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  1. abouttimeijoined

    Point System and ABS

    it encourages to use a different activity for each but not penaliziing repeating activites as long as they r relevant
  2. abouttimeijoined

    ABS 8 Activities?

    You can have as many as u went in the general sketch for omsas but for western's abv. sketch MAX 8 2 each representing diversity, teamwork/leadership, social accountability/responsibility, and self-directed learning/critical inquiry.
  3. abouttimeijoined

    MCAT - Advise for beginner and study partner

    hey when do you plan on writing your testing? im thinking either Jan or March. i am also in a similar situation, Psych degree. although i already studied this summer but ill be restarting everything after haven taken a month break to restrategize
  4. So I sort of slacked off on ECs 1 & 2 nd year. Mostly just worked (joined and quits some clubs here and there so can't really add those to my application because I didn't commit for longer than a semester). Summer of 2nd year I improved on that added 2 volunteer activities that I have continued (so will be a 2+ year commitment by application time) this year I'm adding another volunteer activitiy and also volunteering at the hospital, so that would total to about 12hrs of volunteering weekly (4 different things) & 18-20 (mostly weekend and 1 week day) hours of work a week. And I am also an Exec of a school club. I can't help but compare myself to other premeds but I feel I'm definitely slacking (especially because I wasn't seriously volunteering in 1st & 2nd year mostly only volunteering at one day things). I don't know if schools give weight to employment as much as volunteering. I have an opportunity to volunteer as a research assistant and I'm considering taking it in order to make myself more competitive but honestly I rather not, because if I do I'll barely have time to study for the MCAT which I'm taking Jan or March & school. So I'm asking for an outsiders perspective, is my current 12 hr a week (4 activities) enough? Is employment (retail) weighed less than volunteering or are all activities equal as long as you can relate them to CanMed?
  5. abouttimeijoined

    MCaT prep for 2019

    AK Lectures on Youtube + Khan & Kaplan for Bio/BioChem
  6. abouttimeijoined

    Stressed AAMC resources (CARS). Need some advice

    nextstep offers a free FULL length test close to the actual thing
  7. The easier option seems to be retake MCAT? Even if it means having to get a tutor?
  8. abouttimeijoined

    Western Now Looking at ECs

    "Possessing the minimum requirements does not ensure an interview or offer of admission." there goes the one thing that kept me optimistic. I hate uncertainties.
  9. abouttimeijoined

    Kaplan 2015 vs 2018

    Not much of a difference, have both. Only difference I noticed was the 2018 version tells you what topics are high yield & have Chapters summaries. Content wise they seem the same
  10. i cant seem to get it to work... what values are being put in for the GPA? example uottawa would i put in 'A-' '8' or '3.7' value i've tried all 3. the numerical values gave me a gpa of 0 and alpha values gave me wrong GPA results also another possible feature to consider is the addiction of summer courses and considering them in calculations for those that add summer credits in gpa vs those that don't
  11. With a thorough Google search I was able to find the same document online (it is a PDF), PM me & I'll send you the link if you don't find it, but not much has changed (if anything at all) from the free 2016 version. Why charge $25 for something that's always been free
  12. abouttimeijoined

    use of a mentor

    This might sound stupid but what use is a mentor for premed students? I had attended an event a few days ago and met a doctor who specializes in a field i am very interested in. He gave me his email and said i could contact him if i had any other questions. I plan on emailing him soon, while our meeting is still fresh in his mind but im stuck on what to send in the email. So my question is to anyones who's had a mentor in what ways were they helpful? With it basically being impossible to shadow in Canada what ways can a mentor be of help to an undergrad? i feel i already asked him all the questions i needed answers to so now im stuck coming up with a reason to email other than just saying hi and 'exchanging my email incase an opportunity should come up' and i also have this problem where i always feel like im bothering people by asking for favours so that doesn't help my situation.
  13. abouttimeijoined

    Music For Studying?

    Give the theorist on youtube/spotify a listen. he plays piano versions on hit songs. or the 'Pop goes classical' playlist on spotify.
  14. abouttimeijoined

    mcat studdy buddy in Halton/Sauga area

    hey looking for someone planning on taking the test this summer. Test date is july 24th. hopefully we can bounce ideas off each other and keep motivated. PM if interested.
  15. Im just started considering queens and Im wondering, like Mac has high CARS and CASPER scores, western high MCAT. does queens have a certain factor that sort of gives you an advantage pre interview? know nothing is guarantee when it comes to med school. but from the research i've done cant seem to find a 'golden key' for queens pre-interview. i've read good ECs are helpful but don't know what to range as good ECs. sorry if this post is redundant but would appreciate any responses.