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  1. pyridoxal-phosphate

    UBC Post Interview Impressions.

    Obviously won't discuss details aha, but I felt the same way about one of my stations. Unfortunately the other ones werent great. Trying to just move forward lol. Best of luck everyone
  2. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Interview Dates?

    I think the date is in the email
  3. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Calgary Interview Invites 2018/2019

    Reject OOP 3.97 GPA (something about their conversion helped a lot?) 519 (128 CARS) Top 10: My ECs are definitely weak, but used a similar writing style as schools where I did receive an invite. LOR: 1 very strong (I think?), the other 2 probably not the best.
  4. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Queens Interview Invites/regrets 2019

    Result: Regrets Time Stamp: Jan 31, 9:21 am Interview Date: Regrets My 2 year GPA was probably around 3.95 Year: Completed undergrad MCAT: 519 (128 Cars) ECs: Received some other interviews, but objectively weak in my opinion. Some volunteering related to a sport I previously played competitively. Some employment (teaching, sports coaching, clinical, customer service). Some standard hospital volunteering. Volunteer research but minimal responsibilities/impact. Some small volunteering from high school. No undergraduate club involvements. No paid research at time of application. I think ECs were what brought me down. Not sure if references were weighed at all but I think 1 was very strong. The other 2 were probably below average to average (probably said positive things, but may have lacked in writing style/clusters)?
  5. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Got an Interview, only 1 Reference Contacted

    Possibly in a similar situation lol. One of my referees cannot recall if they were contacted. For the other one I'm no longer on speaking terms with so not sure if they were contacted.
  6. Hey, so sorry to bump this. But from what you understood (I know Alberta is pretty vague), did it sound as if referees would be contacted pre interview only?
  7. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Referees still have not been contaced

    Were yours ever contacted from what you know? I received an invite but not sure if mine were ever contacted...
  8. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Reference Weighing

    Hi! I know this school is a bit of a black box but I was wondering if you believed that the reference forms were weighed at all pre interview. Thanks
  9. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Reference Disqualified?

    Gah lol... I guess it's in and just have to worry about the controllable. If they do indeed receive an email about the "unable to judge" stuff before filling the form, hopefully they would have let me know if that would be a problem? We will see
  10. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Reference Disqualified?

    According to the OAS my academic reference who doesn't know me very well at all has submitted. If they put "unable to judge" on enough items do you think they would get a notification before submitting saying that they are disqualified, and I would then get notified to select someone else? I would just hate for them to have been disqualified upon submission, without me or them knowing.
  11. pyridoxal-phosphate

    Reference Disqualified?

    Will an applicant be notified if one of their referees is disqualified?... I would hope so lol. Getting nervous about my academic one now
  12. pyridoxal-phosphate

    McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    Time Stamp: 11:31 PST Invite/Reject: Reject GPA: 3.90 CARS: 128 Casper: I like to think I’m half decent at typing (old job required a lot of it lol). But never been good at answering interview questions. Geography: OOP
  13. pyridoxal-phosphate

    McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    Still nothing...
  14. pyridoxal-phosphate

    What are verifiers for? (Difference between referees?)

    Hey, I can't offer much specific advice as it is your call ultimately, but I am in a similar situation. Although by the sounds of your original post, I think you are on better terms than I am lol. Try to keep your head up. I know how much it sucks to be terminated after putting so much effort somewhere, but what's important is that we learn from our mistakes. Personally, I plan on still listing this entry in future applications should I need to re apply. However, I will double check with people to make sure they are willing to verify, and I will try to find people who am I on good terms with who do not know why I left the way I did. In the event that I cannot find such people, I will probably leave it off. My personal advice is to ask around for people in the organization, and try to find someone who seems happy to verify and who you do not think would burn you. Edit: to answer your original question, I am only familiar with UBC but I heard that the verification is mostly a yes/no kind of thing and does not ask about attributes etc. Having said that, we ideally still want to choose people who wouldn't press "no".