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    Higher marks are always good but I would say ECs and MCAT would be a higher priority. For Ecs, that could be all you have, but you have identified the need to work on it so you’ve made a good step! Please keep in mind though that you may have more than you think? Your employment entries do not need to be medicine related. When you applied for that health care job, did you hold jobs prior to that?
  2. pyridoxal-phosphate

    May 14 Countdown

    I definitely understand <3 I can also relate to the not getting hopes up thing... I don't think I interviewed well enough to get in and I don't exactly have the strongest track record when it comes to job/volunteer interviews but I can't help but pray something good happened. sigh
  3. pyridoxal-phosphate

    May 14 Countdown

    Things could be so different, or more of the same
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    OOP Chances

    To be honest I think it's really hard to say. This probably isn't helpful advice, but definitely don't assume you will get in (which you aren't doing) but also don't count yourself out aha. Your GPA is strong, MCAT is probably a bit below average (if it's even looked at). I'm assuming you received an interview and you perceived your performance as "average". However, it's always hard to say how you did on the interview. In addition, UBC might love your ECs. It's hard to gauge how strong they are based on rejections from Queens/Ottawa. My ottawa email mentioned that only GPA and CAPSER were weighed (therefore your ottawa rejection probably isn't indicative of a low EC score from them) and Queens just seems pretty wack in general lol. Tldr: Keep your head up and stay positive.
  7. Even with your "weak ECs" (which don't seem bad, but that could because mine are pretty bad lol), I believe your 95% average will make you very competitive. Obviously no guarantees no matter how "strong" your application is, but I think you have a solid chance for UBC. In terms of other schools, will depend on MCAT.
  8. pyridoxal-phosphate

    UBC Post Interview Impressions.

    Obviously won't discuss details aha, but I felt the same way about one of my stations. Unfortunately the other ones werent great. Trying to just move forward lol. Best of luck everyone
  9. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Interview Dates?

    I think the date is in the email
  10. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Calgary Interview Invites 2018/2019

    Reject OOP 3.97 GPA (something about their conversion helped a lot?) 519 (128 CARS) Top 10: My ECs are definitely weak, but used a similar writing style as schools where I did receive an invite. LOR: 1 very strong (I think?), the other 2 probably not the best.
  11. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Queens Interview Invites/regrets 2019

    Result: Regrets Time Stamp: Jan 31, 9:21 am Interview Date: Regrets My 2 year GPA was probably around 3.95 Year: Completed undergrad MCAT: 519 (128 Cars) ECs: Received some other interviews, but objectively weak in my opinion. Some volunteering related to a sport I previously played competitively. Some employment (teaching, sports coaching, clinical, customer service). Some standard hospital volunteering. Volunteer research but minimal responsibilities/impact. Some small volunteering from high school. No undergraduate club involvements. No paid research at time of application. I think ECs were what brought me down. Not sure if references were weighed at all but I think 1 was very strong. The other 2 were probably below average to average (probably said positive things, but may have lacked in writing style/clusters)?
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    Possibly in a similar situation lol. One of my referees cannot recall if they were contacted. For the other one I'm no longer on speaking terms with so not sure if they were contacted.
  13. Hey, so sorry to bump this. But from what you understood (I know Alberta is pretty vague), did it sound as if referees would be contacted pre interview only?
  14. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Referees still have not been contaced

    Were yours ever contacted from what you know? I received an invite but not sure if mine were ever contacted...