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  1. That's where the real value of the forums can be - good for you with your decision - sounds like you had good reasons to make it!
  2. Thanks for this suggestion frenchpress - really good idea!
  3. There is a lot of outreach stuff going on in KW area which would be great for you to get involved in. Also I think the Ted X event coming up in Kitchener would be a really cool thing to get involved in: http://www.tedxkitchenered.com/ if that type of thing floats your boat
  4. Also the ADCOMS really like development, especially in the face of challenges, within your ECs as well as dedication and commitment.
  5. Yeh very different from US where you have the primary documents (standard PS and your AMCAS entries) before the schools give you their school specific admission essay questions. Here in Canada your primary application is basically the equivalent of both your primaries and secondaries in the US.
  6. Couldn't agree more with the above.
  7. Is this one of these things that you should not appear with at the first class for fear of social exclusion :-)
  8. Also, have you thought about US a a back-up plan next year (too late this year)? Even as an international student there are a number of schools where you would be competitive at sooner than in Canada if all goes well GPA wise in the next year or two for you.
  9. May I add I found the breathing and mindfulness techniques from Yoga very helpful for all kinds of stressful situations and, in particular, interview scenarios.
  10. But what if I want to get my Conor McGregor on: fook that shit (not the beard)!!!
  11. Hi OP, I know a couple of people who have used consulting services before, including BeMo, I think they were really happy with them. The one thing I would always say is make sure you do your own research and check out a few of them to get a better sense of how they compare. If you going to invest money make sure your investing it with the right people for your application needs.
  12. I always finds that in all CASPer related matters - frogs are usually spot on! Lol
  13. Shocking - someone on the forums has been found to be lying!!!!
  14. Totally agree - make sure that the referees won't just be referring to the same qualities and experiences. If that is likely might be best to make sure you have other referees that will hit other aspects of CANMEDS.
  15. Oh and also just the limitations you have as an international applicant. Always difficult to tell whether it is worth going down the AMCAS route as a Canadian.
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