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  1. Amamo

    UofT/UWO Waitlist movement

    No, it has actually moved quite a bit, not sure exactly how many, but my guestimate would be around 10 spots. The deposit was due June 1st.
  2. How is everyone preparing for the interview? What resources are you using?
  3. Congrats! What are your stats?
  4. Yea I emailed them, they said that emails will be sent out as spots for interviews open up
  5. Has anyone been flat out rejected?
  6. For those who haven't received an interview, on the website it says "The PA Program has emailed the first round of invitations to interview. The status of all applicants will be updated by the end of April." So I guess we gotta wait some more :/
  7. you and I both, still no email. No clue as to whether that means we're rejected or waitlisted.
  8. Still no email.. does that mean waitlisted?
  9. Anyone know how many applicants there are and how many will get interviews? (I know they accept around 25 students). Also if anyone has info on the exact date we will be hearing back, please enlighten us!