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  1. Also make sure you have answers to the standard questions like: "Why do you want to become a doctor?" Pretty guaranteed to see a variation on this type of the question.
  2. For sure, it would be a shame for you not to use this experience.
  3. Women you mean ... unless med school students have gotten a lot younger! lol
  4. Not so sure about that ... definitely have heard of contrasting experiences form a number of people I know who went to different programs, i.e. Toronto compared to say NOSM.
  5. Yeh I found with my ECs when I started stretching and doing things that I thought I was "meant to do" it just did not work out as well. When I was truly honest with myself and was true to things I cared for and let that guide me I got my most fruitful experiences which formed such a strong basis for my application. So just make sure you don't lose your perspective in all this pressure to make the best application document possible!
  6. Yeh if you don't have a strong ethical base then you need to be looking at whether this career is the one for you. Lots of jobs in the financial sectors that might better suit ... or law perhaps ... lol
  7. Yeh I think with the CASPer, a bit like the MMI, it is not so much that there is a "right" answer but you displaying the appropriate levels of care and attention based within a strong ethical perspective. This is where being able to identify the question type and developing good, logical structures to your answers makes such a difference.
  8. Thanks for letting me know. I am based in Waterloo/Kitchener area at the moment so I will check into this tomorrow. Hadn;t really thought about it before looking at this thread.
  9. OP - take up some structured activities like yoga or meditation and just make sure that you are doing it daily and keep off the forums! Best of luck with the nerves!
  10. Thanks for that I did not realize how easy it was to get the police check done in Toronto - is that true across all of Onatrio do you know?
  11. I think this really varies - I have been told it is all about the quality over quantity. Also, really important to show progression throughout your extracurriculars i.e. started out in this position then moved into supervisory role etc.
  12. Yeh SDN is really helpful - although be careful to double check the information yourself. Sometimes some of the online "experts" are not quite what they think they are - lol
  13. Thanks for the advice Meridian :-)
  14. Knock, knock! Who's there? Doctor. Doctor Who? Precisely.
  15. Although make sure you break the shoes in beforehand - remember you will be on your feet for a long while. Made that mistake at a conference a few years ago in Budapest. I almost had to crawl back to my hotel and was useless for the last day of the conference - hard to network whilst grimacing and standing in one spot - lol!
  16. I am not sure what the total list is but a friend of mine told me that Montreal replaced their interviews with CASPer at the last minute because of some strike action. It really threw them off! :-(
  17. Yeh it just seems that the current system isn't necessarily getting the best people for the field. I just wonder about all those bad experiences you hear of medical care is a result of an admissions process that does not necessarily correlate to who would ake the best physicians! Not sure, what alternatives would be possible, however. Lol
  18. Yeh second that - very interesting indeed - where did you get this stat from?
  19. You are so right. From my own experiences, and what all the experts I have asked have told me, it is making sure you have scheduled daily practice in order for all your additional readings to make a difference on how you score on CARS. When I got really disciplined with this my scores really went north.
  20. Ha - would be nice if OMSAS made a lot of things easier!
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