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  1. hi guys, was wondering what my chances are of getting into any dental schools in the states with my current gpa and what schools i should apply to.So i graduated from a Canadian university with an average of ~70% (i know it's low ): ). I am currently finishing a dental hygiene program and was wondering if that would help me with my dental application (would dental schools look at that??). I am also doing two extra fourth year level undergrad science courses (getting an 80+ right now). I have some dental experiences and I will be doing my DAT by the end of the year. What are my chances of getting admitted to any american or even australian dental schools? thanks guys! (would help a lot if you can list some schools)
  2. hi, i really need some help and guidance to getting into occupational therapy at U of T. So basically, I just finished by biomedical sciences degree at university of Waterloo. I am mainly struggling with the problem of my grades as i am currently still working on my experience and job shadowing. I know UofT looks at your last two years, and my gpa for my last two years is roughly 3.0. It's considered low but what can i do to pull my grade up when i already graduated? Please help. also, does U of T look at what program you are in and perhaps be lenient on programs that were more difficult?
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