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  1. I think it was something like A+ = 96, A = 93, A- = 86, B+ = 78, B = 75 (don't remember the rest).
  2. Yeah it usually depends on the applicant pool but RC should be 19. This year, they're planning on looking at PAT so we're not sure if its going to have a minimum requirement.
  3. Loved the program! You can take courses in a variety of departments (Health Sci, Life Sci, Envir Sci, Physics, Bio, Biochem, etc.). First year was tough but second to fourth year were great! As brady23 mentioned, the program was too general and some changes have been made. There are ample TA opportunities, research opportunities and clubs through the program too so it's great in all aspects! I would definitely go through Life Sci again if I had the chance.
  4. Weird. UWO still has interviews in April so it's possible UofT will release acceptances well before UWO.
  5. UWO looks at your most recent score "Schulich Dentistry utilizes the results of the last test written in the eligible time period"
  6. I applied in the last cycle and they had: A+ = 4.33, 80+ = A, which both seem to be gone in the recent revision. I would guess so since its the same system.
  7. Withdrawing my OOP spot for UWO this week...good luck waitlisters!
  8. Received an offer of admission today off the high waitlist! Undecided as of now! Don't give up waitlisters and don't forget to check your voicemail (I missed their call yesterday!)
  9. You can also negotiate for other cards..such as Infinite Momentum Visa/AmEx combo or Infinite Momentum/ScotiaGold which are great combos imo
  10. Yeah Scotia is giving a similar package to TD...not much different tbh and I've personally found more flexibility in perks with Scotia.
  11. Anyone going with Scotiabank? What perks have you been able to negotiate aside from the interest rates?
  12. Is it the branch manager who you have to negotiate the cards with or the small business/healthcare managers?
  13. Decent course..you can also take the labs at McMaster if you live nearby. Very convenient and you just need to pass to get the credit for the labs.
  14. Yes that has been my exact experience in Toronto. I have been given conditional approval for 275K with prime minus 0.25 but they need a letter of enrolment from the registrars office. Now, I've been negotiating the perks on the side such as free cheques, premium credit cards with fees waived, etc.
  15. What's the best combo for Scotia CC? I'm confused about what to take...either Gold AmEx/Scotia Gold, Scotia Gold/Momentum Infinite or Gold AmEx/Momentum Infinite. I travel a lot and potentially will be travelling more between school and home so travel rewards and cash back are important to me.
  16. I had a somewhat similar experience to Winnipeg9416. I applied to DS in my 4th year (last year) and received interviews, however I was rejected post-interview or waitlisted (never received a call). It was quite disappointing and I kept checking my phone hoping to put the process behind me. Closer to the end of summer, I started planning what I wanted to do during the year. I did some research, shadowed, volunteered, traveled and worked a part-time job. Sure in the beginning, I felt like I wasn't good enough but as the year went along, I realized it was a good thing to take a year off and do something different. I got more motivation and realized dentistry is something I really want to do. I didn't rewrite the DAT since I knew I was competitive enough from last cycle but I did focus on my ABS/PS for UWO and McGill. I got interviews at multiple places and focused on interview prep in the last few months. I put more emphasis on this since I knew I wasn't as strong as I could have been last cycle and thankfully, it paid off! Don't fret over this. I'm glad UWO at least tells you where you stand so you can plan a bit for the following cycle (last year it was all uncertain and up in the year which was brutal). Keep yourself busy and the year will fly. Find a job, do some shadowing, even spending a few months abroad teaching English would strengthen your application and make you a more well-rounded person! You aren't far from an acceptance, take the waitlist as an accomplishment and push yourself that extra mile. Good luck!
  17. Sorry I interpreted that as a good chance to receive an offer. I got an email saying "in the past people in your position have received an offer"
  18. Result: Waitlisted (Emailed and was told good chance to receive offer) GPA: 93.5% IP/OOP: IP DAT (AA + PAT): 21 + 17 Interview: Felt good and was confident! Definitely better than last year! Year of study: Graduated UG 2016 ABS/PS: Lots of varied long-term experiences, research and shadowing. Worked on PS for a while. Not sure where to attend if I get the call from Western but congrats to those who are accepted!
  19. Waitlisted OOP cGPA: 3.79 ECs: Must have been good for me to get an interview. Really was hoping for McGill but oh well. Congrats to those who are accepted!
  20. Hey! I'm sorry to hear about the rejections but I can tell you from my own personal experience that if you put your mind to it and practice, it can work out in the end! I was rejected last year from the schools I interviewed at and felt gutted about not getting accepted. At the moment, it felt like I should have applied to Australia/US or looked into other Masters programs but I knew for a fact my interview skills weren't good at all. I weighed my options and decided to take a gap year to work, do research, shadow, travel and improve on my interview skills. Specifically for CDA, I practiced my interviewing skills once a week by looking at random questions on TopStar/Dental Interview Plus and brainstorming ideas in my mind to see how quickly I could come up with points to talk about. I knew the structure for CDA was quite straightforward but to be able to nail the competencies and have personal experiences incorporated was lacking in my answers. I kept at it, week after week and eventually, things just started to click. I could talk for 4-5 min, incorporate the competencies and be more free-flowing/confident in my answers! Once I got that down, I spent the next month practicing in front of a camera, recording myself and seeing how I could be in a "simulated interview". Again, practice made things easier and I noticed improvement which kept me going. Closer to interviews (~1 month prior), I practiced with friends/family/dentists who could spare their time for 35-40 minutes and just told them to give me 7 random questions from the CDA bank. Turns out, I got real good at it and received positive feedback! For CDA, it's all practice and just becoming confident in your answers! Don't fret over it, I'm sure you'll get in next cycle to UofT For MMI, I took a different approach. My structure was completely off and I couldn't gather my thoughts in a logical manner. Also, the answers needed to be more in-depth than CDA, which I found difficult at first but again, practice makes perfect! I started off looking at the big list of MMI questions, nailing them off one by one to see if I can gather talking points and argue both sides. Also, I read this forum topic: http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/90480-phd2mds-advice-on-interviewing-well/ I got better at tackling ethical/situational MMI questions, looking at how to approach questions and looking at feedback provided by my friends/family/dentists to see how they would approach the question. I saw that the best way to approach it was to actually put yourself in that position visually and see who are the stakeholders/ethical principles involved. For task/acting scenarios, I just told my friends to make up scenarios and surprise me. I got some weird stations from them but hey, it helped throwing myself into things I couldn't expect (which the MMI basically does)! There are tons of acting/task scenarios online posted by people on premed, student doctor network, etc. It takes a day to compile it and use it to practice. As for UBC, I'm not sure how to prep for the PBL but the other stations, its just a matter of staying calm and appearing confident in yourself. The best advice I got was "If you can walk in confident and calm, you've won half the battle. Practice this every time your practice interviewing". I did that for my MMI and I got a straight acceptance this time around, which was a complete turnaround compared to last year. Don't give up and push through . If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me! Good luck!
  21. Accepted! GPA: 93.5% DAT: 22 RC, 21 AA, 17 PAT Interview: Must have went well but felt good! OOP
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