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  1. School interviewing at: University of Calgary Specialty: OBGYN Current interview date: January 21, 2019 Date would like to switch to: January 22 and January 23 anytime School interviewing at: University of Alberta Specialty: OBGYN Current interview date: January 21, 2019 Date would like to switch to: January 22 and January 23 anytime HELP ME OBI-WAN KENOBI... You're my only hope....
  2. Hey hopeful, while it is harder, it is possible. I had similar stats and squeezed in off the wait list. You definitely have to have solid extracurriculars. But just remember you can build this with time and effort. Took me 3 x before I got in. But it helped me figure out why I wanted to do this. Speaking as a current student. It’s a hard road, but definitely one well worth the work. best of luck, path
  3. Hi Confluence, As a student in Calgary I can speak to both sides. I will say that in any medical program you will receive excellent education and the friends of a lifetime. This is shorter than I would like, but ask more if you have specific questions. Pros: - Become quite close with you group as you spend 3 years together and are there for everyone in your class through the highs and the lows. At Calgary Med, we have some pretty strong school spirit, with Jerseys, class groups, hockey and social events so that helps create the glue to support each other. - If you have taken longer to get into medicine, it helps speed the process. For me it made sense because I was working before this so I just treated it as a job that has some, but minimal holiday. - By continuously learning the material, I find I continually reflect on the past knowledge, and use it to grow. This helped me keep more in touch with the info that I learned in the past year, with the hope of maintain strong knowledge and notes into clerkship. - Speaking to our matches, we are just as competitive (if not often more competitive) because of our three year program. I chalk this up to the idea that since we have limited breaks, we also have no spaces to explain away in our resume when applying to CaRMS. Also we can directly speak to how we will handle the pressure in residency. Drawbacks: - You need to actively find ways to balance your life. I would suggest that unlike undergrad or 4 year medical programs where you can burn the candle at both ends for 8 months and then rest, you do need to actively seek ways to maintain wellness throughout your degree. This can be hard to sometimes remind yourself. - Time WILL fly by. There is limited time to consider what type of specialty you would like, so you often need to start figuring this out quickly. I would suggest that four year programs give you a bit more time to contemplate this, but for Calgary, we have to figure out some of our pre-clerkship electives by 6-8 months in. I dealt with this by just spending the time before medicine (when I was working, etc) to really outline what impact I want to have for medicine/in my career, and then kinda built up from there. - You will develop a serious addiction to the free candy in the SAW (student Affairs and Wellness Office). They are seriously the best people and usually will help you through any issue. I guess not downside, except for my belly.....
  4. Hi SW604, You will not get your score before interview of you receive one, the only time you get your score is if post interview you are not accepted you will get a full breakdown of pre-MMI and MMI scores. The reason the UME does this is to make sure that students who are accepted cannot compare scores and attend school with a sense of starting out as equals. Wishing you the best on your application this cycle. Path
  5. Hi King, Yes they will see this experience impact, usually in a short blurb form and get a yes/no confirmation, I have found good practice is to talk to verifiers about what you would like to say about the activity. It also helps them feel involved and part of your journey, which was important to me. Path
  6. Hi remusl, Usually the top 10 are defining aspects that define you as a person. (really they help the admission committee, and those on it, understand what truly matters to you and has shaped you and the wonderful experiences that encompass that). I think that it really depends how you spin it, as I don't know or can't begin to know what it means to you yet. I know that is a vague answer, and I would love to hear others comments on this, but from my understanding that is perfectly ok, just as long as you convey how it has shaped you into the person you are. Like any of the top 10, its just helping them build the picture that marks/MCAT don't really convey. Wishing you the best of luck, Path.
  7. Hi King74, Yes they will usually see at least a portion of this activity and get a general yes or no. (At least according to what I have heard from past verifiers). Best of Luck. Path.
  8. Hi everyone, I was wondering if it is common for students to go for a run during lunch break? and if there are any good spots in which to do this?
  9. Looks like I'll be seeing you around campus OldBat!!!!! Accepted 11:28 am will soon post and update with my info as soon as I'm off work!! cant wait to meet all of you wonderful people.
  10. All has been quiet this week/weekend.... has anyone heard anything about those 4 possible additional offers?
  11. Congratulations Oldbat as well! I think iweepfortheyweep and I were in the same boat. Glad you are free of the wait! Still have some on my end, but it sounded like you had a tough decision with Nova Scotia. Wishing you the best.
  12. Any news on more waitlist offers after the first round? Coming close to the 3 days. Hope you all are doing well! Congrats to all who have received offers so far.
  13. Hi YesICAN55. Don't give up hope, for reference: 2014-15 Cycle: Rejected post-interview 2015-16 Cycle: No interviews.. 2016-17 Cycle: 2 interviews, Currently waitlisted at Calgary While it certainly hurts, and doesn't get any easier, all I can tell you is keep pushing. It's hard to keep the dream alive after all this time, and I get that, but the best ideas came from someone who said, "I owe to myself to try."
  14. Thank you FeelingTheBern! Wishing you the best of success for your next steps! I had the thought they were going to release waitlist invites today after this final day to accept. Has anyone heard any movement yet? My guess is they may be too bogged with work and are waiting for monday.
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