking about lessons learned, significance, that kind of stuff. Good luck and I'm so sorry to hear about the calgary rejection . This is a brutal process but you are showing great initiative already.
  12. Can't believe i'm posting one of these.... Timestamp: 11:56 PST Accepted VFMP Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: 91% MCAT: 519, 128 CARS Year: Graduated undergrad 2 years ago. No schooling after. ECs: Very weak in my opinion. Had many blank entries and this was including some entries that were like 10-20 hours. Will try to post more later. Edit: got a bit lazy, but can check Alberta rejection post in my post history! Geography: IP Interview: I left feeling horrible. I left each station thinking I bombed it and didn't get a chance to show who I am or what i am about. I was always ruminating about the previous station during the current station. I love UBC and the school and they treat their applicants well in my opinion, but their stations don't really play to my strengths (or so i thought). I honestly wanted to cry after I know I didn't set a good example of this, but moral of the story is that no matter who bad things may seem, try your best to keep your head up from station to station (or questions to question in a panel). You may be doing better than you realize.
  13. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Preparing for the MCAT and DAT together

    I can't give any personal advice/experience about preparing for both exams together. However, if dentistry was what you wanted ever since you were a kid, why not put your full efforts into the DAT this year, and see how it goes first? You don't want to sell yourself short/spread yourself too thin (just my opinion). Also, the MCAT is a long exam with a lot of preparation involved, and not exactly something I would take just incase if that makes sense.
  14. I'm not too much help here since I haven't worked one of those summer research jobs before. I'm not sure what your situation is like, but if you have known these people for a while, some of them might know you had applied to medical school and would hopefully be at least a little understanding if you had to leave the job? If medical school gave you enough notice, would you be able to train someone else to take over the project for the remaining parts of the summer? Payment would probably be tricky for the reasons you mentioned, but if you could train someone up to speed at least they aren't completely screwed over. I also wouldn't assume that all the other job candidates would have had full availability, everyone has there own situation.