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  1. Were you not good enough to get accepted into medical school that you had to have a back up as dietician?
  2. getrich

    Need some advice (premed)

    Without any of your stats, nobody here can offer good advice.
  3. getrich

    5th year in need of advice

    GPA isn't great and MCAT is very weak. Realistically, you have an astronomically low chance to interview for OMSAS. The MCAT is your second time writing and it still shows an extremely weak score so it reduces your chances for any schools abroad, even US DO. If you are serious about medicine, retake the MCAT and score higher first.
  4. LET'S GOOOOO GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY! Thank you @trnsatlnticism
  5. getrich


    I think they know. There are only so many universities in Canada so it wouldn't be hard to check from year to year by computer.
  6. I agree. Once I'm admitted, I'll advocate for closing off medical school spots too! Taking a page out of the @IMislove book!
  7. *"But after admission into Queen's Med and now looking out for my own concern for residency and jobs, the answer can change to it depends"
  8. Spends years trying to get into med school. Gets in this year and now wants less med school spots.
  9. When will we receive invites?