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  1. 25 minutes ago, member_225 said:

    Thousands of immigrant doctors want to come and practise their chosen profession, why doesn’t Canada let them in? More doctors = more access to care. It’s because the numbers of doctors is regulated and continuously changed according to population needs. They should do the same with dentists. After all they’re all healthcare professions. At the end of the day, we don’t want dentists over treating their patients like doctors would do if they were over saturated. Correct me if I’m wrong 

    I think it has to do with public perception and how dentists are viewed. As a profession, dentists are viewed as greedy (like ostracized mentioned), money-oriented professionals. We're not viewed in the same light as physicians and haven't got much political influence on equivalency and control of foreign grads. But I do agree with what you're saying, its a tough situation.

  2. 35 minutes ago, Ostracized said:

    If the ODA gets to meet with Ford or the health minister, they are going to discuss an actual realistic goal - getting social assistance dentistry reimbursement rates that don't end up actually costing the dentist money to see the patient.  I know this because I am part of the ODA political action committee.  Besides, the Ontario government has no mandate over federal licensing issues.

    I believe strongly that in the next decade the major shift that will occur will be an end to the bottomless pit of money supplied to dental students by the banks.  When I got my loan 10 years ago the maximum amount you could get was $150K.  And that was when the number of new dentists each year was 40% lower than it is now.  Now the loans are, what, $275K?  At that rate is it unreasonable to assume you'll need $400K or even $500K to study dentistry in Canada 10 years from now?

    No bank is going to give a collateral-free loan for $500K to a 21 year-old with no credit history when there's a good chance that they won't even break 6-figure income in their first few years of work.   

     And now, banks have started approving 350K starting this month. That should be alarming in itself. Tuition is rising rapidly I can only imagine what it will be when I graduate.

  3. 2 hours ago, Borntobewild said:

    Insurance companies own practices? Are you sure? I’ve never heard this. Could you name a corporation owned by insurance? As far as I know, delta dental doesn’t own any practices. 

    Not questioning your knowledge, I am just dumbfounded that I haven’t heard of it. 

    There are a lot of grey areas in dentistry in the US. I've also heard what malkynn is mentioning where insurance companies own dental practices and its becoming an issue in certain states. I have a few family members practicing dentistry in the US who graduated from Canadian dental schools and they aren't concerned at all though considering the income/property/sales taxes are lower and the dollar is strong. But, I agree the equivalency process in Canada is a concern with so many people coming and writing the equivalency exams (plus the ITD programs). There are a lot of threads on this issue but I'm not sure if we can do anything about it. Maybe its not in the interest of the government to close the equivalency process or something....

  4. 12 hours ago, medhopeful2 said:

    Hey guys,


    For those who got the visa infinite cards from Scotia, were you able to use the promotion for 25k points after spending $1000 the first 3 months? I was told no because the card is free for med students. 



    Even my advisor said we get the bonus. Talk to your advisor again or maybe give Scotia Customer service a call?

  5. 38 minutes ago, winner1 said:

    When do you start seeing patients? In 2nd year? 

    At schulich, do you get to shadow upper years in the clinic in D1? 

    1) I think 2nd year 2nd term you see your first patient (someone correct me if i'm wrong)

    2) Yes you shadow/assist upper years in main clinic, pediatrics or Oral Surg from February to May in first year.

  6. 28 minutes ago, gambsauce said:

    What is one's prediction of the waiting list moving after July? I'm in a master thesis program (defending June 20th) and am finishing a physiology course before the end of July. I'm on the waitlist and it's my letter just says waitlist and I have to complete those two things before June 30th. Also anyone else in this position? (Western)


    Did you email Admissions asking about your chances of receiving an offer (HWL, NWL, LWL)?

  7. 16 minutes ago, jul059 said:

    Is this true regardless of the card we get? That would make things appealing.

    Were you able to get the fees waived for the infinite passpost and infinite momentum? That would be a great deal!

    As long as you have either (or both) AmEx Gold/Infinite Passport Visa through Scotia rewards, you can accumulate points and apply it to travel booked using that card. I recently purchased a flight from Delta and used my points to pay for it after it appeared on my statement. This kind of flexibility is appealing for me!

    So I had the AmEx/infinite momentum combo last year with fees waived but AmEx wasn't accepted everywhere that I was dining (used the infinite momentum at gas stations/groceries) so I switched to infinite passport/infinite momentum (fees waived) this year and its been great! Lounge access is sweet (love the free food before flights) and still get 2x the points on dining/entertainment.

  8. Haven't regretted Scotia one bit. I like how you can accumulate points through Scotia rewards and have the option to apply points towards any travel booked using that card. In essence, I'm not stuck booking through Scotia's travel site which is great! Also, the conversion of scene points to rewards (and vice versa) is a lovely feature to have for those who've accumulated tons of Scene points! And the lounge visits (6 free per year) are a great bonus to have when travelling. 

    RBC does give 3 cents off per litre in gas at Petro Canada but Scotias infinite momentum gives you 4% cashback at all gas stations so that goes further than RBCs card. I've tried both AmEx/Infinite Momentum and Infinite Passport/Infinite Momentum and IMO, the best combo is infinite passport visa + infinite momentum visa since it gives you lounge access and cashback which you could use on anything. Plus, recurring bills (ex. cell phone, PRESTO) get 2% cashback.

  9. 1 hour ago, bardownbingo said:

    Is it weird for the waitlist to have moved only 2 or 3 spots by now? Can any dental students comment on when waitlist movement happened in the year that they applied? Was it this slow for you guys too or was there more movement by now?

    I think the deposit is due June 1st so I would expect some movement after that. Last year, it moved 3 spots after the deposit deadline and I got in during that time! Although, it does tend to get slow after that. 

  10. 42 minutes ago, Zaandrei. said:

    Pros of UWO:

    • Small class size is kinda great
    • Get to do molar endo cases (some of which we shouldn't be doing at an undergrad level LOL)... if you're into that sort of thing.
    • Renovated sim clinic is actually kinda nice - the endo scopes and digital radiographs are quite useful
    • Going digital (finally) starting this June
    • I would assume less competition/harsh environment (idk some people kinda lost their minds come 3rd year but oh well)
    • Rumor is we're getting quite a few more clinical instructors; coverage is mediocre/poor from time to time, but we're still getting things done... kinda.
    • I hate the GTA/traffic/busyness/lines/noise
    • Cheaper to live; can actually own and make use of a car (big pro for me.... I like all things with an engine)
    • Can live within 5 minutes of the dental building (walk) for like $900-1000/month (don't quote me on this, but it's in that range.... I drive to school and pay $55/month to park in a covered garage! try to find that in Toronto -.-)

    Cons of UWO:

    • Instructor coverage was a bit hit/miss this year; said to improve
    • Going digital in June... hehe only a Con for our class and the current 2nd years... how will this all integrate/work? nobody knows.
    • Booking system is hell on earth; but also changing in June with the new digital integrated systems/charts
    • Small class size? depends what you want...
    • London? ...like UK? COOL! no.
    • Only two specialization programs here; if you care about that - but IMO it's a pro.... we can to do more things that undergrads don't normally do.
      • Don't be one of those.... didn't even get in yet: "I want to specialize into OMFS.".... you (likely) have very little clue what dentistry is all about




    If you get a roommate you can live for 450-500 with a 5 minute walking distance. Otherwise it’s about 1000 per month for a single bedroom unit at a 5 minute walk!

    Hopefully the digital system is in full flow with minimal problems by the time the 2022s get into main clinic.


    22 minutes ago, bardownbingo said:

    What do you think are the chances for someone on high waitlist? I know you're saying UWO doesn't move much anymore so I'm just worried that maybe the high waitlist won't move very much either...

    19 minutes ago, Flipperoni said:

    Didn't the year before last year at UWO move about 30 spots? From what I understand it was only last year that HWL didn't clear

    Honestly, no one can predict the movements but since UWO came out so late compared to other schools, many are expecting less movement. Its the first time that UofT acceptances came out 2 months earlier than UWO so its anyones guess as to what will happen. Yes its possible for the HWL to clear (or not) but I think @Steins;Gate described it best on another topic. Don't bank on getting off the waitlist, plan for the next cycle by figuring out what you can do to improve your application. Reflect on what area you feel needs the most improvement and remember, if you are competitive enough to be on the waitlist, you are close to an acceptance! If you get off the waitlist, great but if not you aren't far away!



  12. 14 hours ago, lemon_tree said:

    What kind of insect problems? Like bed bugs or....bit of a clean freak here

    Not really bed bugs but cockroaches have been a big issue here. Lighting is also an issue, the apartment isn't very well lit and looks old from the inside. Some units have been renovated but they've been mostly taken for the following year. There are better places to live off campus and for cheaper but nothing will beat the 5 minute walk (you will appreciate it if you choose to stay here!)

  13. 9 hours ago, Futur3 said:

    Thanks for your advice! Don't mind my confusion as this is new for me, but rent for 1 bedroom apartments anywhere (ie. Richmond gates, Platts Lane, etc.) are about $1000, are they not? I think Bayfield is all 1 bedroom apartments while Lambton and Beaver Hall are 2-3 bed rooms apartments and are cheaper considering you're sharing it with someone else. Do you or your classmates who have lived in Bayfield/Lambton/Beaver Hall have any complaints? They seem to be more convenient than Platts due to the distance, even though Platts is nicer. 

    I live at bayfield and the building is not the best (some people in our class have been dealing with insect problems) but the convienance to walk to class in 5 min makes me stay here! When you have class from 830-530 and get breaks in between for 1.5 hours, it’s nice to go home and nap!  Be aware that these units go quickly once med acceptances come out so if you want to get a unit, apply soon!

  14. 9 hours ago, Sherbert said:

    On a side note, any advice for housing in London? Are there any recommendations from current students?


    7 minutes ago, lemon_tree said:

    i also have no idea where to live in London I want to be near the school but have no clue at all

    Some people in our class live in Bayfield, Lambton and Beaver Hall near MSB/DSB (where your classes will be). Be aware that Bayfield is expensive with rent starting at $1000 for 1 bedroom apartments, while Lambton/Beaver are $500ish per person for 2 bedroom apartments. If you choose to live a bit far from campus, you can park at the hospital and walk over. More information on living will be available in the document on Facebook!

  15. 10 minutes ago, winner1 said:

    Has the “high” waitlist rank always fully cleared in the past years ? Does anyone know how many people are in that rank ? 

    It did not clear last year and our best guess is that there are 20-25 people in HWL, and 15-16 people got in from that last year. The number of people on HWL could change this year so there could be more or less in that category.

  16. 57 minutes ago, Friendlyapplicant said:

    I was just looking back at my UWO autobio sketch and realized how much of a poor job I've done in filling in basic information since I was rushed... Accidentally said "no" when asked if I'm applying to other dental schools, and when asked if I'm applying/have applied to other health care professional programs, I've only named the school and program and not the year or whether I was rejected/accepted/waitlisted. As well, I didn't include the dates when I listed my awards.

    Is this enough to be red flagged? :( 

    From what I remember, that information is collected for stats purposes only. They don’t use it as part of your application to the school. For the awards section, I don’t think it would be a huge deal to not list the dates as long as you put a verifier for it. The admissions team is aware of the variability of the ABS so don’t worry about it!

  17. 2 hours ago, ysoNaCly said:


    The information we got with our interview invites just said results will be out in May but I really hope they come out sooner!

    For perspective, our results last year came out earlier than expected. Wouldn’t be surprised if they did again this year! I’d say check student centre around 12:01am from next week to see if they’re outB)

  18. 7 hours ago, Sherbert said:

    How much was waitlist movement last year? I heard that the year before, the WL moved 38 spots, so maybe there is hope lol. 

    The Class of 2019 had about 25 people come off the waitlist, the class of 2020 had about 38 people but the class of 2021  didn’t even have the high waitlist clear. My guess is it moved about 15-16 spots and with UofT and a bunch of other schools releasing their acceptances early, I would anticipate even less movement this year. Then again, it could move a lot :rolleyes:

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