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  1. Happy_go

    OOP Wait List Scores

    Good luck to all
  2. Happy_go

    This Is Insane

    How do we inform of our home school adcoms of this unethical premed student without sounding petty?
  3. Happy_go

    Accepted 2019

    Good luck everybody
  4. Great interview weekend. Good luck to those still preparing and may the best applicants get selected.
  5. Happy_go

    Accepted 2019

    It could be either. I called them last week
  6. Happy_go

    Admission annoucements

    Hope it's today!
  7. Happy_go

    Accepted 2019

    It may. It's this or next week.
  8. Happy_go

    Accepted 2019

    Yes. My name is short for "get rich in experiences and love"
  9. Happy_go

    Accepted 2019

    Called and admissions said it could be this or next week. Hope the best candidates get accepted.
  10. Happy_go

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Are you a social activist? I notice your signature block with #metoo and you seem to be very vocal in these social justice matters.
  11. Happy_go

    Accepted 2019

    What are your plans for where and what to do
  12. I'm interested in splitting. Female so would rather it be a female roommate..
  13. Happy_go

    How are my chances?

    Stats and activities are all average accepted applicant. You should be on par and good. Interview is deciding factor