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  1. Yeah, it just seems like more work is needed than necessary. Other schools, especially the ones in Ontario seem to be okay with letting you be the verifier for stuff like this if you have the documentation. I think UoC allows this too. However, it is clearly a mistake on my part for not paying attention to all of the instructions from all sources for the application. I'll email them to change up/add in the verifiers and hopefully they do so. If not, I understand why they would void the honors/awards section I added.
  2. Worst case scenario is that they void the honors and awards section I inputted. My other EC's should still be valid as I have verifiers for them, including my self-employed activity.
  3. I was referring to the secondary application. Didn't mention that there. Whoops. My bad. Only reason I put myself for the honors and awards was cause I have documentation for each award. The amount of awards I have come from multiple places and it just seems so much more reasonable for me to provide the documentation than for me to contact 5 people. Even if I put down only two people, they'll eventually need to contact me for the rest of the documentation for the other awards. For the self-employed thing, I put down another verifier (a client), so that should be all good. Maybe I should message them to change up the verifiers for the awards?
  4. Where exactly? Never said so in the instructions for the personal activities...
  5. I put myself down as a verifier for my self-employed activity, however, I also have another verifier added to this activity as well. For my awards and honors, I put myself down as well. For both activities, I mentioned that I have documents available that can verify both activities. For both, I also added in a supporting URL as well. Did anyone else do something similar? Will this lead to further complications/implications?
  6. It seems like there are mixed perspectives and mixed results with regards to involving gaming as an EC. I'm on the verge of taking the leap and risking it. At this point, the odds are nowhere near being in our favour, so you might as well throw in a wild card and hope for the best. Hopefully, I end up with a hipster and a committee that incorporates students into the process. xD Here's hoping! Realistically, I'm planning on using these EC's, but I do want to gauge the experiences of others and what they did a little bit more before I'm 100% committed to including them. Not to mention I have to work on the formatting with regards to how I want to voice these EC's. A shame about that stigma associated with gaming though. It is nowhere near a general truth. As mentioned earlier, I've met a lot of different people during my time gaming. From engineers, medical students, pre-med students, longshoremen off-duty, and even a Ph.D. student! The list goes on. Nonetheless, your perspective is an important one to consider. You are right about gauging the progressiveness when it comes to such a topic. I'd imagine such a topic would be better accepted at schools that incorporate students into the admissions process. There is another thing that I could probably look into. Thank you for voicing your perspective!
  7. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to write that and providing your perspective. As for the descriptions provided here, they are nowhere near complete. I'm still debating on whether or not I should include these EC's and how to do so (mostly leaning on including them at this point). As a result, I'm still in the development phase and the descriptions here are pretty much just a from the top of my head culmination of things that pertain to this extracurricular activity. In fact, I'll change my initial post just to make sure nobody else gets a false conception that those descriptions are my final drafts. Sorry if you got the wrong perception that these were the finals drafts or anything close to it (pretty sure a lol in an EC description would be good grounds for rejection xD) With that being said, I like what you mentioned when it comes to looking at the sentence structure, the utilization of specific words, and what you should go further into detail. My only issue with that is the amount of space given. But you may counter this by saying that condensation and reflection upon the activities will help with this aspect (just thinking out loud here). Even then, I will be applying to some American schools and for the description of EC's for some apps, you only have a 100 character limit. But then again, probably will have to do my best with regards to condensation. Overall, thank you for the constructive criticism. I'll be taking in all of the information provided here and input it into how I construct my perspective with regards to how these EC's can be representative of my capabilities and character, along with how that can be reflective upon what I can contribute when it comes to medicine. I'll try to create finalized versions of how I would input these EC's as soon as I can so that I may be able to get some even more feedback so that I don't end up with the situation you mentioned in your second sentence. For now, thanks once again.
  8. Understood. I see where you're getting at. I think I'm able to carve out something going that route.
  9. What if they ask for the name of the organization in the application? PSL refers to PremierSniperLeague and CSL refers to Competitive Sniping League. Should I list them like that (like mention both in the same title box)? Or should I still put Online Gaming Community? Thanks for your perspective btw. I definitely agree that if this is all you have, that isn't a good thing and there are other things that need to be prioritized. Thankfully, this isn't my case.
  10. Understandable. Thank you for your perspective. That gives me a wee bit more confidence in including them on my app. I can definitely give good written justifications based on my experiences.
  11. I thought it would be exactly what it suggests. Thanks for the advice, compliments, and your perspective! @Meridian definitely brings up a good point with regards to the structure of how I represent things.
  12. That's totally understandable. I get what you're saying. I'll definitely consider this when I'm constructing my application! Thanks for playing the counter perspective though. It definitely makes me more aware of the flip side of things.
  13. That's true. That definitely is something to consider. Kind of risky I assume then (high risk, high reward?)? However, I feel like including these specific EC's gave me leadership experience, as well as introduced me to new skills and people that I would have never met before. A few people I met online are also pre-med and we have ties that go for years. We all still talk to each other from time to time as well.
  14. I like that format. Makes it look a bit more professional too. Should I add in the names to the communities though, but as abbreviations (CSL/PSL)?
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