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  1. Your marks and MCAT are stellar as you probably know. The thing is that the 3 schools you applied to are relatively EC heavy, and those are subjective. I think you still have a good shot but no guarantees technically. If for whatever reason things don't go your way this year (although hopefully you don't cross this bridge), I would definitely recommend applying to more schools if you have the means/are eligible. Especially schools that would weigh your high total MCAT and cars more (McMaster, schools in the prairies, western, etc) Good luck!
  2. No worries, your mentors bring up good points as well. Not to mention that the weeks leading up to offers can sometimes be kind of nerve wracking, which could impact your studying/motivation, just something to think about. I think both can be good options, you'll just have to weigh everything and make a judgement call. Good luck!
  3. Hmm... This is a tough one. Your CARS and grades are good enough such that a strong casper or EC score could in theory push you to an interview at Calgary and/or McMaster. It would be tight though in my opinion. McMaster won't care about your 122s. Calgary might care about the 122s in their "overall academic ability" or whatever section but again, could be overcome with high enough other scores. Usually I would say try a cycle first before re writing but your work situation complicates this. Is there any way of switching your work schedule around so that you can rewrite the MCAT next summer if you need to re apply (although hopefully not)? If work schedule can't be changed then I would lean towards re taking. I would usually be hesitant to rewrite a 128 cars, but I think in your case higher scores in the other sections could open just as many doors as a sub 128 score would close if that makes sense. In a perfect world though you would maintain (or improve) the CARS while raising the other scores.
  4. I'm guessing the book got popular around the time when a lot of MMI prep materials were released. It seems that a lot of those question banks are super medical related and something like doing right would help with that. With that said, from my PERSONAL experience with interviews and CASPer (last cycle) I don't think medical ethics knowledge is very helpful.
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