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  1. He makes 225 k a year, he is in the top %1 of earners, in a low taxation country such as the states. If takes 25 years, so be it. People work to the age of 70. He will have enough time to save for retirement. He does job he enjoys (very few people enjoy their jobs) and is paid well. He only deals with patients, he doesn't have to deal with a crappy manager. Being in a stable and high income career. What's there to complain about really. Thousands of people wish to be in his position. If people out there face the same prospects this dude faces, I say go for it. Opportunities only come once and you may regret it later on if you don't take your chances to be doctor or dentist imo.
  2. The whole point of doing endo is to eliminate the infection in the root canals and their apex. If there is an infection (as determined by radiographs showing radiolucency at the apex of the canals) and you do not preform RCT (root canal treatment), then in the case of upper molars, the infection can spread into the maxillary bone and the maxillary sinus. If the infection reaches maxillary sinus, the face will swell and there is pain associated with that. RCT is important in eliminating infection, preventing re-infection, and maintaining what is left of the tooth structure. If new grad is not good at doing endo, then refer the case to the endodontist. Maybe that's what you meant there? I just wanted to clear things up.
  3. I will add pro and con from my experience of finishing two year of dent, I'm the semi-dentist if you would like: Pro: Career with good potential as there will always be demand due to oral health problems (people will always drink soda and eat sweets) You get to work in team environment, which is fun. You get to learn cool dental procedures in dental school The science is easy to understand in dental school. You get to deal with people all the time, which is also fun. Con: The biggest one is being in an awkward position for possibly long period of time (up to 30 min for root canals). You try to bring the patient jaw toward you and away from you, sit on right side and left side.. but in the end, you always end up in awkward position. This probably have bad consequences on one's neck and back as they grow older. Neck pain and back pain is quite common in people who work full-time in this profession. Dental school is very tough environment. Dental procedures, technical hand skills which you are doing for the first time, can be very difficult to be successful at. Add to this the strict cross-infection protocol you need to follow all the time in clinic and dental hygienist assessing you all the time there. Add to this also the high expectation of faculty for someone at student level in clinic, you are seeing someone mouth for the lets say the fourth time, but you're expected to catch where the tooth decay is at (visually not with radiographs). My school also had a negative grading system, where if you do not do well in clinic or clinical skills lab, your grades becomes lower and lower, until you can possibly fail out of the program. Anyways, dentistry has its good and bad. Working four times instead of five times or six times a week I think is more healthy for a dentist in the long run. Working four times a week can still bring in good living standards for a dentist.
  4. I don't think my opinion will be as valuable as the other members, their opinions is far more valuable than mine! In my opinion, you can build on your hand skill in your own time. You can do hobbies that involve hand skills like painting. Hand skills is v. important in my opinion. You will also need good dental loupes as well. Clear communication with the faculty, instructors, fellow students, and patients is also v. important. If you do this with a smile, that would be terrific. If I end up transferring and we are in the same school, I will help you in the labs as much as possible. Good luck!
  5. Hi, Do you guys know of any changes in your first year or second year class at Western or UofT. Pls let me know by posting or PM. - I finished two years of dentistry at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. I did not complete my degree due to insufficient funds/poor family circumstances. Thanks, I appreciate it.
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