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  1. On 3/27/2018 at 9:24 PM, healthscireject said:

    I have a 4.0 and a 525 MCAT but I only got 1 interview this cycle. Im in the 3rd year of a 4 year degree. People with similar if not lower stats got 0 or 1 interview in 3rd year and are drowning in interviews in 4th year. The system is intrinsicially biased against 3rd years.

    Yeh that's crazy, should be much busier for you next year if this one doesn't work out this year.

  2. On 1/6/2018 at 11:15 AM, Hanmari said:

    That's my year - I hope that was the result of a goodwill gesture of a worthy colleague. It might've just been the worthy colleague him/herself though. On second thought are you sure it wasn't just one of us going home postcall?


  3. On 1/2/2018 at 5:14 PM, Torntoiletpaper said:

    I've also noticed a trend where schools are starting to broaden topics so that they aren't directly related to medicine, but may impact health nevertheless.

    Topics like:

    - access to information (net neutrality or paying more for certain information) (false medical information online)

    - decrease in attention span due to overload of information (news, online, youtube, social media)

    - fentanyl crisis (more and more people dying of overdose, but media coverage died down after initial sensation)

    - wages not increasing with cost of living (or cost of healthcare)


    The final one might come up with some of the threatened effects of the min wage hike in Ontario with companies starting to pull back on benefits, some of which are directly to health provisions etc. 

  4. 43 minutes ago, la marzocco said:

    That's the case for many professional exams. My bar exam had practically 0% day-to-day relevance. I know many great articling students who failed twice before passing - nothing to do with competence on the job.

    Yeah I noticed that with friends who went through the bar. Basically it was like training for something completely different from their professional experiences up to that point and they all found it a real challenge, despite being pretty much ahead of the curve on everything else law related.

  5. Issues around 2 of the UoT essays/topics this year:

    Discuss the role of listening in cross-cultural communication to better understand the perspectives of people of different backgrounds.
    Write a letter to an editor of a newspaper to express your support of Canada's role in promoting women's reproductive health in developing countries.


  6. On 11/9/2017 at 1:39 PM, getrich said:

    Saw an online post about a Ryerson student using the med school backpack... What's premed101 opinion on non MD students using these backpacks? 

    They need to be publicly shamed!!! Lol

  7. On 11/25/2017 at 9:07 PM, GH0ST said:

    @timmyt0 As a side note... unprofessional behaviour only becomes harder and harder to maintain ... one facade after another builds up greatly. 

    Eventually they'll have to pay, whether in med school or not. 

    If you can report the student that's your prerogative but try to focus on yourself as a priority OP... we can only do so much to right the wrongs on our own. 

    Best wishes, 

    - G

    Yeh - it's true you have to be able to draw a line between focusing on yourself and your priorities, also you are right it will only get harder as time goes on.


  8. I really liked this post on breaking bad news in an MMI: https://bemoacademicconsulting.com/blog/how-to-ace-multiple-mini-interview-mmi-acting-station-scenario. The author uses the SPIKES protocol which states on making connection with the patient: Maintaining eye contact may be uncomfortable but it is an important way of establishing rapport. Touching the patient on the arm or holding a hand (if the patient is comfortable with this) is another way to accomplish this.

    So it seems that hugging is not a go-to as such in this professional circumstance. It is also very much based on the communication the actor is providing you in the MMI scenario. I would be surprised if the actor would be initiating their non-verbal communication in such a way to invite something like a hug so it probably makes sense not to do so. Although that is just my opinion based on what I have read. Very interesting debate though.

  9. On 11/12/2017 at 3:43 PM, rmorelan said:

    Not at all - I mean that is what medical school is actually for (of course) but really it isn't an issue for the most part. Which is exactly why they don't care about the program. 

    On a broader note - the UG science stuff you take is quite a bit different I think than the medical school science. I feel that often we overstress the idea that there is a true connection. I mean you can flush the major of the math, physics, chemistry and biology you learn right down the toilet at the start of medical school with I think little consequence. Ha in some ways it is the same with residency (once you have completed the LMCC part 2). Knowledge is always useful in some fashion to be clear and we strive to know all we can. Just I wouldn't overly stress that - I could easily ask if all the science students had a hard time catching up with all the key non-science parts of medicine and dealing with all the grey areas (which is big part of things). 

    The question is not whether you know something, it is rather can you learn something new?


    Great last point. I think Anthropology can definitely provide some excellent foundations and directly applicable skills. Just thinking to the social anthropology I undertook with its emphasis on participant observation - certainly something which would help any medical professional in the fulfilment of their duties.



  10. It's okay if this person is unethical the CASPer test will find them out :-/

    I am not sure how thorough the spot checks are around verification are but if this individual has made so much up to this degree there's probably a good chance they will come undone somewhere along the way, although far from guaranteed. It would be a real shame if someone like this was to get in and deny someone a place, and, in the long run, worse still that they end up practicing medicine. I know it might not be easy for you to do something but the most ethical decision is to alert the schools about this individual's actions. Tough situation to find yourself in.

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