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  1. HI, I'm sorry for you rejections I know how shitty it is, and how hard it is to get up and try again the following year Reading your posts I think its definitely your prerequisites, This is my third interview and third rejection, and this one was hard to swallow for sure, especially finding out I got in top third of those who interviewed this year. All I can say is keep trying and improving and definitely re-do your basic science prerequisites. First year Ranked 143 - due to prerequisites got brought down to 186 Second year ranked 105: due to prerequisites got brought down to 156 This year ranked in top third so around 65-70 I got the following email from admissions Unfortunately I’m not able to provide the exact ranking numbers since they are not formatted that way for individuals just yet. However, I took a brief look at the overall list and I can share that your outcome does look somewhat similar this year (i.e. squarely in the lower third for Basic Sciences, and probably a stronger on the MMI than last year; around the lower of the top third). As in past years it looks like the average science GPA prerequisite for offer will be around 3.8, with only a very small percentage of offers going to people with a science GPA below 3.5. I was hoping that if I can improve enough on my interview I won't need to go and re-do all those classes but my science prerequisite gpa is a 3.2 and those who got in with below a 3.5 is exceptional as admissions said and only a small percentage get offers ( even if it counts for 20% because the average is so so high) that therres no way we can make it unless we rank in like top 20 of all that interview, this is hard to do because the difference between candidates is sometimes as little as 0.01 of a point - if you search those that got in with below that ( one of them was already in dentistry at udem and did a transfer to medicine) - aka exceptional as the person was already in faculty of medicine at UdeM or the other person that got in was an NTP which means their prerequisites didn't count. So as shitty as it sounds you gotta re-do all your prerequisites, I am taking time off work to do that this year which sucks but its the only way I can re-do them. According to admissions it doesn't matter how well you ranked on your interview, it has to be exceptional for them to offer you admission if you have a prerequisite gpa below 3.5. I also wrote TFI I got 80% needed 85 ( you can only write it once per year - once per application cycle) the oral questions are not bad, but the grammer is brutal and yes for essay your grammer counts too, I bought the CD and book they recommend and did those exercises, but my grammer is not supper great so I would recommend some courses to take perhaps to improve on this. PM me if you want more details
  2. Wow Seeing all the years you applied and never gave up hope, thank you for sharing your stats and your post. You give all of us hope and Congratz!!!!!! I got Refused this year, third interview at McGill so this one definitely stings, pre-reqGPA: 3.21 MCAT: not submitted MMI: well felt better then 2018, and better then 2017 but time will tell once we get stats in July Year. 5 year concurrent two bachelor degree -2015 + M.Sc -2018 + working for two years If it helps anyone here were my stats for the last two years - Fall 2018 Result applications Your MMI performance ranked: 105 out of 298 On the science prerequisites, you ranked: 260 out of 298 Your final rank: 157 out of 298 Fall 2017 Result Your MMI performance ranked: 143 out of 290 On the science prerequisites, you ranked: 245 out of 290 Your final rank: 189 out of 290 To all those experiencing rejection for the first time, or if its the second rejection or third after being waitlisted last year I would like to extend words of comfort and to know that you are not alone in this with every year you will only grow as a person, you will become more resilient, you will become even more prepared to undertake the career of a physician, in the words of Martin Luther King after the last no will come a yes, maybe not next year or the one after that but if you keep at it and improve your application little by little you will get there or maybe life has other amazing things in store for you that are coming. For now it is ok to take time to process, to be sad, to feel frustrated. Once rankings come out you will know if its your MMI or prerequisites, ( I know I will have to re-do mine if I want to re-apply again and have a shot and now that they are officially expired I should be allowed to take them and will have to figure out how to balance work paying for student loans and juggling classes by night perhaps that I still need to reflect on and decide) I have met awesome people through this forum, some of which are now friends, I have met people who interviewed with me 3 years ago who are my friends to this day ( they didn't get an interview this year despite getting one two years in a row) and they are the most amazing and deserving people I know and some of the most genuine. For now I have ordered a bucket of fried chicken coupled with binging on friends. Stay strong to all those rejected, feel free to PM me and I will send you some adorable animal pics and words of encouragement just as others have done for me that are bound to make you smile and brighten up your day. Congratz to all that got accepted and on your perseverance for a lot of you. And those that got rejected you have come such a long long way already, do know that and how incredible you are <3
  3. That sounds really good, so your chances are prob a lot better in that case
  4. Yes they still will count, and the committee can see the EC they discuss every file individually after interviews so they would bring up the EC and see how much merit it holds and how that adjusts your prerequisites ( for example they might drop the prerequisites u did in your term with EC and calculate your overall without those) but the others will still count
  5. You should get the exemption - I teach in science ( chem, physics) grade 10/11 and I was exempted, so because your work involves sciences you will be excepted too, did you do your prerequisites in Quebec? Ive heard only of them not granting an exemption if the prerequisites were done outside Quebec, if they were done here and your working in science you should be good and wow amazing CV, sounds supper awesome everything you have listed. And yes Dreamteam22 is right after the interviews are granted no matter how amazing your CV is it comes down to your prerequisites and your MMI, so if you don't re-do them you have to be in the top 30 of everyone that interviews, not impossible but def hard.
  6. I have a 3.21/4 which is an 80 and I placed 260/290 for prerequisite score ( rankings gotten after interview) and it lowered me 53 points, my ranking after the interview was 103 and went down to 156 due to prerequisites so I would say aim for above so a 3.6/4 or above 90 for prerequisites, because the prerequisites significantly bring down your overall score after the interview, so it means if you have 80 or below 80 you have to be in the top 30 of all 240-300 people that even if the prerequisites lower you by 50 ish points you make the 79 accepted cutt off. Your EC might help you out in this case however I do not know how mcgill takes it into account.
  7. I agree with this too, Just from personal experience last year I ranked 103/296 or whatever it was, however because of my prerequisites which are on the dot 3.2/4 this placed me on my prerequisite scale as 260/296 - I did not intend to pursue medicine when I was in cegep then, and worked every weekend ( 15-20 hours a weekend) which def affected my studying time and wasn't too too serious about my marks back in the day either but now it definitely has an impact- it brought be down almost 53 points I ended up with a ranking of 156/300. Had it not been for my prerequisites I probably would have had a much better chance/ at least might have placed on waiting list perhaps who knows, but all to say that pre-requisites do really matter. Re-taking them is quite a nuissance - as you have to take night classes 5-10 pm ( two classes a semester max 3 but usual is 2) as continuing education at Cegep you can't register as a day devision which means about 1.5 years to re-do them all. I would have done it but I work 8 - 7 PM most days so I unfortunately can't do this otherwise I would have. I am hoping this year I did enough on my interview to land a spot but those pre-requisites are going to haunt my application. My next step if I don't get in would be to write the MCAT ( as it would be weighted 50 percent) and 50 percent on prerequisites, if re-doing them is not an option this is an alternative to boost it for those whose prerequisites are low and where re-doing the courses is not an option
  8. Yes you would basically do the year that pre-med 1 students ( who are being accepted from cegep would be doing) I molecular bio 200, 201, statistics is on it for sure, and not sure what else and have to have a minimum of a 3.5/4 on GPA to be admitted onto to Med. A person I know from last year who was NTP was re-taking the courses at the same time as she was applying to do the interview for NTP- she started re-taking them in the fall so by the time she got an acceptance, she had basically re-done the prerequisites so she made the case to admissions and they exempted her from them. So my guess if you have done those same prerequisites here in Canada, at a Canadian university they would exempt you. Even if their expired. If you have done them outside canada such as the current individual you would not be exempt and have to do qualifying year premed or re-do them somehow bedore you start Med. The person took night classes at Concordia and UdeM I believe to complete the prerequisites.
  9. The chances this year were higher then IP ( they accepted 5 out of 14 for NTP this year) also the pre requisite gpa of everyone who applies average was way lower 3.4 ish in NTP, so if your competitive for IP your also competitive for NTP, ( it depends if next year they will also be accepting 5 out of 14) If you look at stats for this year for IP 3.72 was average gpa, and average who interviewed was a 3.88 for IP For NTP average GPA who applied was 3.47 and average who interviewed was a 3.86 for NTP hence if academically you rated well for IP you should have a good chance of scoring an interview for NTP provided you do well on casper This year they accepted 80/299 ( 26 percent) for IP they accepted 5/14 for NTP ( 35 percent) Also the prerequisites don't count for NTP just your interview which is a plus, as I keep doing well ish for interview but the prerequisites seem to always take me out, so I might have a better shot at NTP while I figure out how to do all the prerequisites again while working full time, think about 300 candidates doing ish a similar station that is wayyy more variation in answers so the comitee has 300 ish responses to compare to choose the best out of those 300 and notably way more approaches, ( we had in IP this year people with post docs, masters in physio, masters of nursing occupational) people who were nurses for 2+ years so also proffesional degrees in IP - and very very strong candidates True NTP is strong as well, but as theres less people interviewing there is less variation/possibility of different answers, and when the comitte compars they will look at 14 answers as opposed to 300 answers So I don't know actually that saying NTP is more competitive is true it depends on year to year how many they accept and how you stood in your rankings in IP I suppose
  10. Hey guys quick question Given the ranks below, should I redo my prerequisites ( as now they would be expired) I can get an exception and keep trying to get in ( but unless i'm in top 30) the prerequisites will kick me out each time, or should I apply as NTP? where only the interview would count? re-taking the prerequisites would taken 1-2 ( closer to two as I also work full time now) years - Ya from what I understood Mcgill only accepts two of the 7 prerequisites from Athasbasca ( they said online rest are not equivalent if I recall or am I getting something wrong) and you can't do virtual labs for a lot of them, dawson offers re-takes but they said 2-3 max courses per semester POST MMI • Your MMI performance ranked: 105 out of 298 • On the science prerequisites, you ranked: 260 out of 298 Final rank 157/298
  11. They will send it to you in May if I recall correctly, last year they sent us 3 emails, the first two were someone elses ranking cause they made mistakes of sending us other peoples ranking twice and the third email was ours you get something that looks like this - and it gives you a rough idea of how you did, but you won't get more detail then that Pre interview On the academic portion of your application, you ranked On the non-academic (CVPN) portion, you ranked Your overall rank was Post interview: Ranking: · On the science prerequisites, you ranked: · Your MMI performance ranked: · Your final rank:
  12. You are not alone! at this level everybody who interviews is pretty fantastic, with amazing GPA's ECA's work experience, so don't be too hard on yourself, you have what it takes, now it just perfecting the interview, I interviewed last year, and got rejected and ranked about 140/300, however last year I didn't really prepare a lot, I researched the interview format, read a few books, but I was out of the country doing a research exchange, I have a lower gpa too 3.66 ( but as its a professional degree and I also have a master's I was evaluated at 3.84 but my prerequisites are low - like 3.2/4 so they lowered me about 50 points last year because you get sent your rankings based on your prerequisites, and your MMI score, and then your final position) I was lucky enough to receive an interview this year - if you got an interview this year high chance of getting one next year - and I trained 3-4 times a week for like 1-2 hours, also met with residents, people who got in, read lots of forums, practiced with friends, so receiving a rejection this year is hard. I have friends who are interviewing their third time this year who did not make it in, and friends who are interviewing for second time also did not make it in, whose gpa are higher then mine and whose prerequisites are higher too. I think the best thing to do is also meet with someone whose gone through the rejection proces before last year It really helped me a lot! I was able to gain motivation to re-apply and I got lots of encouragement this year from all of them which really helped. You can just continue improving, I know with every year you will only get better as an applicant, I would be happy to meet you as well for moral support as I know how hard the process is emotionally, I think this year I'm coping with it better, I made Plan B's and have two jobs lined up already that I was going to take if this did not work out and wait to see what your ranking is , a lot of it is also luck too, and McGill looks for diversity so people from different backgrounds ( social workers, phsycologists, engineers etc) so don't give up! you are an amazing person, you will make it in one day, it takes sometimes 3-4 attempts, and If your in montreal I am happy to meet up with you just PM me
  13. I would say we can do a Facebook group? does someone want to start it?
  14. Hey Everyone, I created an account just for this haha I applied first time to McGill this year, but was rejected post interview so looking to re-apply next year - I did cegep 2008-2010, so admissions told me my prerequisites at least for the 2008-2009 year will be expired 1) I was thinking of taking the 2 extra courses McGill recommends in the fall that I am missing but reading posts on this forum it seems that even If you have the 4 courses recommended by McGill but some of your prerequisites are expired ( my 2008-2009 year will be) they would still not substitute the 4 recommended courses at McGill? Reading this forum it seems that they only would do this in cases where all 4 courses were done at McGill + all valid pre-requisites and take the better of the two? so there's no real point to take the 2 extra courses I am missing at McGill then... I have Bio 200, Bio 201 along with a bunch of other bio classes at McGill - I would need the physiology class and to re-do organic 1 (although I have organic 2 and organic 3 from mcgill so it seems odd that I would need to re-do organic 1 considering I have taken the other 2 at mcgill) 2) If my 2008-2009 year is expired but the 2009-2010 year is not then I guess I would just need to re-do the science prerequisites from that year ( continued ed in dawson at night in that case)- although my bachelors is in chemistry in undergrad.... so It seems funny a little to have to re-do general chemistry 1 and 2 considering I have a B.Sc in science with a major chemistry and minor in bio and am currently finishing an M.Sc at the moment with several grad classes in chemistry done- but bon... guess that just means I'll ace those gen chem classes haha 3) it says that all courses have to be completed by Jan 15th deadline so is it possible for me to re-do Gen Chem 1 &2 as well as Bio 1&2 all in the fall between 2 different cegeps at night? I'm not in the country all summer otherwise I would have registered for a summer term thanks in advance!!!
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