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  1. They’ll take your most recent two year gpa and the marks of your science courses. Some speculate that just marks and dat get you an interview. Most people have 85+ at least. If you are serious about it you might want to buck up and take 5 courses each semester and get over 90 and apply next year! Or do a supplemental year if you feel your gpa is too low after that.. also they don’t care about what course you got a bad mark in outside of the pre reqs! So even if those were bad they don’t really care. Get 100 in those
  2. lemon_tree

    EC for UWO?

    I think both are great, however I did not shadow that much. Just once a week for around 3 hours. I think your ecs are a big part of the process. But nobody knows for sure!
  3. lemon_tree

    cDAT Nov. VS Feb.

    Some people speculate that the February dat is “easier” because some schools in Canada only accept the November one for application cycles. Since you are scaled among the test takers, some smarter people would not be taking the feb one... I personally think it doesn’t really matter, I feel like most people just prepare for the second one better haha
  4. lemon_tree

    Help! Dal vs UofT

    I had a similar choice between western and dal but chose dal for money and proximity to family. The amount I would save on flights and moving expenses plus being able to return home to my friends sold it for me. But if you don’t care about that at all you will probabaly get the same or similar education at both schools... haha I am so not helpful
  5. I declined! Good luck guys !
  6. lemon_tree

    Anything RE: Dal Invites?

  7. You did more volunteering than me and your gpa is similar to mine and I got accepted into western. Interview and dat!!
  8. Athabasca uni is good for online lab courses.. I took physiology and it counted as having a lab course at my uni. They sent me lab stuff in the mail and I would mail or enter my labs online..Worth checking out if youre desperate. Or summer course?
  9. lemon_tree

    Anything RE: Dal Invites?

    Last year was around June 6 or something like that! Sooo long of a wait..
  10. lemon_tree

    need some advice

    Average age of acceptance is definitely 25 for a reason! I am close to that age and just got into school now and I’m thankful I had a few years off for travel and to really make sure what I’m doing is what I want. If GPA is the only thing stopping you from doing med (which sounds like you are more interested in), you should do a 5th year! Also, I have friends who are in med and they have only done 1 years worth of experience/volunteering, so it really depends on how you present yourself at an interview as well.. you could also consider moving to the east coast where I don’t believe the stats are as high (some of my friends are in that def didn’t get 4 years of high GPA) if that’s an option available to you! But you’d need to gain residency there as well... lots to think about! I wish you luck! Keep being hopeful but def decide on your life’s career goals and not whatever it is you can qualify yourself for!
  11. lemon_tree

    need some advice

    Well do you want to study dentistry or medicine? Haha they are quite different in terms of jobs and lifestyle IMO dentistry is harder to get into in Canada. I don’t know it’s all speculation though really... Can always do a 5th year if you need too!!!! You have a lot of EC so maybe med? Haha maybe shadow some dentists to see if you even like it though...
  12. What kind of insect problems? Like bed bugs or....bit of a clean freak here
  13. That is awesome!!!! i also have no idea where to live in London I want to be near the school but have no clue at all
  14. I don't know how you are waiting that long i called my parents .2 seconds after i opened the page freaking out!! Congratulations
  15. Accepted!!!!! Omggggggg GPA: 91% DAT (AA/RC/PAT): 22/18/21 Interview performance (personal opinion): I thought it went good! I just really let myself be me. I tried to explain EVERYTHING I would do in a situation, from taking a deep breath to my thought process as if I was in the real situation. Also so so friendly, they laughed when I messed up my words and told me to take my time. Just seemed more of a conversation than an interview minus the scribbling they were doing on their papers. We had a good chat after it was all done too. IP/OOP: OOP Year: BSc completed two years ago As for my EC, I shadowed two different dentists, not that long or anything but I have pretty good management skills and hospitality. Worked all throughout undergrad at local restaraunt. I did some research too in physical chemistry. OMG CANT BELIEVE IT!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! We worked so hard.