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  1. Were you able to use the Dalhousie Casper? Are you going to submit to McMaster the same Casper test result?
  2. I think you're out of luck. Doubtful your full application was submitted. Email or call and wait. Unfortunately, they warn applicants that this may happen and they say to submit early in case of system errors. All the best.
  3. No issues. Went very smoothly. When did you submit?
  4. getrich


    Has everyone submitted? Everyone fill out all 7 slots for everything?
  5. getrich

    OOP GPA requirement

    Both years need to be >3.7 so unfortunately you'll have to consider doing another year.
  6. Why do people do this and delete their post? It annoys me to no end because it stops others from learning on this forum. I get it, you were selfish and asked for advice and you got it... now you delete your post so others can't see it? Thank you for those quoting in the reply!
  7. getrich

    Queens Waitlist 2018

    Can always apply again next year! Your application is only getting stronger with your experiences
  8. getrich

    Queens Waitlist 2018

  9. Curious as to what school you attend. Does the school affect how "easy" of a GPA you can get?
  10. Did you get an interview for Ottawa?
  11. getrich

    2 Year Wgpa

    Sure. I still wouldn't. I don't believe it's a legitimate university and I am not sure other universities admissions boards will look at it this way. Like I said if you can take it online at any other legitimate university why not? You already mentioned they have online courses at major universities.
  12. Definitely ok for GPA weighting but be careful if you've never overloaded. Remember that you're gonna have surges of exams and assignments at around the same time. One time I got a C was doing 6 courses