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  1. Hello people, I hear surgery and medicine is a problem you have to get out of the way early. Ideally, I'd want to be a surgeon, however, the concern for me is the physical side of the career. If I get arthritis later on, for example, then surgery is going to be difficult. Medicine seems like a safer bet at a prolonged career. How did you guys decide? Thanks!!!!
  2. This is a better, subtle, way of approaching the intended politeness your MMI friend was hoping to convey.
  3. What are you not understanding about the religion, history, etc. passages? Are you just not interested so you're missing things, or is the information too convoluted?
  4. Hey guys, I was speaking to a physician the other day, and they said a minor clinic visit at a walk in this Ontario city, for something like removing sutures, is only $33. I was under the impression that doctors bill above $50 per visit. http://globalnews.ca/news/381781/by-the-numbers-doctors-fees-across-canada/ This article also indicates the billings are above $50 per visit to a GP. Any official source site I can find the billings?
  5. This doesn't seem like sabotage. It's just people talking out of their butts. Words only affect you if you let them, and in this instance, simply reading up about medical admissions solves the above problem pretty easily. You'd have only yourself to blame if you listened to other people and didn't do your due diligence. The reason I say this is because I know what you're talking about. During my first year Biology course, I had a TA that was gunning for medicine, though she never tried to sabotage anyone in any way. She did, however, say a lot of things that I disagreed with and some were either plainly speculation or patently uninformed/behind the times. However, her TA status added weight to the conversations so I can see how some people would be influenced. I doubt she was doing anything to harm anyone, as mentioned. Like your scenario, however, it is just talking. There's no crime against talking casually, which is why they say talk is cheap. Generally, anyone can afford the consequences (which are nil 99% of the time).
  6. Interesting topic. I usually lurk, but thought I'd add my 2 pence. I've heard horror stories about U of T where students rip pages out of books at the library to sabotage others. That is more indirect sabotage of randoms, but I have never heard of anyone actually sabotaging someone directly. At most, "sabotage", if you can even call it that, from what I've seen, is when someone has to work in a group of poor students. That is as bad as having someone directly sabotage you because it's like reigning in wild horses.
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