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  1. Happened to me last year. Had to pay the deposit even though I waited till the last possible moment to hear from Schulich. I’d say pay it two days before it’s due just in case schulich releases their results.
  2. We were expecting about 90 per day however more people interviewed on the Saturday than Sunday. We did have cancellations but I'm not sure on the exact number.
  3. There is a process in place to ensure the interviewers can relay their feedback to the admissions committee to aid in their selection of the 56 students and ranking the waitlist. I don’t know how this is exactly done and even if I did, I don’t think I would be able to post it on the forum or tell people without seriously breaching Schulichs Code
  4. I’m not sure and anything i say is pure speculation but based on my experience and others in my class, interview and ABS trumps GPA and DAT. It’s been mentioned before that there is a shift to higher education applicants and people with diverse backgrounds make up our class. I think the interview really shows the admission committee who you are as a person and whether that would be a good fit for the incoming class hence why it may be weighted more heavily.
  5. They look at your overall AA score. But I think IMO it’s the least weighted category of your score compared to GPA, ABS and interview.
  6. WAOWWW! Thanks guys we appreciate it...you've made our 8 hour occlusion wax up tomorrow that much bearable
  7. Its normal to feel like that! Don't worry too much about it, it's not in your control now! take it easy for the month
  8. Congrats to everyone who interviewed this weekend! We hope you enjoyed Schulich and we hope you aren't overanalyzing your interview experiences (easier said than done!). Now let the waiting game begin
  9. Good luck to those interviewing this weekend! We're looking forward to meet all of you at Schulich!
  10. MVP right here...got accepted to 5+ schools and never attended a single interview #godsplan
  11. Did you have Canadian classmates that went back home to practice? If so, how has the comparison been between their earning and patient base compared to yours?
  12. Thanks for your response! Do you have the option to buy a practice or can you only associate on a TN? Have you looked at practicing in other areas outside Akron?
  13. It should be mentioned in the interview package but in previous years its been closed file.
  14. Just some questions about working in the states. 1) What part of Ohio have you been working in? 2) Are you an associate and do you plan on staying in the US long term? 3) How have you found dealing with insurance companies in the US?
  15. I was in a similar position where they didn't recognize my physiology courses and had to write it. The best resource was the CD they recommend (MediaPhys 2.0 or 3.0 I believe). It is definitely not a hard exam and you only need a 70 to pass. I put in 4 full days of studying and it was sufficient. The upside is first year dental physiology is a breeze after you write the challenge exam.
  16. The best option would be to Airbnb and Uber to campus. There are some hotels around in downtown London but it may be pricey. If you want specific options for hotels, PM me and we’ll try to help you find something!
  17. Correct. Schulich won’t factor in those grades but will give bonus points to your file for completed masters degrees! Our class demographics show having a masters/PhD in any field can positively influence your application post-interview!
  18. I can’t comment much about it but I think longhaul mentioned it’s beneficial to know personal experiences and try being yourself! I personally found CDA style questions beneficial for practice though so it wouldn’t hurt to look at those resources.
  19. Looking back at it, I think almost is an understatement...
  20. Ah the famous Schulich curriculum. I'll give an overview as to how first year is so you have an idea of what we've done so far. So we start off in first year with a course called Core Biology from September to October that brings everyone in the class on the same playing field. It covers topics such as Microbio, anatomy, physiology, head and neck, immunology, and some dental intro topics in saliva and mineralization. We also have Ethics and Biomaterials running concurrently till December. From October till January, we take the "General Medicine" Block courses which include gross anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology and general medicine. Its structured such that you have anatomy on Monday, physiology on Tuesday, pathology on Wednesday, pharmacology on Thursday and General medicine on Friday. FYI, general medicine brings together all the material you learned throughout the week into one case-based course to learn how to think like a practitioner (medical management of dental patients). It runs like this for each system (cardio, resp, renal, etc.) where we have midterms in December and finals in January. Dental Anatomy and Oral Histology also starts in October and continue till December and February respectively. You start wax ups in sim clinic in dental anatomy which is fun! Essentially, you have 10 courses running simultaneously from October to December and 12 exams in December. In late January-Early Feb, you have 9 exams for the remaining courses. Its not the most attractive part of Schulichs curriculum but it has a lot of upside to it. In first year, we do pharmacology and general medicine (I know some schools take pharm in second year) so that we start thinking like practitioners before even going up into the main clinic. Not all schools take a course in general medicine but I feel the material that we learn in that course really prepares us to diagnose and learn medical management in depth. Also, our sim clinic is state of the art, newly renovated and worth every dollar. Its nice being able to spend time in a space that has new materials and equipment instead of the old sim clinic which doesn't even compare to what we have now! Also, Schulich has fewer grad departments (ortho, oral surg) so students in upper years get more cases sent to them from what I've heard while shadowing them. The small class is a benefit since we're all tight knit, have intramural teams and go out together as a class! Of course every school isn't perfect and has their issues but I've been pretty happy so far here. @longhaul and @Waves can fill in anything I've missed but if you have any specific questions, let me know!
  21. Yeah so 200 people initially were called and 14 people dropped, mostly those who got into UBC since those acceptances came out pretty early. We were told in the first few weeks that there has been a shift to applicants who have higher education (Masters, PhD), a great PS that makes them stand out, and ECs that show CDA competencies. I think its just Schulichs method of looking for more well-rounded individuals and what every person brings to the table in the class. In our class, there are people with physics, math and stats, environmental sciences, philosophy backgrounds. Its not purely a numbers game like UofT so you see a wider range of applicants.
  22. I’ll gladly help out longhaul here with inquires about Schulich! If you guys have questions about the interview process, curriculum or anything about Schulich, quote us and we’ll respond ASAP! Congrats again and we can’t wait to meet all of you!
  23. Every year, it seems like the waitlist won’t move at UofT but in June and July it seems to pick up. You won’t see much waitlist movement for a while but it’ll definitely move once med acceptances and oop schools send out acceptances!
  24. Last year, there was no waitlist for interview invites as far as I remember. They just made the odds better for those who interviewed. I think the high waitlist never cleared post-interview but it was close based on the people who posted here (I was high waitlisted and got accepted in June).
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