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  1. please bro I never thought I would beg to go back to school but make it happen lol
  2. #1-5 is all true what can I say. When encountering questions like this I just have to paint the whole picture like it is.
  3. 1) Preventive dentistry probably the hardest course I've ever taken in first year. Gross anatomy compared to that was a walk in the park. 2) You don't even need to study gross anatomy. Better off studying up on fluoride and different tooth brush techniques. 3) We honestly don't interact with any of the waitlist kids. They aren't even allowed in the official facebook group. You better hope you don't get partnered with anyone who came off of the waiting list. You're just asking for trouble. 4) You're probably going to have to be #1 ranked, also president or vice president of your class. They really place an importance in if you had a leading role in your class. If you're not at a 3.95 GPA after your 4th year you might as well give up. 5) A lot of people fail our restorative practical tests in first year and end up having to repeat the course or even the year. If you want to practice, purchase your own high speed and low speed + burs and ask a dentist if you can use one of their ops for practice. If you can't do an MODL with 2 cusp caps + pins in under 30 minutes in your first year, UofT doesn't want or need you.
  4. 18-19 is not good enough for UofT since they really just look at academics and the interview.
  5. From what I've seen regardless of the reciprocal agreement, banks usually reserve those student professional LOC's for those attending Canadian Universities. I'm sure its the fact that they feel those studying in Canada are more likely to remain in Canada and therefore in the future they'll get more of their business.
  6. By applying everywhere you're maximizing your chances and giving yourself more opportunities in case you mess up on an interview. I'd say the few hundred isn't particularly worth it in comparison to being able to finish a year quicker if by chance your interviews weren't successful. I only applied to UofT because they were the only one I knew of that accepted 3rd years but if I was in my 4th year I would've applied everywhere just to give myself the best shot.
  7. November one usually comes out in December. As for the February one, I think it was near the end of march or the beginning of April.
  8. Apply to all of them. Whats the worst thing that can happen, you get rejected. All you're looking for is one spot
  9. They usually accept apps til Dec, Interviews in Feb/March, and acceptances/waitlist in April. Like cleanup said you probably want to check out websites yourself for the specifics
  10. In terms of weight it's not important at all since those questions only make up a few of biology. If its not your strong suit and you think you'll end up spending too much time/effort/brain space memorizing all that I'd say put your effort somewhere more worth-while. Do try your best at learning the "zoology" section of bio though
  11. Yeah i'll tell you right now from first hand experience Canadian dental schools are not as bright and shiny as you think they are. Wouldn't say the quality of education I'm getting is at all impressive enough to shit talk other people. But it's difficult to have a discussion about this with someone who only goes by "I've talked to a lot of dentists and they've said this and that." People only tell half truths a lot of the time and you shouldn't take their word for it.
  12. Just getting into Canada doesn't prove you have work ethic lol. You really gotta stop speaking out of your ass
  13. Hey man theres nothing wrong with going to Australia. He can always come back to Canada/the States in his 2nd year if he works hard. Ay Panini don't you be a meanie
  14. Don't stress yourself out with particulars about what materials to study with. Just find things that have the required content in a format you like and study it. A lot of what is tested is also what you learn in your biology/chemistry classes. Depending on where you're applying you probably want to aim for around 21+ if you're going to attempt Canada. Soap carving unless you're aiming for a specific school is probably going to be a waste of time (using the term liberally). Make a study schedule and say you'll study X amount of chapters/topics/hours whatever your goal is and maintain it. If you have self-discipline you should turn out alright.
  15. UofT doesn't require any but Western will I think require you to have 2 reference letters. UofT however will require a personal statement which I think Western also requires
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