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  1. getrich

    OOP GPA requirement

    Both years need to be >3.7 so unfortunately you'll have to consider doing another year.
  2. Why do people do this and delete their post? It annoys me to no end because it stops others from learning on this forum. I get it, you were selfish and asked for advice and you got it... now you delete your post so others can't see it? Thank you for those quoting in the reply!
  3. getrich

    Queens Waitlist 2018

    Can always apply again next year! Your application is only getting stronger with your experiences
  4. getrich

    Queens Waitlist 2018

  5. Curious as to what school you attend. Does the school affect how "easy" of a GPA you can get?
  6. Did you get an interview for Ottawa?
  7. getrich

    2 Year Wgpa

    Sure. I still wouldn't. I don't believe it's a legitimate university and I am not sure other universities admissions boards will look at it this way. Like I said if you can take it online at any other legitimate university why not? You already mentioned they have online courses at major universities.
  8. Definitely ok for GPA weighting but be careful if you've never overloaded. Remember that you're gonna have surges of exams and assignments at around the same time. One time I got a C was doing 6 courses
  9. getrich


    Guys are not smart... They are very blunt and direct. They just want to get straight to things and solve problems without the small-talk. Maybe start a topic that you have mutual interest in??
  10. getrich


    Lol has no one here dated? Obviously this guy is nervous and not getting the reactions he's expecting. His replies are in response to your replies. He obviously is trying to engage but he's either too shy or inexperienced to escalate. I've dated timid guys before and my close guy friends have explained how tough it is for guys to first approach and then lead! I'd suggest for you to help him out and take the lead. All this advice to cut out this supposed evil person is messed up. None of these people know him, are supposedly med or premed students yet can't even have the empathy to see it from his perspective and give him the benefit of the doubt. What if he's not a player and he's just anxious with communicating his feelings without his intentions being misconstrued? Everyone chill out and let her ask him out on a date or at least give him the respect of having some kind of closure. Jesus no wonder guys get anxiety when they text and keep deleting then rewriting it to something vague and incomprehensible. Be open and transparent. It's that simple! He'll be open when he sees you take the first step.
  11. Saw an online post about a Ryerson student using the med school backpack... What's premed101 opinion on non MD students using these backpacks?
  12. getrich

    Nursing Then Medicine

    This is a case of having a plan B that affects plan A. By choosing nursing, you will have a safety net to fall on but it detracts from your plan A. Obviously you've done your research and you know your risks so all the power to you. Just know that in the case that medicine fails, you chose to fall back on nursing and be prepared to accept that fate. Others have chosen to go all-in with a guaranteed "easier" program to boost GPA because they're circumstances have made them choose to go 100% into it. Otherwise, good luck. It's incredibly frustrating how nursing can be so difficult to get a high GPA yet med schools don't factor that in... and they'll take someone with a BA in Basket Weaving with a 4.0