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  1. Agree with Bambi. But...don’t forget to make sure you fully understand what each specialty you may “back up” with is truly like...many people may receive their second or third choices that they feel will be suitable in their mind but may not have great interest in before and have failed to look beyond getting that residency with regard to such things as lifestyle, call requirements once finished residency, future job prospects and only focus on a location for residency and getting a spot.
  2. Having worked with CSA and IMGs I find they also bring different perspectives and greater understanding of other medical systems and that the Canadian one isn’t the almighty best we are led to believe but have a greater understanding of how different systems have other positives that could be used in our current system to improve it. I also find many of the CSAs (Australia,UK,Irish) have above average interviewing and physical exam skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills and often more well rounded. Those schools have strict exams in all four years and very high criteria to pass each year. We also forget in Canada that our system was founded on the British/Irish system and at one time a good percentage of Canadian doctors were from those countries. If the UK system ranks higher than ours on many rankings..they must be doing something right. I think as said by Intrepid86 a lot of CMGs are fearful of not being placed which in our current climate is a concern. The CSA and IMGs have way more hurdles/exams that the CSAs don't appreciate and the CSA chances are so much lower of getting a spot. What is considered as a competitive specialty by CMGs would sound like awesome odds for an IMG.....i worry that the CMG student fear may start to become more of an attitude that if not careful comes across as entitlement or elitism towards IMGs and CSAs. It is interesting that when CSA and IMGs were able to compete for all spots second iteration in the past, many IMG/CSAs were earning spots that CMGs also tried for. So there must be qualities and skills and abilities that were deemed worthy to choose one over the other. At the end of the day people are all trying hard to work in their chosen field and shaming by CMGs has to stop.
  3. A system also exists currently for the IMGs to help provide more objective measures with the NAC OSCE grade being used as one criteria for selection as well as the EE (which I believe will be phased out) and some program directors are starting to prefer IMGs to have passed the LMCC as well as all IMGs providing transcripts for all of their medical school and often with their class rank being provided by many deans. Could something like this be done for CMGs. ?
  4. Most Img spots come with return of service. If those spots are opened up to cmgs with no return of service, could that create more of an issue for patient care in less desirable locations to practise?
  5. How does one match the unmatched cmgs who only wish to persue one of a few highly sought out residencies? How do you balance the need/positions available versus what the student wants to do?
  6. Of the many CMGs that forgo second round, are their chances higher to get into their number one choice specialty (ROAD)the following year in light of the number unmatched .?
  7. And have things improved in Saskatchewan http://thestarphoenix.com/news/local-news/u-of-s-medical-school-to-learn-accreditation-status-this-summer
  8. Anyone know if things at MUN are improving http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/internal-medicine-mun-intent-to-withdraw-1.4120282
  9. After reviewing DermJuly2108PGY comments above..........it makes me wonder... With so many unmatched this year, will home schools favour their own applying to their local home programs who were not matched so that their stats after second round are favourable or will they truly chose the best person for the position?..will they chose unmatched cmgs over imgs where the img may be a stronger candidate for a program? So much beyond an application to consider. Hopefully the system will become more fair in the future.
  10. Do family med programs like Dal do MMIs like they did in first iteration for cmgs who didn’t apply first round?
  11. Can cmgs apply to Dal family med second round if they didn’t apply and do mmi first iteration?
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