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  1. Anti_Dentite

    dental loupes

    Pretty sure you'll have a bunch of reps visit you at the start of first year which will allow you to try a bunch of different styles and mags. At least that's how it was at my school. I went with Surgitel 2.5 flip downs.
  2. Unless things have changed you can email and they will give you a rough idea of where you are on the list (top, middle, bottom). OOP usually moves quite a bit.
  3. Anti_Dentite

    Number of Tries to get in

    I don't consider my time wasted at all and I'm rather glad that I could save "a couple hundred grand" by attending a Canadian school. Your post history seems to indicate you are a current applicant, where did you get in? As for OP, if you managed to get an acceptance to a US school chances are high that you'll likely land some interviews at Canadian schools. Depending on where you live, your best chances at acceptance are probably the IP schools. I wouldn't sweat it if you don't get in your first try. Looking back, I'm actually kind of glad I didn't get in on my first try. At least for me, the extra time allowed me to mature both as a student and as a person. Think long term as others have said; go with whatever school makes the most financial sense to you, they all teach the same thing.
  4. Anti_Dentite

    Most Employable Grad Degrees?

    I don't know if you would consider it a graduate degree in the traditional sense but I'm thinking it's probably an MBA.
  5. Congrats! Hopefully the IP list will start moving once Medicine releases their offers.
  6. Anti_Dentite

    Question About Getting 2Nd Degree?

    Have you looked at doing a business degree? I would imagine most of your science classes would transfer over as electives and you'd be left with 2 years of straight business classes. Could be useful too if you ever wanted to run your own practice.
  7. I believe it reached middle third. So 4-6 spots.