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  1. Anyone else not get in and heading to Glasgow this Jan? Please message me if you are and wanna get a place together.
  2. Same here! Also in the top half for Dal. Just really want to have an idea what's happening. It's so unfortunate they didn't tell us our ranking this year for Queen's. 2nd time applying so If I dont hear back I will be going to Glasgow in January.
  3. Has any OOP heard from the Dal PT waitlist? Has any OOP accepted applicants declined there acceptance?
  4. Just got the Queen's waitlist email, but it did not say my place on the waitlist.
  5. did anyone from Ontario get into dal PT and plan on not accepting?
  6. 3.9sGPA so I think you'll be ahead of me. I also think I did well for CASPer with prep and practise
  7. What were the dates last year that applicants heard back from Dal? Early May is very vague...
  8. I believe once you make the cut-off the assessment is solely on your personal statements/academic and professional references. I'm unsure how many students make this stage.
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