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  1. Yeh for sure - I have heard that so many times.
  2. Oh - good to know - feels like something I might do - lol
  3. That's what I heard. Be surprised if they bring it back now. :-)
  4. Oh and may I add to this that the BBC World Service Radio, which you can stream online, is just a generally amazing resource.
  5. Well done on the 1st author - sorry to hear you did not get in.
  6. Thanks for the detailed information. Great contribution.
  7. I think your PR card and original passport copies are sufficient.
  8. Does anyone know if the Ottawa Top 3 has gone completely now?
  9. So are most of the CASPer assessors Mac med students?
  10. Hi mdjdot have you had any direct experience of trying this? Was just wondering if you tried it and it didn't work at all ...
  11. Well done to you and nice to hear all your hard work paid off in the end.
  12. True a lot of people underestimate the non-verbal skills which can make a big difference at interview. I know someone who has worked in HR for a long time now, and they always emphasize the difference non-verbal skills can make to success at interview. These can take a long time to develop and only with lots of practice. No short-cuts, unfortunately.
  13. I heard the same thing. I also heard that this was the case for a lot of programs who adopt CASPer in the first year i.e. they like to see how it corresponds to their original set of admissions criteria and run the data from CASPer before they start to really implement it in their admissions processes.
  14. Pass/fail - so simply hey - lol - yeh right!
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