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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anybody did that and how they justified the extra money they demanded for that trip or if banks are keen to those kind of expenses. Thank you.
  2. Tout est dans le titre. Je suis préoccupée, car je faisais des doigts d'honneur à la caméra dans des élans de frustration lorsqu'une section changeais pendant que j'étais en train de taper mes derniers mots.
  3. im_edgy_asf

    Vanier vs Bdeb...which one choose?

    I cannot disagree more. 1- You have litterature classes in CEGEP. You don't have language classes in uni. 2- You have your Med-P year to adapt. It's made for it. Your grades in Med-P don't count toward your medical degree. 3- The goal is to get in. Not to adapt. Getting in is the most important thing and what you need right now is to maximize your chances. 4- Medicine is science, it's the most easy subject to adapt to. If you know your basic grammar, you have it. The rest is scientific terms that you'll learn along the way as everybody else, native English speakers or not. Plus 90% of the time they are the same as French (calculus/calcul, mechanics/mécanique, gastroenterology/gastroentérologie, mandibulectomy/mandibulectomie, ... ... ... ... ...). Go to BdeB in my opinion if you're not perfectly bilingual. Vanier is the same, but less nerdy.
  4. im_edgy_asf

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    Anyways, go to Collège Ahuntsic if you want to bomb your chances
  5. im_edgy_asf

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    Money? ...
  6. im_edgy_asf

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    I have a question. Does the GPA you have in med-p account for the GPA of the MDCM. That means, when you finish med-p and enter MDCM, is your GPA reseted for the MDCM program?? Thank you
  7. im_edgy_asf

    Med-P 2018

    Humble brag. Stillz congrats! You have worked hard, you deserve this humble brag.
  8. im_edgy_asf

    Cote R ou notes ?

    Salut, petite question, est-ce que les unis voient juste la cote R ou ils ont accès au relevé de notes? Merci:)
  9. im_edgy_asf

    Accepted/Rejected/Waitlist Thread

    You gave me shivers. I really relate to you for various reasons. So I'm telling you, Sincerely, and from the bottom of my Heart, Congratulations, you deserve it.
  10. im_edgy_asf

    Med-P MMI invitations thread

    Damn the invitations just came in today??
  11. Hi! The new calculation of the R-Score have put big doubts on the shoulders of cegepians who were always used to the ''34+ you're invited''. That's why I want to have a gross idea of the new cut-off with this thread and see how it has increased (if it has) and if a 34 is still competitive. R-Score : EC's : Invited/Not invited : Thank you!! And good luck on your MMIs^^
  12. Différence de la cote R : 1,924 (considérant une donnée aberrante, c-à-d un cours qui est monté de 5,392) 0,190 (sans compter ce cours) Cégep : Ahuntsic Programme : Sciences de la nature : profil passe-partout Je suis tlm inquiète vis-à-vis le nouveau cut-off, c'est triste que l'on ne peut même pas se réjouir de sa cote R parce qu'on ne peut pas savoir si elle est 'bonne' désormais.
  13. im_edgy_asf


    Oui, je sais^^ Je compte appliquer à un bac:)