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  1. Dental School student at the University of Toronto selling my used Kaplan DAT review book. Located in the GTA and selling for $40 obo. Willing to give a few pointers and answer questions on meet up. Also if interested, willing to help with dental school interview prep for an hourly fee. Thanks
  2. 45 min one way really doesn't sound that bad if you enjoy living at home and the luxuries it offers ie laundry, meals, family time, commitments, etc. My commute is right now 1hr to 1hr 15 minutes and at times its a little tiring but really if you told me I had to do it for the rest of my time at UofT in order to keep attending I'd do it. Luckily you always have options so if you want to test the waters for a semester thats totally doable as well
  3. Gonna have to take away your acceptance now you made your mama cry smh
  4. After seeing your stats I'd say everything looks great but your DAT is really the one thing holding you back. It's getting pretty competitive and UWO doesn't have as many spots as say UofT so competition I dare say might be even higher. You may consider rewriting the DAT
  5. I know ur a troll but ur not even in med school yet LOL prob the saddest shit I've seen today ty for the good chuckle though
  7. Yeah you can do that. Thats what most people do but like longhaul said you gotta select the schools before you take the test. You should however be able to pay the CDA to send extra transcripts to schools you didn't include initially. I think its like $50 ea or something.
  8. It’s probably not the interview styles but rather the US generally is less competitive than Canadian schools tbh
  9. During our whitecoat ceremony we had to take I think a modified Hippocratic oath that more related to modern dentistry
  10. I'd probably rephrase it like saying "When I was young I had poor understanding of oral hygiene. I've since improved it and I've noticed what a difference it makes etc etc etc." Kind of makes it seem less nasty/blunt but thats just me mang
  11. If dentistry is really for you, go for it. I'm not saying the debt will be easy to pay back because we all know US school debt is a bitch but if you'd really rather do dentistry than be a cop you should do what makes you happy (obviously easier said than done). You don't want to be regretting your job decision 15-20 years from now because of just money. We make out money to be a huge thing and although it is, being happy and in a profession you truly love I think is a lot more important. You can disregard what I say if you think it's all BS because after all I'm not in your situation but for a time I did think I was going to have to go to the US. I probably would've done it too because I wanted to be a dentist more than I was scared of debt.
  12. This is just me: 1) Ask if she would be comfortable sharing reasons as to why she hasn't looked for dental treatment for her child since dental health at a young age is important. 2) Obviously if she's looking to seek monthly treatment then theres a possibility of financial problems and the dentist you volunteer for might not be able to help for free so give alternatives. Helpful things would be to ask what his/her oral health routine is? Does he/she like to eat sweets? Does he/she drink lots of OJ before brushing or before bed? etc etc. Advise her on things you actually know about. 3) Assuming she has financial problems and will qualify, Canada actually has a program called Healthy Smiles. This is for people 18 and under who also come from families meeting the income requirements (ie under a certain amount). There's a good chance she doesn't know about this so point her in the right direction and hopefully with what you've done you've been able to help improve her childs oral health and made a positive impact. For a question like this, having outside info would benefit you a little since it sounds much better to list a concrete program/grant instead of more vague options however being able to suggest a government grant/ program would improve your answer anyways
  13. Yo can a mod ban these stupid ass med consultants pls ty
  14. Check your pms I sent u the date u should expect to hear back
  15. yo i wikid MD but I couldn't find dentistry in it. Explain b
  16. Yeah they don't care man. Your best be is to fulfill the pre reqs as well as you can and then go take Intro to Turning on your Computer 101 and How to hold a Fork 201.
  17. Not sure how the labs are in umanitoba but when I was in undergrad I had a fall semester with 5 labs in it plus tutorials. If you really want to do it and feel you can do it then go ahead. Even though you've only been through one semester gauge how much work you had this sem vs how well you did and think about if you would've been able to handle a higher work load.
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