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  1. Does anyone in Calgary want to form a group and practice for the UofA interviews? DM me!
  2. As you can tell from the title, I missed the CASPer deadline. I didn't realize that they made the changes this year. Is it RIP for me for this application cycle?
  3. There is a box to check off if you are completing your masters by June 2018 - does anyone know what to do if you're in a masters currently but are going to try to defer it? Do you just not check the box?
  4. I promise I've googled this and looked through the website, but, what is UofA's policy on deferring an acceptance to finish a Masters? Or, do they give the option to drop a Master's (not that I would but...). UofC will let you enter the Leaders in Medicine program to finish grad studies but I have no idea what UofA is up to. Could someone direct me to where I can find this information? Thank you!
  5. Sorry for jumping on this bandwagon so late, but can you PM me too? Thanks!
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